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Died and married young,no children. Katherine Parr-widowed twice before marrying Henry VIII,survived but died a year later in childbed with Thomas Seymour's baby girl,Mary who is barely metioned after a few months after Katherine's death. Henry was married 6 times: Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon since , but he was displeased that she never gave him a male heir.

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In Henry became completely infatuated with one of her ladies in waiting, Anne Boelyn , who was younger. Henry had already taken Anne's sister as a mistress, but had grown tired of her, which is why Anne resisted his advancements. However, her hard-to-get behavior made him crazy about her. She eventually used his obsession as a way to become queen, by refusing to sleep with him until he was divorced, and the two of them were married. Henry used Catherine's previous marriage to his brother who was ill and died 5 months into it to try an convince the Pope that, according to Ecclesiatical Law, it was wrong in the eyes of God for a man to take his brother's wife, and he was being punished.

He used his lack of having a male heir as his "evidence" of God's displeasure. However Catherine insisted her first marriage was never consummated.

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After several years of unsuccessfully getting the Pope to grant him an annullment, he grew tired of fighting about the matter, and decided to break free from the Catholic Church. Henry created the Church of England, and named himself supreme head. He had his marriage to Catherine declared null and void, and was free to marry Anne.

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Henry and Anne were married, and had it officially declared legal in May of In September of , Anne gave birth to Elizabeth. Henry quickly grew tired of Anne's outspoken nature and after having two miscarrages, one of which was a boy, Henry lost his patience with her. He accused her of using witchcraft to get him to marry her, and by May of had her arrested, and falsely accused of incest with her brother and adultry with 5 men.

Anne was executed on May 19, , two days after executing the men. As a "favor" the King hired an expert swordsman to behead her. Anne Boleyn only had one child who survived — a girl named Elizabeth, who would later become Queen Elizabeth I. Other people started to not like Anne either, and she was arrested and executed at the Tower of London.

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She had a boy Edward , which is what Henry really wanted, but then died a few days after Edward was born. He thought the marriage was a mistake, so divorced her. Henry VIII got married one last time to Catherine Parr in , and he remained married to her for the rest of his life four years. Even though princesses could be Queen, things were clearer when titles could pass from father to son.

Catherine and Henry had just one child who lived — a daughter named Mary, who would later become Queen.

List of people executed by the Tudors

The two were married in , and Anne gave birth to Elizabeth later that year — Elizabeth would later become Queen. She became very unpopular, and was executed in Sadly, Jane died a few days after Edward was born. Anne of Cleves — Anne of Cleves was born in Germany.

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  • Their marriage only lasted a few months, but Anne stayed in England after they were divorced. They were only married a couple of years — Catherine may have had an affair, so she was thrown into the Tower of London and later executed. She married once more after Henry VIII died in her fourth marriage , but then died herself after giving birth to a daughter in Thomas was sent to the Tower of London and executed in When Mary I became Queen and changed the national religion to Catholicism, Thomas was in trouble because he was Protestant.

    King Henry VIII

    He was put in prison, and executed in But, he was also a devout Catholic which made things difficult when Henry wanted to break ties with the Catholic church and the Pope. He was executed at the Tower of London in , just under a year before Anne Boleyn was. Important events during the reign of Henry Tudor Henry Vlll. There's some great gory pictures on the 'Wives' page so beware!

    Why did Henry have so many wives? Who was Mary Rose? He was never a healthy King and died aged only 15 years. Follow me on Twitter mbarrow.

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    Find out about his Henry's six wives here Age Second son of Henry VII. Three children Buried in Windsor Castle.

    King Henry VIII : A crash course on England's most famous Monarch

    Henry built fine palaces, and fought wars against France and Scotland. Appearance Tall and thickset, with blue-grey eyes, short auburn hair and a beard. Religion Henry Vll l brought religious upheaval to England. Family Life Henry Vll l wanted a son to rule after him. The two countries were joined in