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One who learns from every person. After reading your excellent article, I was saying "Ahmayn," because I was inspired by the truth of what you said. It's encouraging to be reminded that "The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted," and that "The secrets of God belong to those who revere Him. A very nice article indeed. Rhonda Byrne is a clever person who could make money from stupid people who dont believe in God. I'm so glad Rabbi Blech spoke up about this "chazzerei" that so many people have taken to their hearts.

What shameless self-promotion this film supports! That email you sent about "The Secret" was great. I had many similar feelings after watching it. Today spirituality is becoming more and more about how to "get stuff". These systems are only teaching the greedy how to become greedier causing people who actually accept this crap to become more enmeshed in materiality which is exactly opposite of what this world needs right now or ever.

If you look into the eyes of the actors in this movie you can tell that they think they are so wise and have it all figured out simply because they think they have learned how to continue to fill there pockets and satisfy their selfish desires. But what can one expect from something that is based on legion channeled teachings? Because not every wish deserves to be granted. Because what we asked for,may not be in our best interest from the divine perspective. I now truly believe that Happiness is the reward for those who choose to follow the ways of God.

Thank you for the article. I really enjoyed it. I, too, have felt the book didn't say anything we haven't heard, and feared it would give people the misconception that they deserve whatever they want and all they have to do is think positively about it. Seems our society's sense of entitlement is growing. The Rabbi is so true in what he writes because if what Max Green is saying would be true, then think of it: Is he, that is Max, truly right? Are we getting everything we want? Truly, the Rabbi states it perfectly. Many people are not getting what they want because what many, as Max assumes, would beget will be suffering to the highest degree possible at the end.

"The Secret" Revealed

What the Rabbi is talking about is the light, the divine light. That's our true us within the depth of ourselves. And as long as we don't see it, but still get what we dreamed for, then it's not G-d that is giving it us. It are we ourselves, our ego that is doing it to us because for everything we beget through our ego, another human innocent being will suffer the consequences of it, even nature and above all nature. Look in what a dreadful state it has fallen into. Many species of fish who are on the verge of becoming extinct, as just a tiny example, because we overfish them to meet the needs of them who sayl: I want it, period.

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And you know what I and the Rabbi are telling. This is the dream many have begot with what they wanted, a planet almost on the brink of extinction if we keep wanting what we in reality don't want to have. This is what the Rabbi is also warning for, and he is so true about it to the fullest, and the author of Secret is so wrong in its fullest as well. But with secrets it's clearly extremely falsified to say the least because if we all would follow her example, then I would give this planet not a very long time to survive all the attacks it will have to bear on its sanctity, namely the sanctity of life.

Anyhow, at the end, nature will defend its right to exist with all the power she will have. And not one wish of those who have always forcefully wanted something will be granted anymore. We are brought up with honoring the sanctity of life, not honoring and following the culture of dead, as, by the way, some extremist circles within a certain part of world are also so fun about.

So in the case of Secrets this means that they wish it, and so should unquestionably beget it? How false can that not be as this is even completely disconnected from even the basics of human values of life, not to mention the truth who taught us it all about as Jews. But again a proven fact about the wrong within the book secrets and the trueness in the Rabbi's point of view about it.

We only can truly beget what we desire if it truly meets the criteria of divinity and consequently its divine respect for every life. Everything else is just crap, our ego, pure individualism, the jungle of the strongest. That's what the book of secret is promoting, namely push or be pushed. It's as simple as that.

What next- concentrating and making objects float in the air? In Proverbs it says that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. In the book of Job, Job declared that the thing he feared the most came upon him. I do agree that God is not a Cosmic bell hop and just because I want something does not mean I am going to get it, but what if I do? That is entirely up to God. The results that people have had cannot be deniedare all these people crazy?

There are alot of things about God's law and principles we have yet to learn about. No God is not our divne butler, he should be treated with reverence, but perhaps these people understood some of the divine laws and have taped into it. Can you explain electricity? You may not understand entirely how it works but do you stop using it just because you don't understand how it works? How about the law of gravity? I do not support treating God like a genie, but perhaps with respect to God perhaps you should further investigate in what way he may permit the results people are expereinceing before dismissing it completely.

Food for thought- what you're saying is that bryne tok an idea and marketed it, and it doesn't matter what the idea is, it's just good that she's making money and "the Rabbis" should learn how to make money from her. Sorry- but does that make sense? That's not even arguing with the point that you seem to make saying that it's OK to market whatever you want just to make money. You didn't respond to Rabbi Blech's opinion at all. You just said that he should go help the Rabbis makemoney for the poor of Israel.

Eileen, you rasied a vrey good point- to tell you the truth I forgot what it was biut I remember I liked it. And Tony, I am emailing that phrase around, what a phrase!!! And about the article- I haven't read or watched the Secret- in fact, I didn't know what it was until I read this article. If I don't pay attention to myself and I am vrey involved in my thoughts then people don't look at me. It makes no difference if I am looking awful- if I think I'm pretty and worth it, people think so too.

I also beleive that you are what you beleive you are. This doesn't mean that you are unrealisitc about your abilites, except they ARE enhanced by your beleif in yourself. Rabbi Blech seems unfamiliar with the classic work Chovos Ha'Levavos which teaches that bitachon trust alone will give you the merit to have G-d answer your prayers, whether or not you are worthy.

I must point out that, from my learning, Rabbi Blech is seeing "the secret" from an all-too-common negative perspective. I profess that we do, in fact, get what we want; whether we know it or not. We can become anything we want to become, anytime. What is "truly tragic," however, is that the world is already a reflection of what the Rabbi does not see. We are already getting what we want, i.

Even if we wish for peace, or moderation, many of us have subconscious thoughts of anger, guilt, anxiety, etc. It is important to realize that G-d grants us free will but that does not include the ability to create or change the reality of others - we can get what we want but we cannot get in the way of others who also get what they want. So wishing to "be Paris Hilton" or "marry Brad Pitt" e.

When the consciousness of the masses is ready, and most importantly willing, to see things differently, a new paradigm will flourish. Let's just be careful to keep peace and love, for the earth and ALL of its inhabitants human and non-human , front and center in our thoughts.

That way, we can't lose. I agree with Rabbi Blech's thesis that G-d is not a cosmic bellhop doing our bidding. They help us see things we wouldn't have otherwise, and take actions we wouldn't have otherwise. We're just G-d's hands in this world, but as such, we have been given some amount of creative power. Let us use it, as best we can, using the techniques in "The Secret" if helpful, to do G-d's Will. There is only one thing behind Byrn book how to make easy money out of foolish people it is nothing more but greed it is sad for me to know how many ignorants are out there to believe in her book..

Bitter, poorly written article, just bashing what is popular. Not that the Secret has the whole truth. Unfortunately, it is often depressing andn opressing to those searching for a left-brained spirtuality. Chassidic philosophy seems to jive more with a 'Secret' type of outlook, where a person can change his surroundings-this gives hope. Saying that the Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred is certainly more empowering than saying that Temple was destroyed because the Romans were better militarily. Failing to see the good in any other philosophy.

If someone says that there is wisdom amongst the non-jews, Believe. The Secret may be flawed in some ways, but the truth that's in it is valuable and empowering. We all know about "self fulfilling prophesies". I agree with some of the other posters that I'd like to see things that will nourish and fuel people creating a life they want. I once asked a great rabbi where free will comes in to play if "it all comes from G-d". The simple answer that I got was something like "The past is all from G-d, the future is up to us. I think people crave G-d's power in their lives but look in all the wrong places.

This film has been recommended to me by several people but I knew from the teasers that it had to be ridiculous. Thank you for saving me time and money and providing the response I assumed would be inevitable. I saw The Secret long before it was featured on Oprah and gained mainstream popularity. I was coming out of a very dark period in my life and the DVD was very inspirational.

It is very easy to sit in judgement. Perhaps if a Jew used Rhonda Byrnes amazing marketing idea and presented Torah concepts in a mainstream way then more secular Jews would find it easier to return to their faith. I do understand that Judaism is not a mainstream concept to begin with and yet I feel that there is a way to communiicate with mainstream Jews in a way that will encourage them to return.

Torah for the secular Jew, who was not raised with its teachings, is an intimidating challenge. I see only good in instructing Jews to be clear on what they truly want and to be very grateful for everything they have. Hope has kept the Jewish people alive for over 4 Millenia and giving Jews more hope can only result in positive results. Its easy to stand in judgement of someones dream and more challenging to persue your own.

Focusing only on the positive aspects of your life and on the positive aspects of the people around you promotes healthier relationships both within yourself and with others. There is also nothing in the Torah that prohibits the Jewish people from making lots of money on a marketing idea. The Jews have been bankers and very successful business people going back to very ancient times.

Love alone does not build Shuls or publish Torah scrolls. There is nothing wrong with having both Yidishkeit and money. These 2 things are not mutually exclusive. The financial contribution is no less important than the spiritual one. The money is a catalyst for good. There is nothing wrong with marketing Torah concepts in an easily digestible way to secular Jews. Perhaps our Rabbis can learn something from this DVD about bringing people into the flock.

