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Can their passion overcome their pasts?

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One sexy box set. Lachlan Immortal Highlander Book 1: Tempting Inked Hearts Book 1. Review "Rigaud presents a witty, riveting, and sexy retelling of Pride and Prejudice in her debut novel, originally self-published as Slurry. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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Read reviews that mention pride prejudice jane modern sex austen charlotte elizabeth richard scenes suffering bingley slurry tour lizzy charles lucas roll romance bennet. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The passionate exchanges was steamy but the inbetween story was bland. The rock star theme made me anticipate some badass behaviour but Darcy was a lamb, the exception being Richard who was slightly less straight than the rest The pace was much slower than I would have thought and the "misunderstandings" a bit unbelievable.

All in all a good read but nothing exceptional.

Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy

The rock band "Slurry" is checking out the "Long Borne Suffering" as their warm up act on their tour. Darcy, the founder and guitarist of the band, makes a rather unflattering remark that makes the girls defences come up.

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Not surprisingly, Elizabeth hold on to her grudges the longest. Although I have seen Charlotte and Richard paired before, this was a fresh and inventive take The "break up" between Jane and Bingley was one of the weaknesses in the story. I did not buy that. Wickham are present as the former lead singer of the band and he is vile, Caroline was a pleasant surprise. Lady Catherine and Anne are present as the record company but has small roles and Mr Collins work for them.

The rest of the Bennet's have even lesser roles, although there is a funny exchange of wit between Elizabeth and her father on the phone who were one of the highlights of the book. There are several new additions to the cast and most significant was Alex Lucas as Charlotte's brother and the girls manager.

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  • The plot is largely evolving around the three relationships although Wickham has a scheme that will cause havoc. There are some lyrics written in the book and they felt clammy. I think I had too high expectations of this book and that lead to disappointment. I generally like modern variations.

    The mature content make this a book suitable for adults only. I hesitated before I read this story the first time. So not what I like! What took me so long? If you're looking for chaste, PG love scenes, don't read this book. I mean, it is sex, drugs, and rock and roll and there is plenty of it going on here! I've encountered plenty of Darcys I did not like, but this one is just so sexy you can't help but cry with the thought that this is a fictional character.

    Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star.

    And I have to say I love what she did with Caroline! Love her in this book. I initially bought this on my Kindle but this is one of those books I loved so much I went back and bought the paperback to sit alongside the other books I deemed amazing enough to buy again. I can't get enough of guitar rock god Fitzwilliam Darcy! This is easily one of my favorite books. I downloaded it years ago, and today decided that I wanted to reread it for likely the fifth time, only it occurred to me to see if the author had written anything else.

    The fact that she hasn't saddens me, but then to see that this doesn't have a thousand positive reviews also threw me!

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    Maybe people just didn't know about it, but I have read dozens of Pride and Prejudice AU books, and this is easily top three for me. So if the author sees this, thank you for writing it! And if you are someone who is considering reading, know this - this book manages to keep character traits consistent to the original spirit of the book while immersing the story in a world Jane Austen could never have dreamed of. Sometimes you want to yell at the characters, but it's just like in the original.

    Sometimes they're blind, and stubborn, and of course, proud and prejudiced. So, I was engrossed in this book one minute and then found myself doing the eye rol because it was a bit too "neat and tidy" at the end I read the news reports and even I can't believe it. That just sounds so hokey. If you tried to sell our story to a movie studio, they would just laugh.

    That's right and I love the author for typing that sentence because it made me stop and think Stop taking it so seriously! But, you don't really feel much of the hokey because of the rest of the flurry of activity, so it's all good if you just roll with it because you will meet a whole group of people struggling with their issues one of my fave quotes from the book I loved the writing and didn't really draw parallels between Pride and Prejudice, I just enjoy a hot sexy rock god book and a big love fest, so I loved this book!

    The great reviews convinced me to download the sample, and the sample got me hooked right away! I was highly skeptical, as I'm picky about Austen sequels, and really doubted that the quintessential gentleman, Mr. Darcy, could be translated into a modern day rock star and still be remotely like Austen's Mr. I liked Jane's character, but she was a little naive for me. It was clear she wasn't a virgin, but she seemed like one.

    Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star. (eBook, ) []

    This is very exciting, but it means the songs have to go away to avoid violating copyright law. But I wanted to include a list of the original inspirations, so readers can enjoy them, too. In general, you will find that Jane sounds a lot like Michelle Branch, and Lizzy bears a striking resemblance to Sheryl Crow.

    Slurry most closely resembles Puddle of Mudd. Tonight we will learn the story of one of the most successful rock bands on the road today. Charles Bingley smiling happily: I have a great life. Richard Fitzwilliam looking rumpled, like he just rolled out of bed: But you know, everyone has a story, and everyone has a song. It takes something more to be interesting, to be a success. Fitzwilliam Darcy staring at the camera: There was a general feeling that this relationship was doomed.

    They came from different worlds. Walter was very serious, very conservative, very committed to his work, and Anne was this wild free spirit and people said that she would never fit in. Fitzwilliam Darcy looking thoughtful: