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Commenting his novels, he says about Dragon:. Another Vlad novel, and I'm one I'm pretty happy with. I have a lot of sympathy with people who want to read the books in chronological order, so I wrote this one to help them out: Steven Brust did confirm that he did write Dragon to make it impossible to read the series in chronological order, and that Tiassa goes back and forward in time.

This is on a blog on the Tor. I'll quote the relevant part for historical purposes [1]. Did you write Dragon that way to make it impossible to read the series in chronological order? Jo, I am a serious writer, attempting to explore the limits of my craft while expressing my observations on the human conditions by the interaction of form and content within the….

Many readers of the Vlad novels argue that the books are best read in the order of their composition and publication, and the organization of the omnibus editions from Ace Books and Tor Books reflects that view. The author has opined that the choice is up to the reader. Hawk and then Vallista were published after the note above.

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Vallista appears to take place shortly before Hawk , and Hawk is clearly the last book chronologically as of this writing. There are some inconsistencies between various books that may be more obvious when the books are read in chronological order, especially when including the Khaavren books. As an example, Morrolan's history with the Empress is strikingly different between Taltos and the prequel histories. That he intentionally wrote the books so you could read them in any order with some exceptions.

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Most people prefer publication order while others want to read them in internal to the story chronological order. My preferred reading order is "often". But I can also report that reading them first in publication order has been quite enjoyable. I've been reading this series every single year at least 1x a year since My daughter's name is Aliera. The best way to read them is with Jhereg first bc that sets you up with vlad and the cycle.

Everything else will fall into place as you read them. Make sure and read the romances even though they are set years before vlad. The books all will bounce around but the steady point is with vlad and in relation to vlad.

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I found that while reading, Vlad will mention something in passing. Put a post it on the top of the page with 1 word.

Then as you read you'll start to see word pop up, go back and read about it in the other books. The other books only flush out that word. These books are great in the way that you hear different parts of a story as it unfolds like say you're sitting down with grandma and grandpa, mom and dad. There's one story they are telling you but everyone will pick up and over lap and add to what the other family members are saying! Brust writes the same storyteller way. There isn't a straight line, its a ball of spaghetti!

If it was clean, neat, and orderly do you think I could have read them so often and so long?

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I read books a year. I don't want a destination I want an adventure and boy how I love vlad and cawti!

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Did Steven Brust say there is no particular reading order for his Vlad Taltos novels? Does anybody remember such a remark?

Tiassa (book)

Did my memory create it? DaG 1, 1 9 There are actually three different orders to consider. While the publication order of the Vlad books is clear: The three books of the Khaavren trilogy are: Brokedown Palace is entirely optional, but interesting enough. David Hewitt 13 3. What is the publication order of the Khaavren books in relation to the other books? This tells of an investigation by Khaavren , Captain of the Phoenix Guard , into an attack on Vlad Taltos by unknown ruffians.

As Taltos has an Imperial Title, Khaavren is obliged to investigate. When Vlad proves uncooperative in this investigation, Khaavren lets the investigation drop until his old comrade Pel appears as a mysteriously hooded Prime Minister! Khaavren is forced to employ more indirect means to solve the mystery, in his other role as Brigadier of the Special Tasks Group.

As usual, Vlad takes on somewhat of the role of the House in this book, devising an inspired plot to deal with Piro's problem of tagged money, while keeping a plot of his own in readiness behind. In an interesting reversal, though, our favorite Tiassa, Lord Khaavren, appears in the last section of the book, and solves his own investigation in a fashion we'd normally associate with Vlad -- he investigates until he realizes he cannot learn any more, then arranges to have all the major players in the same room at the same time, puts hand on hilt, and with no real plan, just walks in.

A third and more obvious role of the House is that of the Silver Tiassa itself, which turns out not only to be inspiration for much of the story, but also to embody inspiration itself, very much in the spirit of House Tiassa. Sign In Don't have an account? This page is about the book Tiassa.

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For the House of the Tiassa, see Tiassa.