The remarks made in this article on the issue of God giving us what is in our best interest is also not presented in an encouraging way here. I have heard that the Rabbis teach that when God loves us he tests us more. I have often wished to be less loved by him and more loved by the abusive, neglectful Jewish mother he saddled me with in this lifetime.

Perhaps the Rabbis would like to revisit this teaching.

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Perhaps the Rabbis might consider suspending their judgement all together, for a while, and see how much more attractive Judaism becomes to the secular Jews. Since the Rabbis are in such disagreement with this DVD, they may want to consider producing a DVD that gives the "Torah" message in a positive way rather than putting forth all this negativity and judgement about what is already out there.

Anonymous , April 5, 1: Instead of bashing the Secret. Use the chachma of its sucess to market yiddishkeit in a way that appeals to the masses. This is the secret behind the secret. Understanding inertia, in relativistic terms, is fundamental to understanding the power of thought. I was a little leery at first about this article until I read you disagreed! The sooner the world realizes that there is enough for everyone, the sooner the Moshiah will be here because the peace we achieve within is the peace we manifest outside of ourselves.

The teachings of the Secret mesh perfectly with my jewish spirituality. It astounds me how hungry people are to find meaning in life, how spiritually starved they are for any easy answer; Make that a quick answer too since the internet has bred a culture of people to important to wait more than 5 nano seconds for anything. Americal culture especially sickens me daily with it's "Idol" watching culture of teens size 2 ideally. Books like this just serve to side track any real progress in rebuilding a moral fabric in this country. Oh, but I'm optimistic.

I believe it possible and more importantly, I am willing to work at it. Rabbi Paul taught me this secret years ago; "The harder you work, the luckier you get. It is very rude and unjewish of you to trash this woman just because she doesn't define every aspect of life. She isn't presuming that innocent victims are guilty of bringing tragedy on themselves, and AIDS victims are many of them partially guilty because of unsafe practices which they involved themselves in.

I think it is fair to say that in her over-enthusiastic joy in finding something that works, has worked and will continue to work for many people in most situations, she has forgotten the what-ifs and exceptions. But I'm pretty sure that's not her focus. I think most people are intelligent enough to understand there is a dark side to life. I commend her for helping us get a little lift. It is said when non jews claim that they found wisdom believe them,when they claim that they found Torah don't believe them.

This film is about one law which is taking to the extrim of trying to explain everything with it. But the film has many important points. Yes we can attract things that are bad for us it doesn't negete the law of attraction and its dangerous to use only the feelings as a guide to what is right and not a moral compase and many other problems, but this film deserves a serious discussion and shoud teach Rabbis how to present ideas to the world. First of all, we can all stop pretending that we don't know that every manifestation starts at Keter thought and makes its way all the way down to Malchut physical reality.

Thanks to places like the Kabbalah Center, the Internet, and Amazon. So, now we possibly have another cult on our hands, as if Jews for J and the K Center, etc However, instead of kvetching about "The Secret"'s poor presentation of its concepts, I would have been interested in seeing the rabbi highlight the truthful aspects of it. The real question that I would like to see addressed is: Considering the fact that Byrne evidently is not well-versed in Torah, she didn't do such bad job.

What excuse do we have? Byrne is making money off of this. What do you expect in a time of such spiritual darkness as we are in, today? People, Jews and non-Jews alike, need HaShem in their lives and they are starving for light and direction. What's more, people do not appreciate that which they can receive with no effort. Someday, according to Chazal, truth and wisdom will so commonplace that no one will need to ask anyone else to teach them can't remember the source, Pirkei Avot? For now, the age of Moshiach is just dawning; nobody is going to stop it and it's only going to spread throughout the world one way or the other.

I, personally, found the movie to be a very helpful tool to supplement what I have already learned from chasidut. Funny, the very day I saw the movie on Google video for the first time, my mom told me that after my aunt saw it she decided to buy one for each of her siblings. So, now I have the dvd in my possession without having spent a red cent. It's more complicated than saying "think good thoughts" or that "bad" events are the result of "bad" thoughts, though there is a grain of truth to that. I definitely belive that humanity is living up to a mere sliver of its potential and that there are no limits as to what we can have IF we want those things badly enough to stay focused and follow through with actions.

The only things that get in our way are our doubts; and in any case, HaShem is present in the "good" just as much as he is in the "bad. Do we forget so easily? I take "The Secret"'s message with the grain of salt and "fill in the blanks" because it does have blanks with Torah. Conventional Jewish wisdom teaches us to Focus your thoughts not just on what we want, but why we want it. Get to the heart of it and refine that even more.

