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The broadest hypothesis of modern science and of the modern era more generally was that the world is regular and rational, i. This hypothesis has generally been borne out, as evidenced by the marvels of technology all around us. By discovering the rules that govern the world, many early philosophers and scientists supposed, we explain the handiwork of God and perhaps even the mind of God. Over time, this hypothesis became stronger and in the 19th Century many scientists and philosophers became overtly atheistic. Rather than viewing the universe as the handiwork of God, many came to view the universe as inherently without design and without a creator.

We may never know what caused the universe to come to be, it was thought, but we certainly could explain everything worth explaining without invoking God.

The Anatomy of God: Knowing God For Who He Really Is

Does All Matter Have Mind? My intellectual journey took a sharp turn when I began thinking seriously about the nature of mind. I began reading in this area in my late teens and have continued to this day, over twenty years now. When I realized what I consider to be the fatal problems in the materialist worldview with respect to explaining the nature of mind and matter, I also realized that a far better explanation is found in the view that all matter has some degree of mind attached.

Where there is matter there is mind and where there is mind there is matter.

In most cases, matter and mind are extremely rudimentary, but as matter complexifies, so mind complexifies generally. I realized, in reading through the works of Alfred North Whitehead and David Ray Griffin, two well-known panpsychists, that the process that leads to our complex mind is unlikely to stop at our level of complexity.

There may be, and probably are, many levels of complexity higher than our level. This knowledge leads to some interesting possibilities when we consider spatial and temporal scales far beyond the human level. This puts the cart before the horse if God is not simply to be accepted as complex from the outset and thus to be considered outside of any rational inquiry. There are many areas of human inquiry where rationality must at least in part bow to intuition and faith; spirituality is certainly one of those areas, but this is not an all or nothing kind of thing.

Rationality may certainly shed some light on these issues even if intuition and faith also play a role. It seems that God, in a rational approach to spirituality, must be explained in an evolutionary manner. In other words, how did God become complex?

It seems clear that any kind of conscious God worthy of the name is necessarily highly complex. The deeper we go in that ocean the closer we come to pure being, devoid of any distinctions at all. The Source and Summit enclose all of reality and we exist at some middle level of reality. There are many lines of reasoning that seem to require some kind of ground, a foundation for the universe.

The Anatomy of God: Knowing God For Who He Really Is by Kenneth Ulmer

Here are a few:. There are other lines of reasoning, but this should suffice for now. If we accept these lines of reasoning, we realize that the mainstream ontology that consists essentially of only matter, energy and space is insufficient. We must add the ground to our list and it is in fact more fundamental than matter, energy and space because it is what produces matter, energy and space.

It seems that the answer is yes. There is only an above. Why is there something rather than nothing? Why is there anything at all, including our entire universe? This is the role that the ground plays in my ontology. It is the level below which there is nothing further. That is, to have the universe we know from direct experience we must accept some degree of primordial complexity. We have a universe and some things in that universe are simply brute facts that cannot be further explained.

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Even if we accept the ground of being as without beginning and without end presumably , we can never rule out the possibility that the ground itself evolves. We may in fact gain new insights in coming decades or centuries with respect to the origin of this realm beneath our feet, but for now it seems fair to state that we must at least accept the brute fact of its existence.

The ground of being has many names. Whatever name we prefer they all refer to the same concept: And this is as good a definition of God as any.

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    Thank you for your support! Connect with us on Facebook Twitter and YouTube. My how things change. Here are a few: Quantum theory suggests that our universe is comprised of a seething mass of quanta that pop in and out of existence. Where did this egg come from? Rather than positing that it came from literally nothing, it is more reasonable to suggest that it came from a more basic level of reality, the ground of being, pure potentiality.

    A more recent development provides additional support for a ground of being: This phenomenon, first raised by Einstein as an objection to quantum theory, has been well-established experimentally. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Anatomy of the Body of God,: Being the supreme revelation of cosmic consciousness, explained and depicted in graphic form by Frater Achad ,. Being the supreme revelation of cosmic consciousness, explained and depicted in graphic form 3.

    Hardcover , pages. Published December 31st by Weiser Books first published Being the supreme revelation of cosmic consciousness, explained and depicted in graphic form. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Anatomy of the Body of God, , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Anatomy of the Body of God,. Lists with This Book.

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