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Also an opportunity to Work alongside a leading fashion photographer by learning his trade secrets, lighting techniques and much more. Our students have actually compared our extensive courses to some 2 years plus photography school programs. Read some of the recent testimonials here. Photography students, amateur or professional photographers all have endorsed us as one of the best photography workshops available today. These classes are offered privately and in groups of 10 people call for more info Editorial Photography Gallery Editorial Photography can be raw, creative and stylish all at the same time.

Each photo assignment requires a certain look and feel, most editors suggest a theme or a storyboard to the photographers. Each photographer's unique style and creativity can lead them in to much bigger and better jobs. In our Editorial photography workshops we will discuss and create scenes and assignments that will teach you those principles under the same guidelines and complex art direction as any editor in magazines such as Vogue, Elle , GQ or even National Geographic, Times, Newsweek, etc Our indoor and outdoor assignments will walk you through the step by step process of what it takes to create those provocative editorial images that any magazine would be happy to publish.

With specific photography and lighting techniques worthy of many international publications. Learning how to sell those images as Stock photos, can also be a great way to make a living as a freelance stock photographer. Beauty Photography is and extension of fashion photography, we strongly suggest that if you wish to become a fashion photographer make sure you will attend this comprehensive workshop that is full of valuable techniques in lighting and styling used by some of the most famous magazine cover and beauty photographers.

Shaun Alexander is known for his master beauty lighting and highly styled beauty photography work worldwide, having him as a photography instructor can give you the opportunity to use the trade secrets used by some of the top expert beauty photographers and later implement on your own work. Commercial photographers are also on top of the well paid photography professionals for their skills and ability to photograph almost anything and everything that is sold in the commercial market, some may even consider Portrait photography, Product photography , Architectural photography Corporate photography, Industrial photography, Advertising photography, Fashion photography, Beauty photography, Travel photography, Food and Beverage photography, Lifestyle photography, Editorial photography and even Stock photography as a form of commercial photography.

That's why a great commercial photographer has a vast knowledge of photography in general and he or she may choose to emphasize in an area that interest them the most. That's we will discuss and learn some of the most popular commercial photography techniques used by some of the most successful commercial photographers. Learning how to shoot products, catalogs, or a building, learning the right lighting and composition is the most important aspect of these workshops. Finding the best advertising photography workshops online is perhaps an impossible task, there are many photography courses offered online, but rarely one can find a great advertising photographer such as Shaun Alexander that would offer years of his knowledge and expertise to eager students and professionals.

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Shaun Alexander is responsible for countless national and international ad campaigns fashion spreads worldwide. His images have decorated the walls of many galleries, billboards and magazine covers. Producing great advertising images come with understanding of the entire creative process of campaign photography. Those step by step instructions combined with years of invaluable experience by a world renowned photographer is what separates our advertising photography workshops from the rest.

Glamour and Boudoir Photography workshops offering the most comprehensive photography courses for those that wish to become glamour and Boudoir photographers. We all have glanced at those Victoria's secret catalogs, playboy magazines or Sports illustrated calendars wondering how does one get paid to shoot those gorgeous super models all day long? Yes, you guessed it right, professional Glamour and Boudoir photographers do just that, shooting beautiful glamour models or anyone that wishes to look sexy and glamorous, using their photographic skills to make them look alluring and desirable.

Glamour photography has become much more popular since the start of digital revolution. Glamour photographers have more access to sexy and beautiful models online that ever before, and this profession is no longer controlled by handful of photographers. Glamour photography can challenging and complicated.

In these classes we will discuss some of those glamour lighting techniques used by many famous glamour photographers along with some of the most beautiful glamour models to kick start your portfolio with images you could only dream of.

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With almost everything in the world needing to be photographed, most catalog houses need a few great catalog and lookbook photographers. From shoes , Jewelery , watches and fashion accessories and all the new fashion trends in mens, womens apparel, evening dresses, clothing companies all the way to the toys, home furnishing, kitchen supplies to every makeup and hair products rely on great catalog photographers that can show case those products in a highly styled and professional settings. That's why shooting catalogs can be a very detailed and technical oriented work and it takes certain knowledge and expertise.

The purpose of catalog photography workshop is to review some of those technical aspects in lighting, styling and to discuss and practice those techniques with live models and products in hand Catalog photography workshops will teach the photographers everything they need to know in order to shoot those clean, crisp and beautiful images as seen in the above links and most popular department stores such as Macy's , Target , Barneys New of York , etc To book your private workshops call us at or to register for an upcoming group session write us that info photographyworkshops Many portrait photographers make a great living shooting a wide range of things from family portraits, children or baby photography, prom photography, graduation photography, birthdays, event photography or working with fortune companies as corporate photographers.

No matter what type of photographer you choose to become, learning portrait photography techniques is almost mandatory and it is the base of any style of photography you wish to pursue if you are planning to photograph people for living. Portrait photographers adapt to their own unique style that separates them form the rest. Portrait photography workshops offer a wide range of lighting techniques used by some of the most popular portrait photographers world wide, and if you happened to work with Shaun, He will discuss some of his favorite portrait lighting techniques.