It's called tefillah prayer. It's so easy to clearly know what I don't want when I am attracting those things left and right; but I find that when I force myself to find the words to define and describe what I do want, it gets fuzzy. That's why the "anti-" camp is easy to join: Once I force myself to take responsibility for my thoughts in a proactive and positive way, I actually begin to notice the things that embody those thoughts all around me Then, as I express gratitude for those small things, I find doorways to even bigger things that embody those thoughts.

Whether it's anti-Kabbalah, anti-"Jews for J", anti-Secret, anti-war, anti-fur or whatever, we're still just dealing with the result of something within us that we participated in causing. Let's grow up and take responsibility for that. I have sat under minister's who actually teach this pile of doo doo. I don't know how people can believe this stuff.

They evidently don't read or study the Word of G-d. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of others. I enjoyed this article. Thank you for sharing it. Certainly, by believing in our self it positions us favorably for carrying out a task. For example, if you go into an interview with the belief that you're going to do a bad job, that belief will be expressed in the interview. If you go into a job interview thinking you're going to do a great job, you will put yourself in the best possible situation and what you emote will reflect this.

Your body does listen to your mind. I believe the above is true, but the "Secret" carries it to levels for which I do not subscribe to. Instead, I think real mastery lies in how we interpret reality. He who can reshape our interpretation in a way that is good is the true master. Rabbi Laibl Wolf has been a great influence to me in this department. It is not for us to judge why a person needs help - just to extend the help needed. The Secret of the secret is not the "law of attraction" but that when one beleives and developes a positive attitude, then positive results can be achieved. That said, rather than believe in the "law of attraction" which as you point out can not be true, it is better to beleive in Hashem who is real and not only will you develop a positive attitude and get positive results, the results will be positive for our world.

Thanks for the article! Each of us have an inner spiritual reality, a soul. When we think about something and believe in it, we create an inner spiritual reality of that thing truly existing.

Altri titoli da considerare

G-d, in turn, decides if and how that reality will manifest itself physically. But you won't get anything you want before first willing it to exist! Your will should be: Sincere- your will should stem from that which YOU, in your own heart, feel a true lack of- not something that society in general values or something that someone else wants but something that you yourself truly want; 2.

Specific- be as specific as possible with what you want- the more detail the better; 3. Spiritual- dont ask for a billion dollars, instead ask for things which are of a spiritual non-tangible nature, such as the guidance to find the right job, the understanding to help a weak child, the strength to handle a certain situation, the ability to accept a certain person as they are. As it says in Tehillim Psalms , "G-d is close to all those who call out to Him in truth". I saw the Oprah show on this. I couldn't believe it.

And the reason I couldn't believe it is that I have asked G-d for things, things I needed, but didn't know how I would get them or pay for them. In most every case, G-d showed me the way. And in so doing, G-d gave me what I needed. Not necessarily what I wanted, but what I needed. This is G-d's gift to us. I have learned that if you ask G-d for something, and if it is good for you, and if you, yourself make an effort to make it happen, you'll find that G-d will clear the way for you to have it. G-d knows us, what we want, but, as a good and loving parent, He may not let you have it because it really isn't good for you.

To me, this makes me love G-d all the more, be cause then I know in my heart that He cares for me and my wellfare. Listen to G-d, not some fly-by-night fad. This stuff, masked as "spirituality", is just crazy! It enrages me that people who experience illness, misfortune, etc. I love your tongue in cheek rubuttal to this new meshuganeh craze! I'm sending it to my Mom. I have to say, I think you missed the point. A greater portion of "The Secret" requires a great deal of work.

Your wishes are NOT just granted. You MUST first begin to cleanse your own negative thinking, you have to begin to understand how things happening in your life, even if at one level they look dark and your ability to over-come them impossible they can simultaneously be viewed as great blessings for the way they moved you into action. Your article makes it sound simplistic. Focus is a critical issue. I've lived on the edge of the very same philosophy for more than 20 years. A victum of rape and abuse, I began to change my life one day at a time by beginning to believe so many of the very same things the book reveals.

I realize now, how I asked for so many of the negative things in my life by simply not being clear about asking that the lessons come through rak b'simcha. I for one, was happy and excited to see the authors on Oprah discussing an issue so profound to me I'm sorry for you, you miss the point. Much of what I had originally learned arose from studying the works of Nachman and Luria Time will tell whether or not what they are teaching is valid. IF what they are teaching truly is the truth, then the world as we've known it in the past is about to change drastically. I've been struggling with the concept of 'creative visualization' an earlier version of 'The Secret' and found that your article really articulates the problem.

