Letters to a Sailor

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The letters he wrote were mailed to Liverpool to his mother, his sister Rosie, and to Harold Whiteside, the man who married Rosie. In the editor's possession are twenty-four letters written from the time Mr. Swift tended, in New York until he was musteredoutofthe naval service late in July, How he happened to enlist in the navy is an amusing tale he recountedina letterofJuly2, Swift is a department head for the Clevite Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio.

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Swift was originally assigned to the Queen City; shortly thereafter he was transferred to the tincted Silver Cloud. This boat was purchased May 19, , and it is very likely that Swift was a member of a cadre who were assigned to her when she was first put in service. The Silver Cloud was a 4th rate stern wheeler weighing tons, armed with six pound howitzers.

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In September, , a pound rifle was added. The great majority were typical river boats which had formerly been used for freight and passenger service and were altered by mounting steel plates on the sides to give the crew some protection against sharpshooters. During the summer of conditions in Tennessee were chaotic.

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Letters To A Sailor it was ok 2. He didn't have time for a second grade child; he hardly had time to finish the paperwork required at the end of each mission!

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But after reading Brianna's letter, he decided maybe it wouldn't be so bad; after all, it would only take a minute to reply. That minute turned into years of correspondence and sharing.

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Years of happiness and sadness. Years of secrets and promises. And now that Brianna is finally an adult, it's Jake whom she wants. Will he want her?

Letters To A Sailor

Someone he remembers as a child? Intrigued, he started to do some research. The letter from Rich to his wife, datelined Oct. And you say you think maybe Carolleigh may be too far along to travel by Feb.

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Carolleigh apparently is the name of their unborn child. He goes on to discuss his schedule and that of the Oklahoma , which was due for an overhaul in May What a life they might have had, had events gone differently on that fateful Sunday morning of Dec. American armed forces airmail during World War II: Rich, who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor less than two months later, sent the letter the next day from the USS Oklahoma, where he was stationed.

Shown is the first page of the letter. When the auction closed, Stauffer also was surprised at the result.