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A second source of inspiration to me is my love of series writing. I enjoy having an established story world in which I can continue visiting my characters. Writing a series means we have many variables already in place when we start writing a new book — the setting, the recurring characters, and the voice. Thirdly, a large source of inspiration are my readers themselves. The way that my characters have become real to them so that they want to spend more time with them helps keep me focused and motivated as a writer. She curates links on Twitter as elizabethscraig that are later shared in the free search engine www.

Inspiration is a little like a cat. For me, once it jumps on my lap, it usually quickly morphs into an idea. I happened to be reading a book about quantum computers at the time and I thought: What if the Hall of Records contains some secret knowledge that can assist in the creation of a machine capable of changing the laws of Physics? And so Scarab was born. How long would it be before they sought to climb back up to the surface and check things out?

And what new challenges would they face? Instead, I use the following three techniques to force that inspiration out of myself:. I read science and technology news every day and ponder what impact these developments may have on humans in the future.

How To Come Up With Story Ideas - Writing Inspiration Tips

If I stuff it with as much information as I can, it eventually starts to spill it out into ideas and stories. I could type other phrases. I find ideas flow best when writing, not when staring out of the window. Now, I trust myself to find everything along the way. But it can be scary…. I cannot pretend to write fully outside the norm, but I do try to startle and entertain by actively doing things differently. I much prefer to create my own races and myths.

But I have the opportunity to turn it around. I can do this at any time in the writing and editing process. He was born in the UK in the previous century. Originally from Derbyshire, Kev now lives in the seaside town of Brighton.

13 Sources of Inspiration for Content Creation

He is a tea drinker and part-time stand-up comedian. You can read more about Kev and his work on his website , and follow him on Twitter via KevHeritage. Writers find inspiration in a lot of different places. One of them is unquestionably music. Another source of writing inspiration for me is what I observe around me. People, events, and sometimes things get me thinking. I am also very much inspired by the work of other writers. All of them teach me. She has also been blogging about crime fiction since Margot blogs at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist and you can follow her on Twitter via mkinberg.

The authors who have influenced me greatly for my fantasy and sci-fi writing are Patricia A. I loved fairy tales growing up and when I read G. We live in a kind of fairy tale, this life in this world, and we often lose the awe and wonder at creation, and fail to see the magic of miracles in every aspect of life.

I wanted to capture that essence in my fairy tales. McKillip, to me, is the best fantasy writer ever to live, and her books have greatly inspired my writing style and view of fairy tales. For my historical Westerns, Zane Grey is my greatest influence. My novels are set in the s and so much of my influence comes from reading nonfiction history books about that time and place. I especially like reading books and writing by people who lived back then or whose families grew up in those Colorado towns.

They are greatly insightful, especially in the way they view and word their thoughts and feelings. Or think of two numbers—one for a page, the other for a line—then open any random book and read what is written there. Think of something different. Constant thinking about the same problem may lead you to nothing but a dead end. Try to focus on something completely unrelated to your writing at hand. For example, imagine how you will celebrate the New Year in , or what it might be like to climb Mt.

Take a look at something green or blue. Researches claim that these two colors can influence our creativity.

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It happens because we associate a blue color with sky or ocean openness in general , and a green color gives us signals of growth. Take ten minutes to write everything that comes to your mind without thinking or pausing. A change of scenery. Do you work in an office? Go into another room.

Do you sit all the time? Stand up and think, pace, jot ideas down. Replace them with snow and polar bears. Positive moods can promote creativity because they boost activity in the prefrontal cortex and anterior cortex the areas of our brain associated with complex cognition, decision-making, and emotions. Make something by hand. If you work intellectually, try to change your activity a bit and make something by hand.

Try knitting, cooking, gardening. Anything you like and anything that can capture your attention for a while. Doing so helps you refresh all processes of thinking. Spend some time outdoors. Take a walk in a park or go camping. Engage in s ports. During exercise, we not only strengthen our body but also liberate our brain. In addition to the physical benefits, we also develop better willpower, patience, and a sense of purpose. If you always do what you usually do, your creativity will come to a dead end.

But when you strive for something new, it can feed your inspiration. Even such simple things as a new way to work or a new cooking experiment can help you come up with some new ideas for your story. Do not wait for perfection. More than likely, it will never come.

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No one will die if your book does not win the Nobel Prize for literature, or your article is not published in the most popular ezine. Your perfectionism can work against you, and can stop you from completing anything. Just try to do the best you can, knowing practice makes better, but almost never makes perfect. One study shows that students who study abroad are more active with creative thinking. Psychologists insist that intercultural experience helps stimulate cognitive processes that form the basis for our innovative thinking.

Create a treasure chest. Gather all your ideas, feelings, and impressions.