No, G-d is not a 'cosmic bellhop' just waiting to fulfill our desires. Some prayers and wishes ARE best left unfulfilled. I think the author doesn't mention bitachon because, while on the surface there's some similarity, there's a clear line between bitachon and the 'Law of Attraction'. Bitachon states that I believe G-d runs the show, is in charge, and takes care of me. As such, he gives me everything I need. The Secret as the rabbi points out, it really is no secret at all argues that YOU are in charge, that whatever you want, you can get.

I think G-d created the world in such a way that our thoughts and words in addition to our actions have the power to effect reality. Visualization is an important tool, and can help tremendously in both the spiritual visualize yourself overcoming negative feelings and acting civilly to a difficult person, and doing so in real life becomes easier and physical world.

But let's not forget that ultimately, nothing is really in our hands. There is a Higher Being, and it takes an unforgivable degree of arrogance to think He can be manipulated through our method of thinking. I agree that "The Secret" that we mortals determine what our earthly challenges will be, and thus determine our earthly future is a false premise.

It seems to me that the real secret is that our free will responses to our earthly challenges determines our eternal future. To make that knowledge less secret may be the mission of the Jews. It seems to me, from what I've heard, that the central falsehood of "The Secret" is that the personal G-d to Whom humnan beings can speak, and whom their Creator loves, is not regarded as a reality.

Thank you for this article. I watched that program on Oprah, and wondered about how someone could truly beleive in this "magic" - not literally magic, but some other dangerous way of thinking. Your article is very clear in explaining this danger. I appreciate your thoughts and work. Over the decades one after another "magic" ways of handling lives and relationships have been brought forward with adherents swearing to its powers! I am a Jew and so much is available to learning all kinds and levels of "secrets" from our own sources!

The wisdom inherent in our people is enormous. The impetus of Jews to give to the world - as do you - is a phenomenon not fully appreciated. Jewish contributions to raising the energy and standard of the quality of life for all people verges on the miraculous!! The Jewish mission in the world is to bring light to the world. We are also warned of false prophets. It is in my opinion unfortunate so many of us have not been brought into our tradition of learning or even aware of the power and applications from our own people's instruments and sources.

Study Torah and our other sources learning for yourself its offerings! No need to embrace the false prophets that come time and again invariably falling to the wayside! Much Love and Many Blessings to you my friend and fellow Jew - always! What a shallow, selfish, greedy society we have become. How can people be so stupid and desperate that they would cling to anything that would make life so simple, supposedly.

I don't know why R Blech makes no mention of bitachon - which different schools of mussar said you could get whatever you want. And drawing something down mentally is a basic concept in kabbala etc. I guess he hints at it without giving it credence because of the objections he found. I am not sure if he is not using the opportunity to teach these very important concepts from a jewish perspective.

Bitachon and actualizing are extremely valuable and should in fact be used. Human nature seems to be inclined to superstition. When I was a 9 year old I thought that if I just wanted to I could fly. Luckily I never tried to fly by jumping out of our second floor window, but I did think of doing it. One of the goals of our Jewish tradition is to become a little more theologically sophisticated. I guess it's easier to believe than to think. I think some of the other comments made by guests on Oprah that day are very kabbalistic in nature.

One said that gratitude is the key to bringing good things into your life; when you are grateful for even the bad things, you create room for good things to come. A life of thanking HaShem, even when it's hard A life of believing that we are heading toward a better one than we allow ourselves to see around us While I agree, HaShem's world is not a wishing factory, I wish we could see the good and the Judaic influences that were most certainly in what Oprah was saying.

They spoke of tshuvah, faith and forgiveness. These are concepts our lives as Jews should reflect back out into the universe around us. Compassion and acceptance of others, even when we disagree with them Firstly i am going to say that i skimmed through this article and was extremely disapointed at the reaction represented by Aish Hatorah. No where does the secret claim that it is a new idea, infact is does state that this actually stems thousands of years ago.

This concept if you do any research on this issue comes from Quantum Physics. Secondly the theory of the secret is NOT only about thinking something and recieving but it focuses highly on giving, being grateful everyday for what you have.. This movie has done nothing but good for society and it is shameful on your parts that the fear of people choosing either Jewdaism over the teachings of the secret which are much like Kabbalistic teachings is what is driving a negative response from you. Why is it bad that people want to make money of something that is good and you can market and all it does is allow people to be better?

Unisciti a Kobo e inizia a leggere oggi stesso

Unfortunately you can't deposit good deads in the bank today and it doesn't pay your rent and it is NOT a bad thing to want to be successful from a good business. Last time I checked Aish HaTorah likes to make money as well based on what they teach and believe in. Bottom line you would be more successful in bringing the teaching of the Secret which yes are ancient teachings into the daily teaching of Jewdaism which at the end of the day are one in the same and would probably see much more positive results from your sessions.

