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Yes, I'm half-joking here. The great majority of Americans can probably only trace American descendancy back about to years, if even that far back.

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Many, only a few generations within the last century. How far back would the government actually look to satisfy this condition?

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One sentence says "Yankee White is a security clearance given in the United States for personnel working with the President. A background check may or may not lead to a clearance. Therefore, it looks like we should remove the claim that the Yankee White is a type of background check. May I partially concur with the above point asking whether "Yankee White" is an investigation type or a clearance. It is possible for both the investigation and the clearance to have the same name, I suppose, but in my past experience, this has not been the case.

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Some clearances, particularly those bearing codeword designations, are classified. Is that really needed in this article? If it is, it should be changed to show another example of where Yankee White is required.

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Jac roe Blank Its quite a racist term, no mention of it? So how does Yankee White compare to the "nicknames" used other typical security clearances? If this isn't racist you would assume they are called "Tago Victor" and such, right? Contrary to popular lore, the Yankee White clearance given to personnel who work directly with the President is not a classification, but rather a type of background check. There are no doubt a lot of sources out there which I have not looked at. Wtmitchell talk earlier Boracay Bill I've reverted this edit which, in my personal opinion, is probably meritorious.

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My guess is that the removed assertion is factually incorrect, but it is supported -- and see WP: RS argument can be made, or perhaps this is a case where WP: In the event that my reversion is reverted, I don't intend to argue this further. It has nothing to do with the United States Secret Service, a law enforcement agency under another executive department. Anyone being considered for one of these positions will also have their friends, acquaintances, and family members checked out and possibly interviewed as well. The article breaks down the staff positions that support the president and vice president into three categories: As with all high level clearances, periodic reinvestigations and continuous evaluation checks are run to ensure that no areas of concern pop up unnoticed in between investigations.

So there you have it; the short and skinny on Yankee White. Hope that this clears up the misinformation on this page.

Thanks, for the opportunity to contribute. Best Always Harry Rensel.

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  • Appreciate your comments and technically you are correct, as there are only three official levels of clearance Confidential, Secret, Top Secret.