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W elcome to "Meet you in Dreamland. Founded in by Kerrin Edmonds, Meet You in Dreamland's goal is for families to become well rested and able to enjoy each day to its fullest. If you are a parent or family member who is exhausted and overwhelmed from too many sleepless nights, tired of bedtime battles and inconsistent naps or just need help adjusting your current schedule, Meet You in Dreamland can help.

There are many services available, including: Unable to provide enough food for her children, Mother begins to cry. The boy tries to make her feel better by assuring he was "only foolin'.

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They get in their pajamas, and they each sing a part of the song, as they fall asleep beneath their tattered sheets. In their sleep, they enter "Dreamland". They happily frolic through the wondrous land, which includes a syrup river, an ice cream cone field, toys, and two luxurious beds. They laugh happily, and fall asleep, only to wake up the next morning. To their surprise, a large feast is on the kitchen table, as well as toys and clothing surrounding the room, all of which was provided by the Merchants.

  1. Dream Land;
  2. The Basket.
  4. The Outlaws of Mesquite?
  5. A Child of Dreamland.

The children look up to the kind merchants, asking twice if all these things are for them. The merchants nod and reply "All for you, yes! The boy, however, suspicious of this good fortune, sticks a fork in his bottom to ensure they aren't just dreaming again.

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The children laugh and continue to eat, as the chorus "Somewhere in dreamland, tonight" plays. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Working with so many sick and disabled children from all over Ireland Shay realised that what these children had in common with abled bodied kids was their desire to play as all children love to play. However, after lots of research, he realised that although all children were entitled to play some 85, disabled children were denied this right because of total lack of fully inclusive warm safe clean playgrounds and play centres in the country.

After trying to get the Government, its agencies and other major groups interested in correcting this terrible wrong but to no avail Shay decided to design, fundraise and build somewhere really special where no child would feel different and all children regardless of the ability of disability would play together learning from each other. It has taken 10 long years raising funds, getting support and developing his Dream and so Dreamland Limerick has become a reality.

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In the last 10 months since they opened some 10, people have all visited Dreamland from all over the country making it now an exciting tourist attraction for Limerick. According to the Irish Times Dreamland is the No. If 5-star reviews are anything to go by then Dreamland is a dream come true for all children especially disabled.

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Dreamland is open to the public who pay an admission fee while sick and disabled children go free.