The Spruce Gum Box

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Here, I am able to pull from a life of many experiences and occupations to color my writing. Life at Simpson Meadows, our family, community activities keep me very active but time is found for research and writing on my WIP.

The baby started to cry, adding to the turmoil of the scene. Jed stumbled a bit, but managed to swing the pack onto his back as he ran for the door. On his way past the little table he grabbed the lock and key and stuffed it in with his mittens. He hesitated for a second to trace his hand over the carved memories of his childhood; the teakettle just missed his head as it flew out the door.

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He ran north to the woods, doing his best not to slip on the scattered patches of snow and ice. When he reached the bend in the river, he took a breath and looked back at his cherished cabin, fully engulfed in flames, sparks reaching the top of the tallest pines.

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He could still hear Mr. No owner will hire you; count on it! Jed was a walking boss for Wingate as he harvested the timber along the Aroostook River in a land that was claimed by both Canadian and Maine. He had met Addie and the rest of her family upon his arrival from England. Wingate had met young Jed while visiting his own home in England and saw his knack for numbers and business and talked his parents into letting Jed accompany him to this timber wilderness. After the delivery of Benjamin Wingate Smythe to his father, the story takes us to a settlement of Micmac Indians.

The Spruce Gum Box

And as he had expected, he was greeted by everyone with open arms and a promise of protection. The love between Addie and Jed was beautiful but the love between Jed and Ben was so strong that nothing could separate nor pull them apart. To top it off, the love and friendship between the Micmac Indians and their two new found family members became a bond for life. And this bond will continue and strengthen as it goes into hardships and even into death. In the s, an entire industry developed around spruce gum.

How to make spruce gum with a potatoe masher

Maine was the largest and probably first producer of gum in the Northeast with nearly two dozen companies emerging between Posted in history , objects Tagged 19th century Maine Leave a Comment. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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What is it? It is a spruce gum box!

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