This class is offered Privately and in groups of no more than 10 Students.

Headshot photographers in Los Angeles are some of the highly in demand professionals. Shooting a perfect headshot takes skills and knowledge of the acting industry, especially in Hollywood, when one is dealing with celebrities and stars. Shaun Alexander started his fashion photography career as a fashion headshot photographer.

Fashion Photography

He photographed thousands of actors and models in his career and developed a technique that captured his subjects essence, resulting in more additions for them. His headshot photography became so successful that he branched out in to fashion and the rest is history. A great headshot photographer can an ordinary person to look like a star, giving the X-Factor everyone is talking about. A great headshot must be simple, yet perfectly beautifully lid, making sure that your subject's best features stand out the most.

Shaun Alexander headshot photography workshops can teach you how to take incredible headshots with the simplest lighting techniques. Come and join us in our next headshot photography workshops, we will have plenty of tricks in the bag for you. Wedding Photography Gallery Best wedding photographers did not just become great at what they do by trial and error, they have taken the time to learn their crafts and become top wedding photographers for a reason.

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding and also most rewarding professions. Capturing the most intimate moments of a couple's life takes talent, artistic eye and technical perfection. Most wedding photographers today are traditionally trained photographers, but again after digital photography revolution, many claim to be professional photographers. But wedding photography is no different from shooting a fashion spread for Vogue or a Guess ad campaign.

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Wedding photo shoots are as important and take as much knowledge and experience. Most successful wedding photographers are the ones that shoot beautiful portraits, fashion or beauty photographers. Wedding photography is challenging and exciting, and in order to get those amazing romantic shots, one must know what it takes when it comes to perfect lighting. Where to use strobes VS on camera flash, what is the difference between the two, and what type of lighting equipment is needed for a successful wedding shoot.

At Fashion Photography workshops we offer one of the most comprehensive wedding photography workshops in Los Angeles, New York and Europe contact us with your desired expectations and available and we will do our best to accommodate you. When it comes to product photography, most people automatically think Food and beverages or fashion Jewelry or clothing accessory photography, but Product photography is the widest range of photography that enables the photographer to shoot almost any non living objects by creating the most suitable lighting.

Approach to product photography is not much different that shooting a beautiful fashion model, as long as you feature the most attractive part of your product by the right highlights and shadows while keeping the details in focused and natural, you can start shooting any product even in the back of your garage In this workshop we discuss several product photography techniques, from shooting reflective glass, wine bottles, Jewelry etc Fine art Photography or the art of photography is perhaps one of the most commonly used terms for any photography , referring to photographers that wish to express his or her artistic perceptions and emotions on a two dimensional photographic image and sometimes sold or show cased in art galleries , online photo contests such as spider awards or magazines like Popular Photography, American Photo or Photo magazine.

Shaun Alexander is the winner of prestigious Spider awards and he has been published in " The world's greatest Black and White book, show casing some of the world's best fine art photographers worldwide. In our Fine Art photography workshop, we will discuss the basics fundamentals of Fine Art art Photography, from lighting to composition, model posing, styling, and also photo enhancing methods that helps you get those rich and contrast black and white images worthy of an art gallery exhibition.

We all see things differently, and we all like to think of ourselves as artists, regardless of what other experts think about our work. But we only grow and become better with professional criticism and by training our eyes to see things beyond what is in front of our lenses working with a trained professional can help you get on the right direction.

Editorial Photography

The most popular style of photography has always been landscape photography, there are many style of landscape photographers:. Which is pretty much straight up photography with not much manipulation, and the photographer's focus is always in composition, colors, lighting and timing.

In this style of photography the nature and all the elements are mainly used for their graphic design, shapes and color values and sometimes hardly recognized, yet they look beautiful and artistic. The nature is mainly used as an illusion, mostly losing their realistic value and become more impressionistic, just like some of Renoir or Monet paintings.

But no matter what your desires are in landscape photography, Shaun Alexander's landscape photography workshops are designed to bring out the best in you by helping you understand the technical and creative aspects of landscape photography. Nude Photography workshops or "Nude photography classes" are not to be mistaken with Erotic photography, Glamour photography or pornography.

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Photographing nudes is the art of depicting human body as a study. Par begay marshall le dimanche, avril 21 , Let ;s face it MOST of us. Dress for Your Body Type makeoverEven if you plan to change your shape through weight loss, or exercise, you deserve to feel good about yourself now. Are you confused by conflicting and complicated advice? If so in this book Isabella James provides clear advice with over illustrations on what to wear, how to add accessories and what to avoid all based on your body type. A skirt that gradually flares out in an A formation from the natural waist to the floor, highlighting.

Thus, I informed myself about which dress would suit my body shape beforehand and I thought I might give you an overview of all body types and examples for each one.