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When I get curious about things, of course, I go to my know-it-all friend Google and learned that is strictly an Italian verb, but no one really knows exactly how or why it came to be. Others think that the French kiss and the movement of tongues mimic the rotary motion that the hand does when squeezing a lemon. A quel punto con quella spiegazione ho deciso che Google stava davvero aggrappando al fuscello. At that point, with that explanation, I decided Google was really going out on a wobbly lemon limb. Non avevo bisogno che me lo dicesse Google!

Still, I did learn a few things about kissing I thought were interesting. The reason we kiss is that this gesture makes us feel good.

In vacanza col dottore

But humans beings are not the only species to give kisses: Scientists propose the kiss originated with the chewing of food given to children by the mouth of their parent, leading the children to associate the pressure of the lips to an act of love. In oltre alcuni antropologi pensano che il bacio sia un comportamento acquisito. Some anthropologists think that the kiss is an acquired behavior. It seems the Roman army introduced the kiss in many conquered cultures, as did the European explorers after them. Studies show that a kiss promotes the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of desire and reward produced in the same brain region stimulated by drugs such as cocaine , and this explains the loss of appetite and sleep, symptoms commonly associated with falling in love.

Ora … mettete tutto questo nel vostro spremiagrumi e succhialo! I want baci!

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Fare la valigia — the art of packing. In cucina con Daniele — Come si preparano: For the kid in all of us — how to live to be If you are, you are in for a treat. But, now instead of an American beat with the story is set in Berkeley California, the RAI version is now set in Rome Italy with an undeniable contemporary Italian vibe. The Italian version of Parenthood is packed with Italo A-listers, includes: Poi mi sono reso conto, naturalmente, la ragione.

Then I realized of course because I had! Tuttavia, nonostante sapendo la trama in anticipo, penso che gli scrittori italiani abbiano fatto un fantastico lavoro di adattamento delle sei stagione del dramma americano in tre per lo spettacolo italiano. Still, despite knowing the storyline in advance, I thought the Italian writers did a fantastic job of adapting the six seasons of the American drama into three for the Italian show.

The drama kept a steady pace and was thoroughly entertaining. I whipped through the entire season 3 episodes in just a couple of days. What is pretty neat about watching the show on the RAI site is that you have the option also to turn on subtitles.

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It is a great summer escape! Il paradiso delle signore — Season 2: Italy I love your contrasts. Per me era poetico parlare, non solo dei miei romanzi in Italiano, ma anche nelle ambientazioni che hanno ispirato le miei storie. For me, it was poetic to not only talk about my novels in Italian, but also in the very settings that inspired my stories. Per me, tutto inizia con un intrigante aneddoto storico. La mia storia prende vita. During my talks, one of the questions I get asked a lot is how I come up with the ideas for my novels in the first place? For me, it all begins first and foremost with an intriguing historical anecdote.

Then I create a compelling leading lady and select an interesting town in Italy in which my story can take place. Next, I add in lots of facts from extensive research, as well as personal travel experiences and observations and also some art history tidbits. I mix this well with human drama, private yearnings, unfulfilled desires, a few tragedies and voila! My story begins to come to life and takes shape. Mentre giravo per la sua casa, piena di affreschi e dipinti sui soffitti, in una delle stanze, mi sono imbattuta in un ritratto di una donna del Rinascimento vestita con un elaborato abito con perle e nastri.

Ho pensato che forse era destino che quel giorno dovessi incontrearla. As I was roaming around his home filled with lovely ceiling frescos and paintings in one of the rooms I came upon a portrait of a Renaissance woman dressed in an elaborate gown with pearls and ribbons. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I was mesmerized. Non solo era bella, ma era anche una donna dotata, talentuosa e ben istruita. The feeling that I was on to an intriguing plot line only grew stronger when I returned home and began researching Isabella and discovered what a rare, spirited creature she was.

In a time when it was unusual for a married woman to live independently, she had done just that. Not only was she a reputed beauty, but she was also a gifted, talented, and educated female. Si dice anche che il suo fantasma infesti ancora la villa. Sono entrata nella camera da letto e ho visto il buco nel soffitto da cui era stata abbassata la fune per appenderla.