I am sure that all those people who practice this and have healed themselves from devistating diseases, gotten over financial stresses and broken relationships will agree me being one of those people. Every message that the secret portrays is only positive and it makes me furious that the representatives of Jewdaism have to put a negative spin on it thinking it will somehow make people want to be more Jewish.

I watched the secret for the first time last week. I found it interesting that someone fianlly made a documentry about some age old concepts that could reach out to many people in a way that was previously unavailable.

The Secret to Feeling it BEFORE You Have it (Manifestation Secret)

That is what had me start to read your article. I found a great deal of hostility and cynicism in your article about the "secret" and it was difficult for me to read it through to the end. I agree with you that not everything you wish for is granted or even for your highest good however what "the secret" also professes is that as human beings we are responsible for some of what befalls us inside of our attitudes.

If you think negatively you are going to create negative circumstances around you. If you are cynical the world will always show up the way you see it and you will always have evidience to support your cynicism. There are many truths in judaism that many people, jewish and non jewish do not have access to. To put down something that can cause millions of people to have a different view of the world and their circumstances, in my opinion, is inappropriate. I don't necessarily disagree with what you have said but your tone of hostility and cynacism is offensive.

Couldn't you say the same thing without the emotion attached to it? Its as if you fear any concept that does not entail bowing down to religion. You should promote free thought, positive thought, that does not mean that God is our bellhop, but that we ourselves a part of God control our destiny. You have turned me off of Aish, you are small minded and it seems to me that you are the one focusing on marketing and brain washing.

The pop religion of recent history is full of this pap that suggests if you just do a gratitude journal and wish for what you want, then glorius wealth and happiness will be yours. Well, it sure seems to be true for the people promoting the idea. It work for them, but it is a pyramid scheme, with only those at the top reaping benefits. I think God may hear earnest prayer and respond with a miracle when it fits God's plan. But, the blaming the "pray-er" for pain, want, heartache and suffering is such a disservice to all who wish more than anything else to feel the comfort of God's presense, not presents.

I have needs not so much wants that I beseech God to help me meet, but I have been around long enough to know that much of what I need is not going to be granted to me, so I must find a way to accept what is, while stiving to make things better. Thanks again for a spiritual reality check. As a Christian, I have observed people of my faith who actually pray for washing machines and other material things. I believe we are here to do God's will, not to have God do our will. Your message is "right on" for those of both Jewish and Christian faiths. In life we have concequenses for good and bad. God or the universe ,what ever works for you, will make sure we will get the concequenses of our actions.

Prayer without action is like no prayer at all. Looking down or putting down someone elses idea or way or living doesn't add to ours. God is in every one of us and he "works" through us and not for us. God created the "Blueprints of this univers" we are here to live by them. Happy purim to all. Thanks for the article. I had just wrote a question about the "Secret" to the "ask a Rabbi" section of Aish and was waiting for my answer.

When I first heard about the "Secret" on Oprah I was amazed and wide-eyed in anticipation, but more I thought about it the more guilty I felt. Being reminded that God is in control has made me feel a lot better. I never lost that knowledge, I just started thinking about my own thoughts contributing to God's plan. Perhaps, my negative thoughts were getting in his way. Anyways, thanks for your article! It was much appreciated. Rabbi Blech apologizes for what may seem a harsh judgment of The Secret.

In fact, he describes just the tip of the iceberg of new age spirituality. They do not see God as a cosmic bellhop. Actually, for them, the universe is a godless vending machine, dispensing goodies - they call it "manifesting" - for those who visualize properly.

I get a lot of mail from various new age self-realization groups. I find their insights into psychology to be useful, but without grounding in the belief in a transcendent God, their morality tends towards fascism. It is not a coincidence that their political programs and online discussion boards ultimately tend towards hatred of Israel, the original source of that morality that so irritated Nietzsche and the Nazis.

Go get 'em, Rabbi Blech! An easy perspective for an author sitting on a pile o f cash. G-d helps us when we ask for help and as you said sometimes the answer is "no. The lie travels around the world while the truth is still putting on socks. These ideas are comfortably accepted by people who for centuries have honed their gullibility through religion. I agree completely with you.

The other idea byrne'philosophy can be benefic if used in normal moments. God makes things of witch we can't understand the perpuse but accept it as it is. God gives us reward for all that we endure patiently. The law of attraction may explain the great difference witch exist between the standard of living of nations and individuals according to their minds ,I noticed this fact in my life.

