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The 'Cicret' is out – this futuristic bracelet doesn't exist | IT Business

The wrist band is loaded with unseen electronic components that give it all the functionality of a smartwatch and more, according to a schematic-style diagram shown in the video. To put the icing on the cake, the Cicret bracelet is advertised to be available in two storage sizes — 16 GB and 32 GB — and 10 different colours. In his story , Pommier tells Augenstein that the video is an illustration and the company consists of four partners that are trying to raise donations via PayPal to fund development.

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People interested in crowdfunding campaigns should carefully consider giving money to independently run efforts, he says. Platforms like Kickstarter require a working prototype for example, but the Cicret bracelet is based on a mock-up.

Cicret Bracelet UPDATE

There have been other crowdfunding campaigns that promised products that seemed too good to be true, Conkin says. The company missed its promised shipping date of Sept. The same website also advertises another product that does exist — in fact you can download the beta on the Google Play store right now.

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  • Cicret wristband turns your arm into a touch screen.
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  • Cicret wristband turns your arm into a touch screen.

You will even be able to answer the phone with a flick of your wrist. The Cicret App and Bracelet was lauded by tech bloggers as the next stage of smartphone connectivity, and videos and articles about it were widely shared on social media sites. A number of skeptical users had some pointed questions about the Cicret claims, and among the more logical queries such as how the device might work for people with dark skin or abundant arm hair was a far more central mystery: Viewers of the video were quick to notice the device as shown appeared to have been cobbled together from recognizable existing products.

As it turned out, the Cicret bracelet did not actually exist, and no working prototype of it had yet produced. In a 5 December report from Washington television station WTOP, Cicret co-creator Guillaume Pommier reluctantly confirmed the impressive video produced was a mockup not representative of any functional prototype device:.

Pommier says he and three partners are trying to raise money on their own, through PayPal instead of standard crowdfunding vehicles such as Kickstarter. That report highlighted additional areas of concern about the project, specifically a lack of transparency and the anonymity of its creators:. The website site lists no street address or phone number for the company — only a Gmail address.

Cicret bracelet- like a tablet but on your skin

If you'd like to learn more about how you can support us, click here. The Trayvon Martin Story. I got an email from two relatives who believed there is a waterproof "smart phone" one can have attached permanently to your wrist, on or UNDER the skin. It clearly is a hoax if you watch the video.