It is even rumored that her ghost still haunts the villa. In my quest to learn more about the Medici princess I made a pilgrimage to the hunting villa in Cerreto Guidi in Tuscany where Isabella was assassinated. I stood in the room and gazed up at the hole in the ceiling from where the rope was lowered to hang her. I bonded with Isabella once again that day and much of what I learned during my time in Cerreto Guidi I wove into my fictional story. Ci sono altri protagonisti interessanti con vite complicate — alcuni risalenti al XVI secolo, e alcuni al , quando Arezzo fu catturata nel conflitto tra alleati, partigiani, fascisti e nazisti — che hanno anche passato vite complicate e hanno alcuni fantasmi e riempiti loro stessi.

As the puzzle pieces of my novel started to come together, all that remained was to create my leading lady Nora, a contemporary woman recovering from a divorce, and haunted by regrets about the choices she has made in her life. Terminata la presentazioni dei miei libri in Italia lo scrso giugno molte persone me hanno chiesto quando sarebbe uscita la versione italiana. Sono lieta di farvi sapere che proprio adesso sto lavorando con una traduttrice italiana per realizzare questo obiettivo.

Mi ha scritto questo: After my book talks ended many people asked when I would have the Italian version of the novel ready for them to read. I am happy to let you all know, that I am now working with a professional Italian translator to realize this new goal. In fact, I was pleased to have her feedback the other day. She wrote to say: Waking Isabella is amazing: Here already are the first ten chapters of Waking Isabella. As you can see, significant progress has already been made.

For those of you reading this blog, it will be another great way to practice your Italian skills!

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Writing a letter to Sophia Loren and she responds. Two Foreigners celebrate the history and culture of Arezzo. My friends and teachers at Cultura Italiana Arezzo and I are are planning another exciting language and cultural program in the delightful town of Arezzo, in Tuscany. Arezzo is alive with jubilation, costumes, and parades during the first week of September AND there will be dancing and singing in the streets! On the day of the sagra lunch will be provided with the group in Arezzo. Each student will be responsible for their own meal and food item purchases during the evening Sagra event.

Students will be placed in appropriate classes according to their language levels along with other International students attending Cultura Italiana Arezzo. All classes at Cultura Italiana Arezzo feature a mix of grammar instruction, as well as Italian Culture, designed to take each student to the next level of speaking and comprehension. For those participants who may have difficulties walking, or wish to be situated in a hotel located closer to the school a block away, in the new quarter we also have a few rooms reserved at the Hotel Aretino.

Accepting reservations until July 1, We will help find alternative housing options. For more information contact Melissa StudentessaMatta. Participants should plan to arrive in Arezzo on August 31 and depart the morning of the 11th of 15th depending on option chosen.

For travel back home you can make flight arrangements for afternoon and evening of the 11th out of Florence or Rome. Friday, August 31 — Wednesday, September 11, , with the option to extend stay until Saturday, September 15, Morning lessons from 9 am — Includes Saturday, September 9. Lessons begin at We will eat in the Piazza in Monte San Savino and participate in the Porchetta festival — dining, dancing, music transportation in private van Each participant pays for his own meal.

Free Day to shop or pack 5: Arezzo is situated between Rome and Florence. Either airport is convenient and you can take the train that runs frequently between the two cities on an hourly basis. Group or private transport to Arezzo in a hired van will be out of pocket expense. Melissa took great care to find very interesting and fun activities that appealed to all of the different ages and personalities of the people who attended The Lucca School of Italian and Studentessa Matta Language program. She is very bright and fun. She was attentive to each of us. All of this and still highly professional.

The company was great and the food delicious.

Learn Italian free online Melissa Muldoon Studentessa Matta

The Cultura Italiana Arezzo Scuola welcomed us with open arms — we learned about the language and culture and made several interesting local tours. Kara 4 time participant: Every single day was an adventure, and our small group enjoyed each other and discovering Rome together. If you are considering traveling with Melissa, I strongly encourage you to do it! About 5 years ago, I decided to audit Italian language classes at the University of Kansas. The staff and teachers at the Lucca Italian School gave us a warm welcome, quickly sorted us into appropriate levels for instruction, and then the fun began!

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The teachers provided plenty of challenging exercises, games, worksheets, and listening experiences for four hours each week day. Fellow students were from all over the world, so the Italian language was the common denominator. It was just the kind of language immersion I needed to gain confidence and improve my ability to communicate!

