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Ho Chi Minh City weather

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Let us wish you a happy birthday! I should die and nobody paid attention. The seeds for a powerful narrative are certainly present, but Thu lacks command of the English language, which hinders the flow of the book. Unless one reads Vietnamese, it is impossible to tell whether or not each story is repeated. There is a tendency to repeat statements in different stories about the poverty, corruption, and other widespread problems that were noted in the prologue. The narrative should address such issues through action and dialogue; instead, the reader is hit over the head with these themes in statement form.

Currently, she writes for many Vietnamese magazines and websites. In its present form, without a polished translation, it is difficult to recommend The Rain Still Falls in Saigon , which is a shame because it would be valuable to understand what happened in Vietnam after the United States left the country and began to put our own national tragedy behind us. In rainy season, the latter monsoon flows from the Indian Ocean with an average speed of 3.

In dry season, the former monsoon runs from the South China Sea with an average speed of 2.

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The average humidity reaches In dry season from December to April , climate in Ho Chi Minh City is classified by temperate humidity and moderate temperature. February is the driest month in Ho Chi Minh. Drizzle usually occurs in early February.

Ho Chi Minh City

In the mid of the month, there are light rains. Ho Chi Minh weather in March is warm and quite dry. The precipitation in the month of April is higher. It rains mostly at the end of this month. In April, weather in Saigon is warmer and more humid. In May, the average temperature is about 30 degree Celsius. The precipitation is about mm. The average temperature in June reaches to The month of July has the same climatic conditions of previous months.

Despite of high temperature, weather in HCMC is cool by dint of rainfall.

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There are thunderstorms found in this month. In the months of September October and November, Hanoi is probably undergoes beautiful autumn weather with warm sunshine and gentle breeze.

Meanwhile, weather in Ho Chi Minh is experiencing hot and humid period. The precipitation is about mm due to heavy rains.

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Yet, the month of November witnesses a fall in temperature and rainfall, but the humidity is still high. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most-visited destinations in Vietnam. It is believed that Ho Chi Minh City is suitable to travel all year round. If traveling this city in from December to April, people will generally enjoy the warm sunshine, moderate temperature, and less rains. In early months of a year, you will have a pleasant journey with interesting activities without hesitation of always sweating such as visiting big markets and doing shopping. In January, it is considered the time when Saigon is at its best with mild weather and colorful flowers blooming.

During this time, there are also many exciting festivals and cultural activities such as Vietnamese Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival.

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If traveling here in rainy season, you still find this city so attractive, especially for those who love heavy but short rains. In June, you will find that most of the day in this month is filled with sunshine and the tourists still have the option to go around and join festivals occurring in the city such as Vietnam Reunification Day April 30th , May Day May 1st , and Vietnam National Day September 2nd. Such services as transportation and restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City on these days may be a little scantier for visitors, especially in nearby retreating places like Nha Trang , Mui Ne and Dalat.

In short, if you want to enjoy a comfortable holiday in Saigon, you should visit between December and April which is seen as the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. Otherwise, if you adore a budget trip, the period of May - September is the best choice.

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Vietnam weather in Mekong River Delta is portrayed by many characteristics of sub-equatorial climate. There are two main seasons in Mekong Delta River. From May to November, it is rainy season; from December to April, it is dry season.