How can you explain this differences. I believe that God has created a universe that is connected at all levels by him. Without God we accomplish nothing but without hope and faith we cannot connect to God's abundance. I'm thrilled that someone has the sense to realize that "The Secret" is nothing more than a marketing ploy for the author's financial gain. Has anyone ever head of the pyramid scams? I guess "the secret" of those is to take advantage of the naivety of anyone you know for your own personal gain. Thank you for clearing that up. I thought it was a 'revival" of positive thinking, but it is even stranger than simple positive thinking.

The Concept that the universe provides for us exactly what we need is not so new but, no one is mentioning that Hashem is the divide decider. However, if by praying we atract the world of physical desires and we follow it up with hard work, Of course, he will provide for us. So, let's not take the concept of "The Secret" so literally maybe its just her misguided way of getting us to understand Kaballah or praying better.. If G-d responds to positive thinking and genuine need, why did six million Jews die in the Holocaust while praying for God's deliverance?

If G-d responds to positive thinking and genuine need, why did six million Jews die in the Holocaust while praying to God for deliverance? I am the only son of two Holocaust survivors. I heard many stories from my mother, on how in Auschwitz Jews were praying for G-d's deliverance even as they were marched into the gas chamber. Every year after reading the Haggadah at Seder, as we read how G-d himself delivered the Jews from Egypt, my mother can not help but comment on how Jews in Auschwitz would have been happy even if G-d sent just a "ministering angel" to help them.

After so many millions of us died horrific deaths with all the positive thinking and prayer, it is sometimes difficult to believe in "The Secret", however it is presented. I want to thank you for setting the record straight on "The Secret". These days, anyone who dares to disagree with Oprah is considered unenlightned to say the least. I'm very familiar with the logic that we attract to us what we believe, having dabbled in new age religion.

The Secrets of Kabbalah - Manfiest Your Deepest Fantasies (1)

Something bad happened to you? You were putting bad energy out into the universe. This is not only wrong, but dangerous. The secret takes a simple idea of trying to stay positive and puts it in the category of individual control of the universe. We know the outcome of that illusion. I was searching for something on line and found this "secret" page with the film clips. Directly afterward I logged on to Aish, a favorites page, to do some reading and found this leading article.

Believe in yourself and know that you are part of the Divine which makes all things possilbe when the time is right. I do appreciate another person's point of view of the topic of "The Secret". The bottom line is who is responsible for their positive thinking and what steps to take,as you know. I do not think one extremem about this or the other. I do know this Oprah is a humanitarian and like it or not she has shown the world with her heart, soul and income that she is doing "a good deed"! She is only try to expose people who are lost. I think as "We the people to form a more perfect union Our world is composed of many different beliefs and this is just one of many.

G-d is the bottom and so is prayer and you and I both know that. Thank you for helping me look at another side of "The Secret. Thanks for reading my comment. Thank God someone finally addressed this garbage. I was one of the FIRST people to recieve a dvd of this and when i watched it i began to wonder what the heck was going on. Really, the SAME line only in an hour sequence The world is obviously lost and this trash fills that void.

The NEW AGE movement was started in part as a form of idol worship of Satan and of course to get people as lost and confused as possible Anyways thank you very much, i really enjoyed your article and had a good laugh or two. It's about time someone responded. While I agree with Rabbi Blech, it's worth noting that people can acquire guilt from the Divine plan toosome feel that when bad things happen, this is God "punishing" them for something wrong.

Though as the Rabbi notes, the real concept is much more complicated than that; Ms. Byrne's simple cause-and-effect approach seems much too simplistic to truly describe all the secrets of the world granted I've never read the book, so I can't really make a sweeping judgement of it. A positive attitude is greatit can make you more confident and assertive and really does have health benefits. And even then God might not give it to me. There always comes a time when something positive and vastly effective is bashed by someone else.

Regardless of the "truth" and whether or not this is a new concept or not, the message is one that people often have trouble discovering. Part of the problem is this kind of message is usually written in different lengths in books or found at day-long seminars which makes it a whole lot slower and longer to absorb. The fact of the matter is a lot of people don't read books, and even more don't read spiritual books.

It doesn't matter which angle someone takes on this old concept but just that it gets out there and people take something good away from it. That is the case here. I don't think people are going to dismiss The Secret when the parking spot is not there and sure that's a little hokie but look at the big picture. You're just jealous Judaism didn't do it first. They should still do it. Take the best of Kabbalah and Judaism and wrap it up into a short video so the main ideas and principals can more easily spread among the masses.

