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The single most important thing to know about a customer is what they are doing right now.

Marketing Minute 108: "What's More Important than Marketing Analytics?" (Digital Marketing Strategy)

Black-box solutions are nowhere near as capable of building meaning out of data as can be done by a good analyst with the correct tools. But real-time micro-decisioning is hard even on very fast systems. You have to assemble, analyse, and act on the data in sub-second timeframes.

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Because of this, many organisations forgo real-time decision-making — leaving the biggest analytics ROI on the table. Getting data into a warehouse and exposing it to powerful query and analysis tools sounds like a panacea for all the problems associated with using web data. Between big-data engines and powerful analysis tools, organisations will surely be able to milk this data of its full value.

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In digital analytics, two huge challenges face any technology designed to support digital marketing analytics. Nearly all current digital data warehouses rely on data feeds from existing tagging systems. Not only do these systems carry over the problems that have brought tagging to a crisis point, but they introduce severe delays into the system.

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Tempting as they may seem, a web analytics tool is the wrong way to source your analytics warehouse. Systems dedicated to providing real-time sourcing of web data to the warehouse are starting to emerge, and organisations seeking to create a robust infrastructure for the warehouse that extends beyond the next 12 months must now look beyond their web analytics tool to an infrastructure specifically designed for the task. Equally problematic is the question of how to understand digital data.

Proper web analytics data — how visitors move from page to page on a website — is rare for most marketers. Chances are, neither your BI team nor your web analytics team know how to build that data model in their own right; one knows warehousing and customer analytics, and the other knows web analytics tools.

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But the gap between the two is far larger than you would expect, and bridging that gap is a critical part of a successful analytics warehousing programme. The future of digital measurement Web analytics tools have expanded their range and sophistication dramatically but still deliver only a small fraction of the analysis capabilities necessary for segmentation, personalisation, or interesting site testing, and provide virtually no customer-level analysis.

As organisations embrace the analytics warehouse, there is an unprecedented opportunity to solve all these problems in new ways.

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Organisations should be thinking about the long-term infrastructure necessary to support a truly integrated and efficient system of data collection, data warehousing, and personalisation. An approach based on a thorough understanding of critical success factors contributing to a sound strategy.

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