Best of all, Melissa and the folks at the Lucca Italian School treated us like family and provided many additional experiences including dinners, cooking classes, Italian movie night, and trips to Pisa and the Cinque Terre. Paola Testi invites you to join us in Arezzo to study at Cultura Italiana. Bella Arezzo Pictures to get you ready to travel to Arezzo. Things the Arentini like most about Arezzo.

Santa Margherita di Cortona: A Saint encased in glass. The name Ellius refers to an ancient Roman gladiator, and initially, his concept was to design a line of jewelry to the history of ancient Rome. But, thanks to the city of Arezzo, its history and culture and its fascinating Jousting festival Fadi, about two years ago, decided to create a new line dedicated entirely to Arezzo, the Joust, its symbols, and designs that feature each of the four neighborhoods and their unique colors and coat of arms.

Mi sono accorta della linea Ellius circa un anno fa quando ero ad Arezzo con il mio secondo Gruppo linguistico. Potresti ricordare un post precedente che ho scritto su Ellius Jewelry. I became aware of the Ellius line a year or so ago when I was in Arezzo with my second language group. You may remember a previous post I wrote about Ellius Jewelry. Quando sono tornata ad Arezzo lo scorso giugno, ho contatto Valentina di nuovo per chiederle se fosse possibile visitare la sede della Loren Jewelry per incontrare lei e Fadi di persona.

Ha risposto la sua segreteria telefonica e le ho lasciato un messaggio in italiano. Ma non avrei mai dovuto preoccuparmi. Sarebbe un vero piacere per me e Fadi se ci facessi una visita. It was a bit spur of the moment, and I called Valentina while lunching at Formaggeria Biancolatte. I reached her voice mail and left her a voicemail in Italian. But, I should never have worried. In fact, she said, hearing my voice it seemed we were already great friends.

Ero felice e con le mie amiche siamo andate subito in periferia dove si trova la fabbrica di Loren Jewelry. I was thrilled and with my friends we drove to the outskirts of Arezzo where the Loren Jewelry operations are located. We also got a sneak peek at some of their new unreleased designs coming out later this fall.

Abbiamo persino scherzato sul fatto che ci sono voluti due stranieri per onorare Arezzo e le cose meravigliose che ha da offrire…Fadi con i suoi gioielli e io con il mio libro che si svolge ad Arezzo, sullo sfondo della giostra, la fiera antiquaria e la tradizione di orafo di Arezzo. But most special of all, we had the chance to chat for a while with both Fadi and Valentina, and when I left, I felt like we had solidified a special kind of friendship.

Noi stranieri — che ci siamo innamorati di Arezzo — ci sosteniamo a vicenda. Indosso gli anelli e ciondoli quasi ogni giorno. We foreigners who have fallen in love with Arezzo support one another! The jewelry designed by Fadi with the symbols of Arezzo are beautiful and make me think of a special city and all the friends who live there! I wear the rings and necklaces almost every day. Davvero mi ha reso quel giorno memorabile! Grazie Valentina e Fadi! It made my day! Italia I love your contrasts.

The Giostra del Saracino! Travel back in Time to Arezzo. Il mese scorso ad Arezzo sono stata molto fortunata a conoscere la mamma della mia amica Debora e mi ha spiegato come si fa tombolo. Avete mai sentito parlare di tombolo? Immagino che abbiate appena pensato al gioco con cui gli italiano si divertono a Natale che si chiama tombola. Ma non sto parlando di quello. Last month in Arezzo I was very fortunate to meet the mom of my friend Debora e she explained to me how one does tombolo. Have you ever heard of tombolo? I imagine you all are thinking about the Italian game played at Christmas called tombola.

Are you a bit confused? Sono appena tornata da un mese trascorso in Italia. It was a wonderful time. At the beginning of June, I was in Montepulciano with a fantastic group of students. View More by This Author. Other Books in This Series. Una dottoressa tra le dune Un seduttore in corsia Il dottore e la principessa Una cura chiamata amore Medici in prima linea Amore a sorpresa L'eroe e la dottoressa Il primo amore non si scorda mai Un ciclone in corsia Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average for this book.

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