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Stonebridge Secret

This discovery shatters Alex's faith and launches an insatiable thirteen-year quest for revenge that threatens to derail his friendships, his career, and his chances of winning the girl he loves. When Alex reaches the pinnacle of influence, he must choose to forgive or lose everything. Regardless of his choice, he is powerless to stop the forces of vengeance already put in motion.

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This page was last edited on 15 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Poster for the series. Damian Scott Stapleton and Michael Stonebridge Winchester are recalled from holiday to find Baxter's executioner, Leo Kamali Zubin Varla , a member of a terrorist organisation led by al-Zuhari, in the jungles of Colombia.

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Kamali is being sheltered by cartel leader Miguel Gomez Raoul Trujillo , in his compound. After capturing Kamali the team kills Viktor Ulyanov, a representative of the Russian mafia , during the escape.

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They return to their rendezvous to find Martinez's team dead, and are soon ambushed by Gomez's men. Stonebridge manages to hijack an armed riverboat as a getaway vehicle. Though they manage to evade their pursuers, Gomez fires a rocket-propelled grenade at the team from higher ground, destroying the boat.

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The team survive the blast, but Kamali escapes. Rebecca leads the team to a Stock Exchange in Bogota , where Kamali has a safe deposit box, to find him. They break in using the exchange's president, also Gomez's brother. After taking the contents of the box, the team contend with local authorities and Gomez's men, resulting in Rebecca's death by Gomez.

Stonebridge Secret – a book with a local connection

Kamali however, rescues the two, and Scott kills Gomez. In Beirut, Dalton finds and questions Grey, who reveals the name James Leatherby before he is killed by a gunman of al-Zuhari. They both later arrive in Colombia and learn from a CIA agent that Kamali is in fact a deniable operative, although Section 20 manage to convince him to work with them or be arrested for Baxter's murder. In Beirut, Kamali meets Amir, a courier. Amir realises he is being followed by Scott and Stonebridge. Amir's men attack, but Amir is mortally wounded.

Kamali meets and pays Leatherby in a casino, but fails to get the location of al-Zuhari's arrival. Section 20 then kidnap Leatherby's boyfriend, who reveals the time and location to an airfield.

Stonebridge is unknowingly contaminated while ambushing the landing party. Instead of al-Zuhari, they find a woman named Sophia Abboud Agni Scott , the daughter of a former Syrian minister of finance. Locke arrives to suspend Dalton following her increasingly erratic behaviour, and abuse of morphine , effectively taking over Section Dalton decides to kidnap Sophia, believing she knows something about al-Zuhari. Section 20 work to rescue her as Locke instructs Kamali to find Dalton, who is interrogating Sophia. Section 20 find Leatherby's compound and rescue Ester, but are later ambushed and cornered by Leatherby's Hezbollah allies.

They capture Leatherby's boyfriend in exchange for safe passage. Leatherby complies, but after realising what he has done, shoots his boyfriend and then gets shot and killed by Stonebridge.