Super Soups for the Average Man: Chilled Gazpacho

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Make the most of seasonal summer produce with this chilled sweet corn soup. This lovely soup has exotic Thai ingredients like lemongrass and coconut milk, and is packed with healthy veggies too!

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Get the recipe for Thai carrot coconut lemongrass here. Believe it or not, this chilled strawberry soup is a meal in itself! Serve it for dinner topped with fresh mint leaves.

Antonia’s Spanish Salmorejo Recipe

Make the most of fresh, summer zucchini and basil by making this chilled zucchini basil soup. Get the recipe for chilled roasted heirloom tomato soup here. This chilled spinach soup is super filling, thanks to the addition of Greek yogurt and goat cheese. This classic French soup is just as filling as it is delicious!

Made with potatoes, leeks and cream, Vichyssoise is about to become your favorite summer soup. Peach soup is an elegant appetizer or main dish to serve in the summer. Get the recipe for chilled peach soup here. Try this recipe for chilled watercress and potato soup with dill.

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While this recipe is indeed for soup, the ingredients-cherry, cinnamon, cardamom and sugar-tend to make it feel more like dessert. Get the recipe for chilled cherry soup here. Think of this recipe as Greek tzatziki in soup form. These are the best local bakeries in each state. Korean cold noodle soup This classic Korean recipe is a staple in the hot summer months. Turkish yogurt soup This cold Turkish yogurt soup is extra hearty thanks to the addition of wheat, mint and chickpeas. While this gazpacho is stupidly easy I can think of one alternative which is significantly easier, having someone else make it for you.

Especially when your wonderful boyfriend is the one going to pick it up. Nevertheless, if you do find yourself with the inclination to take the slightly-more-challenging-than-ordering-in route, I highly suggest you make this gazpacho. Kidding, much appreciated as always. Damn morning glory muff.. Ooh I have been looking for a gazpacho recipe! Thank you so much for this easy but delicious looking one! Hmmm it depends how much time I have…. It looks pretty easy to me. I TRY to tackle some easier recipes, but somehow it just never happens. But know I have the best of intentions!!

Gazpacho is SO easy. And tastes like summer. So wins all around. I admit, I am the laziest bum in the kitchen. I love to be creative, but it HAS to be easy. I like an occasional challenge, but I stick to easy on the regular. Easy is the theme of the day; I posted a super-easy guac recipe on the blog. I am all about easy.

I try to share recipes that reflect this same thought process. A good challenge is fun sometimes though! After a long workday though, I want quick, healthy, and nutritious! I love love love gazpacho- I have heard of watermelon gazpacho too so now I need to experiment over the next few weeks with some tasty versions like yours! You should post it, I would totalllllly make it! You have given me no more excuses. I just picked up all of the ingredients to make this! I made a version from yellow table with mangoes last week — so freaking good!

My life is much too hectic for anything complicated.

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If I could figure out a way to quit my job, I would! Oooo this is my kinda meal! This is the perfect soup when I crave soup on these warm days! We made it last year and were hooked!

Antonia’s Salmorejo Recipe

Ohh I love gazpacho! Especially in the summer! I like recipes that are quick and easy and I like to create recipes for my blog that are easy to follow. If I try any recipe that requires a hundred ingredients, then I save it for the weekend! The best food is always something made by someone else. Though I do love a good kitchen challenge hopefully one with ingredients that require a Whole Foods run!

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I stick those on weekends when I have the time and patience. Emily recently posted… Still Alive! Anyway, I absolutely loved a gazpacho that a Spanish lady made for me years ago when I was in Spain for a while. Ahhhh the gazpacho in Spain was absolutely superb!

I wish I could go back in time and relive that trip! Difficult ones just make me so aggravated. My Blendtec would love this recipe. I put a lot of thought into what I post though.

Watch how to make Spanish salmorejo (1 minute video!)

Plus, I never eat cold soup so I should probably start now. Oh, and I miss you. I like this recipe even if it takes more than just 4 ingredients……….. Gazpacho is always better the longer you let the flavors soak.

I love the idea of tossing it all in the blender and calling it a day. I try to make my recipes not only easy, but I also try to use ingredients I feel the average person would have on hand.