The Civil War in America Fullers Modern Age, August 1861

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It is with great pleasure I review this book as being about the best account of a common soldier that I have ever read. I truly wish the author were still alive so I could shake his hand. Being a combat vet from Vietnam I tend to get tired of reading stuff written by people who have no idea. This book goes far beyond my expectations in presenting an honest account of all that went on his area.

He didn't try to pretend he knew everything that happened. He followed the common soldiers understanding of things as "I was told to climb this hill and shoot anyone I saw on the other side. He just told a darn good story about a bleak time in the American past. Although this book is almost years old, the thoughtful and pragmatic tone of the author throughout this tome is remarkable!

As a Veteran myself, he doesn't color his time in the military with a lot of hypothesizing about how he felt things should have been done-he is content to remark again and again that "such is duty". In my opinion, this book should be a must read for those contemplating Military service or for those about to be deployed.

The author certainly doesn't sugar coat the true meaning of armed conflict, but, he also doesn't go into great detail about the sights of combat, the dead or dying. He simply paints a dramatic picture that allows the reader to infer what they will. I was also impressed that he spoke of the Confederates he faced in battle with great respect and admiration for as he said something to the effect that, whether friend or foe, they were doubtless cast into the same situation as the other.

I half expected to read a Union soldiers reposte where liberties were taken to defame the Rebels at every chance, but, happily, those thoughts are mostly absent in his prose. And, for a Yankee like myself who knew almost nothing about the Western Campaign of the Civil War, this book gives an excellent overview of how things progressed, from beginning to end, in that Theatre.

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  • As I had alluded to before, this book is almost a century old, but, the devotion to Duty, Family and Country is as relevant now as it was then. This is now one of my favorite books, and one I will doubtless read again and again. Every letter he wrote home was saved by his family and formed the basis of his recollections, which were here written long after he had become an accomplished attorney and judge. Thus I found that the simplest, most detailed observations of this enlisted soldier, which often focused, naturally, on food, or the endless army requirement of keeping his long arm shiny and bright through four years of war in the field, to be beautifully and flowingly written.

    The war is seen only through his eyes, those of an enlisted soldier, in magnificent detail. Generalship and strategy are referred to only as they were discussed by the troops at the time. The joys, humor, and horrors are related in calm and equal terms. I have found few written accounts of war that impressed me as much. As an Army retiree, I was impressed with the thoughts presented in this book because since the Civil War, it seems American soldiers haven't changed in many respects.

    This book was not written from the perspective of battles, which makes it stand apart from other Civil War memoirs, but from the common soldier's viewpoint. The officers worry about their soldiers and the soldiers worry about themselves. I thought it particularly interesting that upon his discharge, for him there were no celebrations or parades or words of thanks. For those who want to read about tactics and strategy of those times, this book is not for you because the common soldier just followed the orders of his NCOs and officers.

    If you want to read how the common soldier really lived, worked, and was engaged in occasional firefights, this is a fine book to read. I absolutely loved this book.

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    The author is just awesome. Walk through this book as he leads you to what the soldier actually endured.. Your heart will beat faster and faster as you go through a battle ,as you climb aboard the train, as you picture in your mind the poor me lying screaming with pain in the battlefield! Lord I hope we never see another one!. My husband and I are into genealogy. We both have Union and Confederate ancestry. I cannot believe how many of them actually fought in the Civil War!.

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    McHenry was actually a distant cousin!. This is so exciting.

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    I have many ancestors who served and have their lives for this Country. He was my 9th cousin 2x removed. Thank the Lord for this author. Thanks for sharing your Army life!

    The Civil War in America by Sir William Howard Russell

    I first encountered a reference to this book while researching three of my fourth great uncles, all brothers, who had enlisted in Company G of the 61st Illinois Regiment. Two were killed at Shiloh, and the third died of disease a few months later while the regiment was on campaign in Tennessee. I had already found the documentation about their enlistments, and read about the regiment's history, but those are all very dry, spare documents with little information about what their lives were like during the war.

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    • When I found the reference to this book, I did a quick search on Amazon and was unbelievably pleased to find it offered in Kindle format so that I could read it immediately. I was so happy to find a book written by a man my uncles served with. What a valuable resource this book is to researchers such as me, who wish for more day-to-day, personal information that may give clues to our ancestor's experiences. Beyond that, this book was a wonderful memoir, and a tribute to all the men who fought during the Civil War.