20 Things That Can Help You Find Inspiration for Writing | Live Write Thrive

Scratch down ideas for scenes, characters, and stories on bits of paper or in a notebook and set it aside for later, when you need a fresh idea to work on. Find what excites your creativity. Victor Hugo could not work without the smell of coffee. Isaac Newton so the story goes sat under an apple tree to ponder in quiet. Maybe you can identify what habits you have that awaken your creativity. Resort to them when inspiration is needed.

Do not wait for a muse. If you have already tried all the methods described above but your inspiration has not come back yet, start writing anyway. At some point your muse will approach from your back and peek over your shoulder, wondering what you are doing without her. Then, she will give you one hint. Vos is a writer and essay proofreader. She writers for Bid4papers blog and is getting ready to publish her first ebook. You can contact and connect with Lesley here on Google Plus. I know some writers say its bad to watch TV shows, but I find watching the storyline unfold helps distract me enough that I get excited when I return to my own work.

Reading does wonders too. Well, every writer has his own source of inspiration probably. TV shows will never work for me, as they distract me from work: And I agree with you as for reading. The works of other writers can inspire us much. What a comprehensive and imaginative list, Lesley! I have trouble believing you are ever stuck with your writing! And if I end with a crazy bunch of ideas which might happen listed at the end of my WIP, the next day is that much easier. I love the times when I have a pivotal or emotional scene to write as the words do just flow from my fingertips.

That takes some thinking. Again, kudos to you for an excellent post! Believe me, I stuck with my writing quite often And that was the reason and my source of inspiration for this guest post. Now I have 20 things for inspiration, I use some of them myself, and I hope this list will be helpful for other writers as well. Some great suggestions, thanks Lesley and Susanne.

For my blog, I do a pencil drawing then use it to inspire what I write. The same thing goes with my fiction writing. You seem to be a very creative person, if drawing inspires you so much! And you can draw actually! I have started meditating specifically mindful meditation and I have found that it really helps calm and clear my mind. My favorite way to find writing inspiration though, is to use image prompts.

Simply taking a picture and create a short word story based around the image. And it works actually. This was a great list … lots of ideas for lots of different moods and time constraints. I am glad you liked my list. I think that all writers use most of those ideas from time to time, and they have their favourite ones, which work well for them. These are really awesome. I write in longhand a lot. I tend to outline I write nonfiction and sometimes freelance as a content writer in longhand, and revise in longhand.

Sometimes I write an entire article or chapter in longhand because I like the way it feels. I have a Pavlovian response to it and immediately start writing when I turn it on. Yes to making something by hand, as well. I do a lot of different things, including very bad woodworking, knitting not quite as bad and papercraft pretty good. I sometimes get up from my desk and go sand a board just to gather my thoughts. I do knitting too, but it rather relaxes me… Yes to beautiful music Frank Sinatra or Joe Cocker for example and nature!

I often write sitting in a park with my laptop. I have done several of these suggestions that the article exrolls to improve writing and I feel that they do in fact work. I also tend to walk at sunset because the stunning shades that the sky turns are so inspiring! I recently moved my laptop from my office to the living room and find I am able to compose more work lately due to these fresh surroundings!

I love your suggestion about making an inspirational chest full of creative things to inspire writing! I think this is something I definitely will be trying! A well written, thought-provoking article! An amazingly well written post Lesley.

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  • A nice walk in the neighbourhood park. Works like a charm. I find music, writing in long hand, a walk outdoors, a sleep, talking to a friend, watching a short documentary or funny movie, all to be beneficial. Others try to assure you that inspiration is of paramount importance for content creation, and without it, all the other frenzied effort is useless.

    I would personally say that inspiration is the most important criteria for success in any writing process. It helps make mediocre writing great, and great writing dazzling. Inspiration is a kind of magic: But the truth is that inspiration is everywhere, so we just need open our hearts and souls and notice it. We have asked different experts to share their personal sources of inspiration for creating great content, and hope that their advice, together with our own ideas, will spark your creativity. There are plenty of things that may inspire you if you look carefully. Take a break and listen to music you enjoy.

    Music elicits a lot of emotions, helps to relax and definitely inspires. Inspiration is all around us. I get ideas from items I read or broadcasts I see on TV. I think most people have the same experience. The difference is, they are not actively thinking about story ideas and then methodically capturing them. To be a great content creator, you have to have a "nose for news" and constantly record your ideas.

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    Reading is an excellent source of inspiration. Savoring each perfect word or a phrase used by the writer, you may want to improve your own writing style to become even better than the author. When times get tough and words do not flow, go for a walk. Getting some fresh air, moving and not thinking about problems will definitely clear your head.

    Pam also devotes her time to blogging. In general, people are my source for great content. Of course, well-written movies and books connecting our deepest emotion with vivid visuals and words is another source of inspiration. Frankly, inspiration is everywhere, if you are willing to pay attention to find it.