Am Vegan - Will Travel: Easy vegan meals, on the road or on the run

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Wow — that is so interesting!

How to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet while traveling - Chicago Tribune

Gluten-free AND vegan is a bit more of a challenge but it can be done. There are so many amazing ideas in here! Previous Post Learn to Love Sardines. What a helpful post! Awesome tips to eat healthy on the go! What great tips for healthier eating on the go—especially like the tips for airports! I think the options are getting much better thankfully —.

Please Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sep , 0. Developing Recipes for Brands Dangers of Too Much Sleep Tips and Tricks to Boost Produce Intake Plus, as a Canadian, being diplocatic is hardwired into my brain! India is Vegan and Vegetarian friendly country. I have been Vegetarian all my life, never tasted meat. But never faced any problem while exploring India, In India every edible is marked with a green and red mark at the bottom of cover, green represents for Vegetarian items and red for non-vegetarian. Many restaurants only server vegetarian meals.

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Statistics indicated that Indians had the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world. India has more vegetarians than the rest of the world put together. Many restaurants serve only vegetarian meals. Hi, I liked your article and I can say that live in another country and try to get the same kind of food that i used to eat is difficult but specially in U.

S because is different I liked to use your tips at the beginning when I arrived here, I gain weight and I know that is not an excused but was hard to me to change my diet I just hope to lose the weight that I gained here and the information about vegan life seems really good and healthy and I would like to try I love food. What a great article! I have been in awkward situations where I had to excuse myself from a large group to eat elsewhere, but when I came back to join the group, people were mostly curious about my lifestyle and impressed that I did not cave into social pressures.

I realized, if someone judges what I eat then so be it, but often than not people are just curious, and I use it as opportunity to educate others on the benefits of veganism. In all honesty, you will miss out on some cultural experiences. But the trade off is you will be living a healthier, more sustainable life. I ate SO many granola bars while motorbiking through Vietnam haha. Glad to know there are so many other Veggie-travelers out there. Great tips — considering that mostly travel s about exploring and tasting different dishes without stressing about the diet.

Thanks for a great article! Thank you for the excellent tips. Traveling as a vegetarian was really difficult in West Africa where people eat meat all the time. Being polite and asking for salad really worked the best. This is excellent information! Vegan while globetrotting, who knew?! I will make sure to share this with them! Thank you so much for searching out this story, Matt. Being vegetarian is quite difficult when you are on travel on a country who loves to eat meat than vegies. I will definitely have the vegan passport to travel. Thanks for the tips.

Eating Vegetarian/Vegan On the Go

Vegan Passport and Happy Cow have definitely become my travel essentials since going vegan! Yes, it can be done! Traveling on a vegan diet just involves some patience and education. There are many great resources.

Learn the local language and ask around for vegetables and meat-free plates. You can always find something! Lots of recipe and nutrition ideas. By posting a comment, you agree to our community friendly, anti-spam comment policy that can be found here. There are three basic ways to do this: I write down phrases in my notebook for each country I visit. This is my standard method — which probably hints at just how old I am — though I am slowly coming around to this next method.

If you have Internet access, then Google Translate is a great method. To be safe, I suggest downloading the necessary languages so you have access offline. You can also use the app to take photos of menus and translate them, which has been super helpful on many occasions! This little book has helpful vegan phrases you can use as you travel.

There are versions in around 80 different languages, making it a pretty handy resource for an RTW trip. This means you pay a small fee and have your address and phone number verified. You can also send in a copy of a passport, too. Add tons of photos and information to your profile.

14 Healthy Vegan Snacks for Travelling

Be detailed, so everyone can get a sense of your personality. Share your favorite movies and books, your past trips and adventures, and anything else you think is interesting! Hosts generally prefer to have guests that they share interests with, so this is the best way to find like-minded CSers. References are the backbone of Couchsurfing. Find friends or coworkers who can vouch for you so that you have some references before you travel. That will increase the odds of you finding a host tenfold. So, when it comes to traveling, remember: There are 36 Comments.

As a vegetarian I greatly appreciate this article. Lots of great tips. For these cases I have always some nuts and dried fruits with me. I will buy the Vegan Passport! Leave a Comment Cancel reply. We use cookies to ensure you receive the best experience on our site. If you continue to use this site, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Here are a few recipe suggestion that lean more towards the healthy side! I hope this list of healthy vegan snacks helps make your next road trip a delicious one! With a little preparation, a lot of music and great company, road trips can be a fun and enjoyable experience without the need to break your healthy eating habits.

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They make healthy travel easy, convenient and they look great too. We surfed a lot, there is great hiking too. It depends if you go in the summer or winter as far as what you can do. I just enjoy being cozy in the cabin, beachcombing, drinking wine and watching the waves from the hot tub! I even brought NCN brown rice powder on my travels!

From your instagram, looks like you had a beautiful trip. I need to make my way over to your side of our country. Hope things have been well friend! Healthy is the way to go to feel good for the trip AND when you return home! Thanks for sharing my homemade trail mix!

How to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet while traveling

Thanks for sharing my chickpeas in this wonderful list! I also like adding lemon slices to my water. I sometimes throw in some cucumber slices too for more added nutrition. Really, thanks for sharing with us and even linkng the recipes!! Grrreat ideas — especially for those that may be new to PB eating. Thanks Deryn for these great ideas! My group will LOVE your ideas and your site! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.