If all avenues of spirituality were to do this maybe just maybe we would start to have a spiritual awakening. I don't think the majority of us are so naive as you portray us to be. We deserve more credit and you're just a sore loser. It tries to be devoid of religion, and when it does elude to religion it points to Egypt and Babylon. The Secret's concepts about thoughts becoming reality and having strong concentration when wishing for one's desires are mentioned in Judaism.

Yet the producers do not mention anything about the Bible or Torah as being its inspiration. I bought the Secret on the recommendation of a friend who is Hasidic. She suggested that I give it a try. I saw that basic tenets of the Secret were from Judaism, in general and chasidut, in particular. I am not totally comfortable with the Secret, even though I bougnt the Ester Hick's books. Guess what, I found a kosher version of the Secret, without the creepy feeling of Avoda Zara, in Rabbi Pliskin's works. Please fellow Jews, if you feel downhearted and trampled, read and learn Torah, but to truly have positive thoughts turn to Hashem.

I think, too, the article is valid, but, I also add an "However" because I think "the Secret" is something almost beyond itself and spurs debate over boundaries--and who put them there in the first place.

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Now, granted, you can take a surgeons's tools and misuse them,or even defile them, but that should not discount their use in mending the human body. The Secret contains "universal laws" that can be misappropriated or applied in seemingly senseless ways--but that should not negate the concept altogether. This happens many times in "western" interpretation of religion verses a more "pure" application in third world countries.

The American interpretation of spiritual laws tends to relentlessly be stuck in materialism. But, how about applying the "mind ascension" to health, to relationships, to world peace and community? One key concept of this "movement" is gratitude. Honestly, I think this "secret" contains far more good than bad. To me, it ushers the alignment of world peace and loving community--if people take this beyond just themeselves. I think it has wonderful potential--again, in all aspects of life: We can not forget our Maker and in who's image we are made--the rock from which we were hewn.

We belong to G-d and must apply this knowledge in a way that is responsible to that. Ultimately, it gives us awareness, that G-d is exceedingly good and merciful and His grace is fresh like the morning dew. Many many people have expreienced much suffering, distress, hardship, oppression, etc. There is a time to embrace them--cry, scream, kick, etc.

Not to go on and on, but, I think the large response to teh book and dvd is not so much a reflection of the book or concept, but more so, of the need. People are not rightly aligned--to G-d, to people, to their own hearts and desires--and this is an opportunity to do just that. G-d made the universe for each one of us, to enjoy it. Habbakuk says that "without a vision, the people cast off restrain, or parish. I think the author of this article misrepresents certain points. Quoting Shaw,"There are two great tragedies in life.

Unfortunately he didn't ask another question,what makes teenagers envy that perticular lifestyle in the first place. God he tells us also,wasn't foolish enough to create a world blindly responsive to human cravings,Oh yes? I could continue ,but I read enough of rabbi's article to conclude that regarding The Secret,he has lost touch with some deep feelings inside himself,in order to make sense of something that hasn't sense in that way.

Norman Cousins was one of the great modern-day philosophers witha universal dream. One cannot ignore the power of the thought of the divine human spirit. In the s Cousins had an experience that changed his life and that, at the same time, reinforced some of his deepest convictions concerning the nature of the human being. Stricken with a crippling and life-threatening collagen disease, Cousins followed a regimen of high doses of vitamin C and of positive emotions including daily doses of belly laughter , all in consultation and partnership with his sometimes skeptical physicians.

He chronicled his recovery in the best-selling Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient: Reflections on Healing and Regeneration, published in In the book, generalizing from his own experience and research, he affirmed that "the life force may be the least understood force on earth" and that "human beings are not locked into fixed limitations.

The quest for perfectibility is not a presumption or a blasphemy but the highest manifestation of a great design. I too was caught up for a but a few moments in the secret's message. The Bible and Science. Of Time and Infinity. I Am A Miracle: Manifesting the "Impossible" of God Using the Shofar. The Realm Of The Spirit: Is Jesus Christ Unique? Misadventures and My Thoughts on God. The wonders of the human body. You Are Made up of Words. The Songs of Creation Part 1. In Search of Destiny. The Purpose of Everything. Get More Spiritual Insight.

Alpha and Omega God. The Quantum Love of God. Genesis Creation and and Cosmic Big Bang. Church, Bride and Wife. Joseph Smith and Modern Astronomy. The Frequency of the Supernatural. God is Alive and Well. Covenants, Creation and Choice, Second Edition. A Voice from the Heavens. The Sea of Glass. Science Is a Religion. Your Passport to Understanding the Bible. Life Is but a Dream. Time Christ, the Voice of the Archangel. Come scrivere un'ottima recensione. La recensione deve essere di almeno 50 caratteri. Il titolo dovrebbe essere di almeno 4 caratteri.

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