Creating a New Normal...After the Death of a Child

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So I read these posts, and try to get some positive from them.

When Children Die: Improving Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Children and Their Families.

And there is always something, you just have to look. I am grateful for all of these posts and this site and for all the comments. We all are where we are. Just trying to survive the horror of losing those we have loved so much. Gloria I too lost a child…my son and there are days when I feel i will never be happy again and then today I got googled grief support groups and grief therapists I am going for an assessment tomorrow at grief support center near my house…all run by trained volunteers.

They have groups and one on one help to process this grief.

I have hope that I can get through this…as the article said, just a small action can help and all I did was google and pick up the phone. Oh, and there will be no cost…I have never heard of this place since I have never needed it…. Suzy, I have been going to Compassionate Friends and seeing a therapist. Along with reading WYG, parent loss Facebook pages, reading grief books and talking with supportive friends.

I lost my Laura in June, Learning to live this new life, without her, will be a lifelong journey. But who does know what small action can make a difference?? I feel any small joy I find, gives me energy to continue when they pain is too bad. One day, one minute at a time. This post kind of bugged me.

Reconnecting with Life After Loss (One step at a time)

Implied is there is a right way to go about reintegrating into the outside world after a major loss. We are all so different and I tend to be more introverted. If I had forced myself into activities, social things before I was ready, and felt even worse about myself, with some of the implied things in this article. I could not do anything much the first year after my husband died suddenly, social activity, classes, etc, were very stressful and if I had pushed myself, I do not believe it would have been self loving or self respecting.

I took my time, and believe me, got some flack about it, but I trusted my needs and my process. It takes time and I question anything that seems to push an agenda.

Creating a New Normal

Let the process of healing take time is my advice. Grief is a season and we need to wait while things heal, going underground is natural, in my world. Eleanor wrote this post and, as you probably know if you have followed us for a while, she is defitinely an introvert and shares a lot of the experiences you describe.

Part of the reason that we do share posts like this one now and again is also because we are not always the best at getting our of our own way. There is so much value in trusting our guts and our own grief process, but many people me being one of them are our own worst enemy. Sometimes we start to push ourselves in the time and way we need it.

It is pushing little small things, not big social things. But it does push a little because, in all honesty, we believe that sometimes you need a push. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment — I am sure you spoke what others also may feel reading this post, and we hate the idea of people feeling that.

Learning to Live Again After Losing a Child

Vanessa, I too feel your pain. Easter was also so hard for me as I too grew up in church. My dad sang in the choir all my life. Three days of hearing them again for the first time since his funeral was so hard. Good Friday my daughter, my sister and I sobbed our way through mass. And following Holy Saturday service I broke down into the arms of a long time family friend.

Church is so hard, but I know I need to be there. And I know my parents are with me there as they always have been still hard. I pray you too may find someone to help you on this journey. It was a friend who sent me a copy of one of the article posted on holiday grief that I found this site and you! So I have hope to come out on the other side of my grief.

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Will I be the same, no. It helps knowing there are others in my situation but also makes me sad that we have this in common. I have yet to step foot in church since their deaths. I fall apart sometimes walking past any church lol. Day by day is all we can do. Terrific website and podcast- thanks so much. My 24 year old son died 6 years ago as a result of an unnecessary accident. It is not a linear experience.

Learn a variety of coping and informational skills to help any bereaved parent as they Creating a New Normal Creating a New NormalAfter the Death of a Child will help the newly bereaved as well as the seasoned griever fi nd their way through the darkness and into the light again to a life full of happiness and new meaning. Part 6 Book Recommendations. Part 7 Resources for dealing with grief recovery. This whole thing is so damn depressing.

Learning to Live Again After Losing a Child | HuffPost

After two years I am still a novice. Will it make any difference? Perhaps I too will come to that place in time.

Life After Death Proved By Scientists?

Find this story helpful? Share it with someone you care about. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. You can also browse from over health conditions. Log In Join Us. Every happiness has an asterisk. I am angry that all I have of Jake are memories. Ed lives in Los Angeles with his wife Terry. On December 28, their year-old son Jake died suddenly and unexpectedly. Ed began blogging about his journey through the labyrinth of grief almost immediately and continues to do so at The Infinite Fountain.

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