No Hormones, No Fear: A Natural Journey Through Menopause

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No Hormones, No Fear: A Natural Journey Through Menopause

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I am a man. I bought this book on menopause because my wife is going through "the change" and it has affected our relationship in various ways. I am trying to understand her situation and help her cope, if I can. No Hormones, No Fear is a simply written anecdotal book that explains the author's personal journey through menopause. It is geared completely to women who are themselves going through this particular life event. As such, parts of the prose are irritating. The author frequently refers to "you girls" and "us girls" and so on while directly addressing her readers.

I found this mildly distracting. I wish the book had been more scientifically and list-geared. I would have appreciated a summary of the various over the counter products the author recommended throughout, along with a complete listing of benefits and contraindications. No such list was given. However, I did get some hopeful information out of the book.

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I'll pass it along for free. I've ordered both for my wife and will report back here as to any results. There are lots of other recommended OTC treatments in the book, which you'll have to read for yourself if you want to know more about. Many are for skin and hair changes that affect many women who go through the change. Overall, the book was informative and helpful in understanding menopause.

However, it would have been much better with more data in table or chart form. There was none of that. Anyone facing menopause either directly or indirectly you men out there could benefit from reading this book, too should read Trisha Posner's account of her own battle with the changes being forced on her, and how she dealt with them. From the most common - hotflashes - to the least - auditory hallucinations one which I have experienced - Posner lists the symptoms and side effects of menopause in a highly organized and informative way.

Posner's own interest in a less clinical approach to menopause arises out of her family's history of breast cancer. She had a very real fear that hormone replacement might trigger cancer in her own body, and so she went out to research the alternatives.

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She's a professional researcher, and has done the research for her husbands books on history and current events. She is meticulous in her work and it pays off for her readers here in the assurance that she has thoroughly investigated the available information on each aspect of menopause. While she never prosletyzes for any regimen, she does outline her own program very throughly exercise, nutritional supplements, particularly soy; dietary changes explains the thinking behind each point, and gives the reader an honest assessment of her progress.

It is not her intention to persuade any of us that this is the right way, only to show that there are always alternatives to medical intervention for treatment of menopausal problems. Her research is persuasive, her plan of action one that virtually anyone could follow. That doesn't mean that everyone will be won over to her way of doing things, but that's okay, too. The benefit of this book is in its wealth of information, not in any plan or magical formula.

I recommend it for anyone who wants to understand this life passage a little better, and recommend it highly for those who want to take more control over that passage. A must read for anyone going through menopause excellent subject matter with bit of English humor interjected. After reading some of the enthusiastic and grateful reviews for this book, there is little that I can add.

Clearly, everyone who reads Trisha's tale is able to extract something that aids female life in today's world. Apart from cessation of hot flashes following Trisha's suggestions, the most important information for me was that menopause does not immediately throw ladies into the visage of dried up sexless old crone. No one should start gulping hormones in fear of losing youth and good looks--Trisha has blazed the trail for all of us, looking much, much younger than her years and living and loving life.

I was desperately looking for answers and help with my perimenopause symptoms. To ask other readers questions about No Hormones, No Fear , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Feb 07, Rosemary rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review. This book is a detailed approach on facing Menopause naturally. Too often we women rush to our doctors for a magical pill to fix things, other times we allow our doctors to guide us onto the path of medication, trusting that they know what is best and they will keep us healthy.

Every person should know that EVERY medication has side effects, regardless of the goal of forcing our bodies to "behave" I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review. Every person should know that EVERY medication has side effects, regardless of the goal of forcing our bodies to "behave" in nature's intended ways. When a woman is facing menopause, nature has intended that we decrease our estrogen production. The medications marketed are made with the thought that we can somehow hold on to our younger selves for a bit or YEARS longer.

Natural Treatments for Menopause

As the same with aging, in general, medications come with a price. The choice we must make is the path we will take. Do we allow nature to take it path, or do we take medication to lessen our symptoms, extend our youth, avoid those horrible side effects that everyone tells us about? When you discover that the synthetic cure could potentially cause a whole host of other alarming problems that you are already predisposed to, going all natural my be the wisest option.

Does that mean that you must live in Alaska to avoid those dreaded hot-flashes? Wrap yourself in bubble wrap to protect our bones?

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  7. Race to the nearest convent because intimacy is becoming painful and embarrassing? We think that going natural means standing in front of a mirror plucking chin hairs which happens to be growing faster than our waistlines. Of course we would be wrong. Trisha Posner has shared her personal journey of evolving, deciding to age gracefully during her period of menopause. She shares some insightful reasons why and how this can be done without settling for "just living with it.

    Menopause is a transition, not a curse. You can still lead a full, even energetic life by learning that HRT is not the only answer. This is a well written book and I would recommend it for even for those like me, who are within a couple of years footsteps from facing the choice path. Steph's Book Ramblings rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Tammy rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Gerald Posner rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Heather rated it liked it Nov 26, T Robinson rated it liked it Aug 25, Tamara Lush rated it really liked it Apr 10, Laurie Smothermon rated it really liked it Feb 12, Jackie Hall rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Colleen Kulikowski rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Suzanne Falter rated it it was ok Oct 25, Now updated with the latest major medical studies, which raise troubling questions about estrogen replacement for millions of women, No Hormones, No Fear is an indispensable primer for women confronting the thicket of conflicting information about whether or not to choose hormones during menopause.

    This is not your mother's menopause: The Secret in Our Closets. This is her first solo effort.