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By rediscovering each other as " She arrives with every intent of selling it all off and going back to her busy career, but in going through her grandmother's belongings, she discovers much about her family's past which ultimately makes her re-evaluate her life and values. Amanda is faced with making right decisions amidst trying circumstances. The film also addresses important social and psychological issues such as sexual responsibility, divorce, abuse, deception and false memory syndrome. Written by Clear Star Pictures.

The photography is beautiful.

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The actors are attractive and their characters have moments of interest. I enjoyed the first half hour or so of a slowly unfolding story of family conflict, nostalgia for an interrupted youth. Frequent flashbacks enlivened the development of the backstory. However, the slow unfolding became a plodding march from incident to incident more akin to the animation of a bulleted list than the representation of a maturing person.

The acting and cinematography talent are wasted on an overly long, contrived, unbelievable and trite plot. The writing is wooden to the point of embarrassment. My wife summed it up: This is the movie equivalent of a Good Housekeeping novel, in the worst sense. Start your free trial.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Inheriting her grandmother's remote island Inn causes Amanda to re-evaluate her life and decisions. Related News En Casa: Movies I Have Watched! Share this Rating Title: Finding Home 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This.

A Rising Tide The Bridge TV Movie Yes I Do Home by Spring TV Movie Poppy Drayton, Steven R. Royal Matchmaker TV Movie Royal Hearts TV Movie Back to Love TV Movie Summer of Dreams TV Movie Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: I highly, hiGHLY recommend this book. It was beautiful, it was real, it was breathtaking. Oct 13, Bev rated it it was amazing Shelves: So Garrett Leigh does YA Leo and his little sister Lilah had had a frightening childhood, culminating in an horrific incident which I won't go into here, but is obviously possible in RL.

I certainly don't envy the police, paramedics and social workers in instances like those, but you just have to assume that the kids are getting the best of attention and help. I adored Charlie, and his foster parents Kate and Reg. They were kind, patient, understanding and so damn good at their job The whole family in fact, yes This was such a powerful story!

It had its own fair share of angst and sadness, but at the same time it was so hopeful Emotions just flooded all over. I really loved getting to know these characters- both MCs and the secondary ones- and the family dynamic was one of pure love that was deeply appreciated to balance the heavy topics the story dealt with.

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I loved this so much. The moment I saw that it was about a makeshift family and the foster system, I was hopelessly sold. I read it in a single sitting. I absolutely loved the amount of emotion the author managed to pack in such a small novel. In under pages, I was so invested that I cried twice, and I got attached to both Charlie and Leo. I love when I find these beautiful slice-of-life books.

Add on, that this one had a focus on the British foster system, making it both informative and enjoyable. Probably more the first than the latter. But it was a worthwhile read that I would recommend to alone one who enjoys books that feature the foster system, British Sign Language, and of course, novels that start out at a low point but end with an HEA. Sep 19, CrabbyPatty rated it it was amazing Shelves: Charlie has been with them since he was two, and his adopted sister Fliss along with Kate's biological son Andy living in his own apartment make for a happy family that hashes through all major decisions together.

Leo and Lila have survived an unimaginable family tragedy and are in the foster care system when Kate and Reg and their family agree to give them a safe place to heal. This YA story is beautifully and poignantly written and although there is a lot of angst along the way, it is so tender and so hopeful. Charlie is instantly captivated by this beautiful boy with "the emptiest eyes Charlie had ever seen" while Leo's initial hostility is gradually tempered by Charlie's kindness and warmth. Both Charlie and Leo are gay "I liked you kissing me, because I like what you like.

I like you, and I like boys" , and Garrett Leigh gives us a love story that is PG rated yet so satisfying, along with an ending that is perfect without being sugar-coated: You know that, don't you? Review also posted at Gay Book Reviews - check it out! Oct 09, Truuss rated it really liked it Shelves: Heavy content written in a bearable way. It was somewhat endearing. A foster family with three kids, Andy, Fliss and Charlie, are gathered together to discuss an important matter.

Kate and Reg, the parents, want to take care of two kids Leo and his little sister Lila, who are both in the foster system and heavy traumatized. Like the blurb said: Leo, fifteen years old, is Lila's 4. Leo, fifteen years old, is Lila's protector Kate, the caring mother and deaf like Lila, can communicate with her But Leo distrust Reg deeply He won't let him near Lila Leo thinks of Charlie, who is at same age, as the most gorgeous boy ever They like each other Some heartbreaking and heartwarming moments pass the view Charlie and Leo both foster kids find deep friendship and love Charlie doesn't know exactly what trauma Leo been through.

But circumstances forces Leo to open up He loses control and he feels so broken and rejects all help Some devastating passages you will find but all with a perspective thank God.

Finding Home

The story felt whole, enough convincing situations to make it acceptable. All family members were written down with their own personality. It was emotional and also sweet Leo and Charlie's love and trust for each other was the light in the darkness. I would love to take a peek in the future and see how the boys are holding.

ARC received through NetGalley I appreciated how this does work as a YA. But the story is not much remarkable and at times veered into too much into angst-porn. One final thing I do want to comment on, is how little Riptide is doing for their YA imprint, Triton, to reach their supposed target audience. So, kind of pointless then to make a whole imprint out of stories that will continue to be pushed on an adult crowd. Nov 07, Rafa Brewster rated it it was amazing. I have to admit that I wasn't super keen on reading this at first just because I don't read YA, but after the rave reviews, I completely buckled - and I'm so, so glad I did.

The story packed an emotional punch, which is no surprise considering who the author is, but I was pleasantly surprised that the book being YA didn't take away from the romance at all. The connection between Charlie and Leo was immediate and intense, and I loved watching it slowly grow into a deeper, stronger bond. I also have to admit, as hard as I fell for these two babies and wanted to snuggle them forever, I fell just as hard and just as fast for each and every member of the family.

Finding Home was a perfect tale of found family and unconditional love and I didn't want the book to end. Oct 05, Jaime rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an amazing story that left me an emotional wreck! I have read most of Garrett Keith's work and each time I think there is no way the next book will top the previous, each time I am wrong. This story is one I will never forget. It's time for some teenage angst! Oct 08, Annie rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are some books you just know will knock you sideways emotionally. If you are a fan of books that leave their mark on your heart, this is definitely worth the read.

This standalone leads with a powerful prologue in which the author introduces Leo to the reader There are some books you just know will knock you sideways emotionally. This standalone leads with a powerful prologue in which the author introduces Leo to the reader and describes a horrific single night which is the culmination of years of abuse by his father.

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I enjoyed seeing him grow and find strength in himself while learning to trust others. The soulful connection between these two teenagers came through immediately. The writing depicted their emotions in vivid detail as they battled themselves, outside influences and worries, and occasionally each other, and I quickly found myself immersed in their story. As this is a Young Adult book, the romance stays pretty PG, focusing on the emotional development individually and then as a couple, making for a memorable story that repeatedly pulled at my heartstrings.

Reviewed by Annie from Alpha Book Club Review by The Blogger Girls. I was not disappointed. This is a story about foster kids, so of course it is going to be a bit sad, but it is well worth it to see them get a second chance and the love and family they deserved. Leo and his little sister, Lila, have been dealing with a hideous father their whole life.

Abuse and miserableness are nothing new to them where family life i Review by The Blogger Girls. Abuse and miserableness are nothing new to them where family life is concerned. When their father breaks a restraining order, they must watch from the cupboard they hide in as their mother is murdered, their house is on fire, and then their father barricades them in. Leo somehow manages to get them out, but not without injury to himself. Needless to say, the physical ailments are the least of his problems.

After their current family gives up on them, they are thankfully sent to the Poulton home. Charlie is one of the kids they ended up adopting and is close in age to Leo. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for Leo to trust anyone, especially men. He starts to open up to Charlie slowly but surely, and their bond and attraction grows. They still go through some major bumps, and it is anything but easy to get there, but this beautifully written story captivated me and had me cheering Leo and Charlie on to reach out and grab hold and to not give up. I loved watching Leo and Charlie finding their first love, sharing and exploring with kisses and cuddles and would love to read about them again some day in their future to see how their lives actually turned out further down the road.

This was another winner from Ms. Leigh, and I can easily highly recommend it. The things that Leo and his younger sister, Lila went through were horrifying. Their father should be castrated, one ball at a time, then sew them back on and start the process all over again.

Okay, enough about evil. I loved that Charlie was there for Leo to help him through the tough times and when needed Leo repaid the favor. The foster family Leo and Lila were placed with was amazing and I loved the parents as well as the siblings. They were patient, caring and an amazing support system for Leo and Lila. This was a well-written story, a quick read that was paced well and left me with all the feels. My only hope is maybe Ms. Leigh will revisit Charlie and Leo again in the future to let us see what life holds for them.

Nov 05, Ivan Shy rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a really sad but somehow really powerful story. It was panful to watch a fifteen year old boy who was dealing with grief from losing his mother, worried about looking after his little sister and PTSD from the horrible event that caused it all. Light at the end of the tunnel Pretty heavy story.

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Reading about the tragic events done by his father, no wonder Leo was messed up. Jan 02, YullSanna rated it liked it. Sep 21, Jacque rated it it was amazing Shelves: You would think by now I would know to have plenty of tissues on hand when I pick up the latest book by Garrett Leigh but no, here I have Finding Home in and not a tissue in sight.

Rip my heart out!

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So sad what has happened to them. Leo is so brave but so filled with pain. A bit nerdy and creative, Charlie is just one of those characters you instantly like. Usually, they are filled with cry-me-a-river pain I really could do without. However, Finding Home is different. He needs someone to help him heal, to teach him to trust again.

I love the relationship that grows between Leo and Charlie. However, you can expect to find yourself so drawn into their lives you may have a hard time putting your book down. What would a great story be without a great supporting cast! Lila, Andy, Wayne, Reg, and Kate are wonderful additions to the story. However, the award for outstanding support performance goes to Fliss. Once in a while, you come across a character that surprises you. Everyone needs a Fliss in their family. Unlike some of the other books I have read of Ms.

Finding Home is one of those books and well worth reading. I received this book from The JeepDiva with the express purpose of an honest review. The opinions, contents, and rating of this review are solely mine Stars - 4. Sep 27, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: An ARC was provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this story. It was sweet and also hard to read at times because Leo suffered so much and so has his sister Lila, who is deaf. Leo's dad killed their mother and then set the house on fire. Leo suffers from PTSD and has nightmares and sensory problems.

Charlie helps Leo cope, and they form a very quick bond.