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You now know how to:. From here you can see your files are on GitHub and you can view your project in the browser! Whenever you want to make changes to your website, you just need to commit the changes and then push the files up to your GitHub repository. Your changes will be published automatically!

Either way, great work! Consider sharing or writing about your recently gained knowledge and experience with others so that they, too, will have the knowledge and confidence to publish and share their own creations! Thank you for reading! Much to my surprise, Squarespace is nowhere near as intuitive and easy to use as some of its less expensive competitors. The advanced online store includes everything from the basic online store and a few additional features to increase the power and revenue generating ability of your eCommerce platform.

The most important features are the abandoned cart auto recovery, real-time carrier shipping, automatic discounts, and gift cards. Squarespace is one of the fastest and most reliable website builders that I have ever used and although the site builder was far from user-friendly, my overall experience with their platform was exceptional. For those of you who run a creative business like photography or graphic design and rely heavily on visual content, Squarespace is the ideal website builder for your needs.

Our test site made with Squarespace. Much like Wix and Sitebuilder, was very easy to navigate and use. The learning curve is almost nonexistent and even novice users will be able to drag and drop their way to a beautiful new website in only a few minutes. Where uCraft falls short of its competition is in its customization and advanced features.

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For most users, uCraft should prove to be sufficient for all of your site building needs, however, it lacks the robust customization tools that companies like Square Space and Wix provide. It includes everything from the website package with the addition of more than 70 payment and shipping options, multi-currency support, real-time tracking, and unlimited storage. For the more budget conscious readers, uCraft provides a perfect balance between affordability and practicality. Our test site made with uCraft.

Weebly has held a long-standing reputation as one of the most popular website builders on the market. Weebly is actually incredibly simple to use. Within a few minutes, even the most technologically challenged users will find themselves maneuvering through the site builder with ease. Although Weebly has some great things going for it in terms of price, its intuitive design, and high value per dollar offers, when it comes time to actually build a high-quality website, Weebly falls very short of its competition.

The drag and drop website builder is very limited in its utility and forces you to adhere to their pre-formatted templates pretty strictly.

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For those of you in need of a more robust site builder, Weebly Pro offers all of the features included in Weebly Starter with the addition of video backgrounds, HD video and audio, password protection, site search, and the ability to build a membership site with up to individuals. Our test site made with Weebly. Although their platform offers exceptional uptimes and load times, the site builder itself is all but impotent and its clunky interface and severely limited design options hold Jimdo back from being a great or even passable site builder.

Jimdo, like many of the other builders on this list, is a very simple and intuitive site builder. With only 17 themes and extremely rigid site builder, Jimdo is possibly the most limited tool on this entire list. Outside of changing colors, adding text, and uploading images, Jimdo makes it difficult even impossible to create a unique and well-designed website.

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Although Jimdo performed admirably with great uptimes and load times, the lackluster themes and rigid design options make their site builder all but useless for the serious web designer. Our test site made with Jimdo. Yola is a very simple but limited site builder. Although the platform is easy to understand, it became tedious after a few minutes as I encountered several instances in which the templates I was using were so rigid that I had to completely scrap the website and start fresh with a new template.

Although Yola has more than themes for their customers to choose from, nearly all of these themes are outdated to the point of impotence. Yola would have been a fantastic site builder if you were building a website back in However, in the modern world of web design with responsive themes, video backgrounds, and exceptionally complex interfaces, Yola simply cannot compete with any of the major site builders out there.

Yola Bronze provides their customers with unlimited bandwidth, 2GB of storage, unlimited pages, customer support, and private registration. Yola Silver includes everything from the Bronze package plus premium templates, an advanced website editor, and a mobile ready website. This package also removes all Yola branding from your website for a cleaner more professional appearance.

Yola Gold builds on the silver and bronze packages by including several advanced SEO and keyword optimization tools to help businesses show up on the first page of Google for their respective keywords. Unless you are looking for a way to waste money on tax-deductible expenses, then I cannot recommend Yola to anyone for any reason.

They would make up a good hosting not a website builder , though. Our test site made with Yola.

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Considering that Doodlekit has survived for more than a decade in one of the most competitive and cutthroat industries on the internet, I was surprised to find that most of the feedback I heard about their product was overwhelmingly negative. Doodlekit is one of the most unusable and unintuitive website builders on the market.

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Despite my extensive history with site builders and web design, I found myself confused and frustrated when trying to make even the simplest changes on my Doodlekit website. Doodlekit comes pre-loaded with about themes. Unfortunately, each of those themes is as ugly and outdated as the next. We monitor these machines and their network connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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A technician is never more than 15 minutes away to deal with any problems that might occur. Web Hosting Service Home About. Some of the specific advantages of the WWW include: Even at the relatively slow pace of most user's modems, a website can deliver the equivalent of approximately pages of information per minute. Websites can contain millions of bytes of information, allowing possibilities that could never be achieved with other formats.

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With a website, however, you can actually provide useful information to potential or current customers, including: In fact it is also very useful for providing information to current customers. A small investment in online documentation and information resources can save a huge amount in support and other post-sales costs like: Instructions Training Consumer Education Technical Support Two-Way Communication Unlike most other methods of advertising, websites allow businesses to actually obtain information from clients or potential clients.

Possible uses include feedback on products or services, consumer surveys, and online ordering and payment.

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Websites are Cost-Effective Solutions A website is a very economical means of both providing information and reaching new customers. For less than the price of a single 4" by 4" newspaper ad and far less than a radio or TV ad, you can make virtually any amount of information about your company available to thousands of local and regional customers, and millions of potential global customers. This information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.