How to Lose Hip and Butt Fat?

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The authors of this article cited 21 references, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Co-authored by Michele Dolan 21 References. Strengthening Exercises to Lose Hip Fat. Cardio Exercises to Lose Hip Fat.

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Keep a food journal for a week. Continue eating in a normal manner. You can use this journal as a baseline for changing your diet. A food journal can let you see into your diet and give you clues about things you can change to lose weight. Take note of portion sizes, snacking, liquid calories or higher fat foods you typically eat.

Star these items or make a list to help you get started with your diet plan.

How To Lose Hip Fat (13 Actionable Ways) – Femniqe

Continue to keep your food journal when you're trying to lose weight. Studies show that those who stick to their food journals are more successful with weight loss long-term. Reduce your caloric intake by calories daily. By reducing the amount you are eating, you can signal to your body to start using its stored fat for energy including the fat stored in your hips. To lose weight and reduce excess body fat in your entire body and in your hips, you'll need to cut calories. Reduced caloric intake over time will result in weight loss. Creating a deficit of calories daily generally results in about a 1 pound 0.

Use your food journal to help you see what types of foods you can cut to result in a calorie deficit. Follow appropriate portion sizes. Following appropriate portion sizes in each of your meals will help you manage your calories and lose weight. It's ideal to measure each meal and snack to make sure you're staying on track.

Eyeballing portions can lead to over estimating portion sizes and underestimating your total caloric intake. Measure foods to the following sizes: Choose lower calorie foods. Another item to focus on to help you lose weight in addition to watching calories and portion sizes is choosing lower calorie foods.

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Foods that are portion controlled and lower in calorie are the best choice when it comes to weight loss. Whole grains are more nutritious as they have higher amounts of fiber and other nutrients. Purchase grains that do not contain a seasoning packet or a sauce to minimize calories. Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories. Be careful if you're purchasing canned or frozen items.

Make sure they do not contain added seasonings, sauces or added sugars. Many times liquid calories are responsible for a large part of the excess calories in your diet. In addition, cutting these out completely can really help you lose weight. Limiting or completely avoiding these types of drinks is the best idea to help support your weight loss. Although some drinks contain no calories, they should be limited due to the high amounts of artificial sweeteners and other additives.

Fill up on clear, hydrating fluids like: Aim for a minimum of eight 8 ounce glasses daily, but you may even need up to 13 glasses daily. Cut out excess snacking. Another dangerous area for weight loss is snacking. Too many snacks or grazing constantly throughout the day can sabotage your weight loss. Health professionals typically recommend that you limit the amount of calories you eat from snacks throughout the day. If your end goal is weight loss, keep snacks to about calories per snack.

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Do high-intensity cardiovascular exercise 4 to 5 days per week. High intensity exercises or HIIT is an exercise that combined both moderate and high intensity cardio activities that can torch calories and help burn body fat. Fitness professionals have been prompting HIIT workouts to help those who want to get rid of excess body fat. Although it does not specifically target your hips, it can help reduce your overall body fat. HIIT workouts are typically shorter in length and combine short bouts of both very high intensity activities and more moderate intensity activities.

They are great in combination with other cardio and strength training. Exercise for at least 30 minutes, 5 days per week. You cannot reduce hip fat without reducing overall body fat. You also cannot spot correct using only toning exercises or strength training. Including regular cardio is an important component to help you meet your end goal.

Health professionals recommend doing minutes of moderate intensity exercises each week. If you want to experience a quicker reduction in your hips, aim to workout for 1 hour 5 to 6 days per week or up to minutes weekly. This popular exercise works your hips, butt, thighs and stomach. Developing muscles in those areas, combined with overall fat loss, can help with toning showing lean muscle definition.

Start with your feet hip width apart. Place your hands in prayer position in the middle of your chest. While putting your weight into your heels sit down like you are trying to sit in a chair. Push your buttocks out behind you and go down as far as you can or until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Pause when your thighs are parallel to the ground. Slowly rise back up to your starting position. Repeat 10 to 20 times or as necessary. In this exercise, you will step forward with 1 foot and allow your knees to bend.

This is a great exercise to help develop muscles around your hips and entire thigh. Step forward a few feet 0. Keep your toes point forward. Drop your back knee and bend your front knee at the same time in a slow and controlled movement. Drop down until your front thigh is almost parallel to the ground. Ensure that your front knee is aligned with your ankle not in front of your ankle.

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Using your front thigh to push your body back up to the starting position. Switch legs and repeat as necessary. This particular exercise helps specifically target the muscles in your hips and thighs. It's a great move to help tone your outer thigh up to your hip. Position yourself on your hands and knees, in tabletop position. Engage your abs engaged by pulling your belly button in towards your spine a.

Keeping your hips pointed towards the ground and leg bent to a degree angle, raise your left knee out to the side as high as you can b. Pause at the top, then return to starting position c. Repeat, then switch legs. But it is your last move in this dynamic lower-body series. Lie flat on your stomach, with your forehead resting on your hands a. Squeeze your left glute, to lift your left leg and thigh as high off the ground as you can, keeping your leg straight b. Pause at the top, then lower back down c.

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is ideal. If you want to get things a bit tangy, you can add fresh lemons in order to boost the metabolic factor. If you can't drink that amount of water daily, to make up for it you can eat foods that have high water content, such as leafy green vegetables, cucumbers and melons. If you want to supercharge the rate of losing hip fat, you can add yoga to your to-do list weekly.

In addition to apple cider vinegar, green tea has a range of antioxidant that will help to boost your metabolism and aids in losing weight. Replace your regular tea with organic green tea.

How To Lose Hip Fat (13 Actionable Ways)

Change to drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day. This will definitely help you to lose hip faster. It helps your body to get the nutrients required to burn fat for energy and also helps to suppress weight gain. You can do everything else all right but if you're not getting enough relaxation and sleep, you will not get good results. When you deprive yourself of sleep it encourages late night snacking, which will make you crave for comfort foods that will just make you gain a lot of fat.

If you go on a healthy low calorie diet it will help you reach your goal of losing excess hip fat. You have to focus on adding fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables in your diet rather than eating empty calories from junk food. After reading this post you should have at least a couple ideas on how to lose hip fat over the coming weeks. You don't necessarily have to use all of the remedies, you can just pick the one that you are most comfortable with and use it.

Make sure that you're consistent with whichever method you pick and that you are regularly exercising and eating properly. Share this post Pinterest.