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Setting Pins @25 and then 40 yards.

Please stop reading reliability reports from cloud-storage companies that use consumer-grade drives in a datacenter at far too high duty cycle as they have been designed for. You are betraying yourself by reading that crap -- it applies to cloud storage vendors, not to consumer usage at home. Those very likely would have totally different statistics. Why RAID5 stops working in Sep 28, 17, 8 HGST i have 2 so far in R0 and ive been hammering them with file migrations to check reliability.

Going to add another 3 after i finished hammering the first 2 for reliability.

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Then going to have 5 of them on ZFS. Soulkeeper Diamond Member Sep 15, Nov 23, 6, 0 It's too early to say which 6TB drive is the most reliable. You can only try and see or go on info from other models.

You must log in or register to reply here. Memory and Storage 33 Oct 24, G Most reliable 3. Memory and Storage 13 Oct 17, D Good reliable m. Memory and Storage 10 Apr 14, Started by mikeymikec Oct 24, Replies: Started by gryffinwings Oct 17, Replies: Started by dg9nym Jul 3, Replies: Definitely won't work for this company. Falligator , Jul 29, Wild Child , Jul 30, Jan 21, Messages: Off the road for now.

Why not start with the Attorney General of the State they are in Business in?. BillChaffey , Jul 30, I e-mailed them asking for information and left my cell number. All they said in their return e-mail was bashing other expedite companies. If you read there website there are alot of misspelled words and that to me is a HUGE red flag. Thanks for the warning! Everything the recruiter told me has turned out to be TRUE, and thats all I wanted was to be told the truth.

I also get loads pretty much wherever I am and I usually have to ask them to not call for a day or so, so I can have a break. The dispatchers are all very nice and know you by name, they are easy to work with and seem to love their job. Im so thankful I didnt sign on with All-Types. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Where to buy a GPU in toronto?

I know one other Sprinter having the same issue. The shop says we can simply un-plug the 9 pin connector each time and that should prevent the drain. They swear the QC will not drain that much on a battery.

We always turn the light off all the way when we shut the truck down. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Wild Child , Mar 14, Apr 16, Messages: Wolfeman68 , Mar 15, Feb 12, Messages: My sprinter has been sitting at least 5 days now..

Let's talk qualcomm......

Plan on starting it to-day OntarioVanMan , Mar 15, No problems when we unplug the pin connector. That is the procedure when the drivers go home for several days at a time. One other driver had issues with his 06 Sprinter and his shop wired his to the ignition switch so that when he turned the engine off it also turned the QC off.

What do you think of that as a possible solution?

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Great to hear from you and thanks for the warm welcome. Sure seem to be a lot of E1 refugees over here though!

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Wild Child , Mar 15, Sep 22, Messages: Fleet of many types! I will get with the shop and Qualcomm. We have not had a rash of problems at all. We have these in over 45 sprinters. Mar 7, Messages: Hey I just found out the hard way on the disconnect and the paperwork