Aesop – Fabelhafte Lehren (German Edition)

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A fascinating feature of this book is that it was produced in exactly the same form in the same year by Philipp Reclam jun. Reclams Universal-Bibliothek Band Fables from the Ancient East. Translated from the Persian and adapted by Hassan Tehranchian.

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Illustrations by Anatole Ur. Manufactured in Hong Kong. What a nice find on New Year's Day! Lively tempera paintings are often nicely suggestive note the bones on 27 but sometimes miss important details the lions are not holding the hares on Among the best is that illustrating the proverb "He who makes his bed of fire and uses a snake as a cushion will not enjoy a tranquil sleep" Another triumph is the two-page spread about burning the "talking tree" This version has the regular stories in the tradition but often adds significant differences.

Thus the monkey's tail , not his penis, is pinned in the carpenter's log not by wedges but by nails The raven uses a ring , not a necklace, to get revenge on the snake The second fish's escape is unexplained The camel's offering of himself is not introduced to the king as voluntary The judge is not taken in by the talking tree 63 , and the thief does not pay with his life. Kalilah agrees that the lion has been too generous to Shanzibah The lion at first wants Shanzibah simply to move away There is no reference to a feast for the lion's mother Dimnah has second thoughts and even regrets after the killing He is finally convicted and starved to death after Kalilah has died depressed This edition has a predilection for lists, e.

I do not find the stories told as well as Ramsay Wood tells them, but the art is very helpful to someone learning these stories. Kuvittanut Svend Otto S. This book replicates in Finnish the English book Aesop: The Fox and the Stork from Pelham in London. See my comments there. As in the English, there are twenty fables. Each gets a two-page spread with a full-page colored illustration on the right. Some also have a black-and-white illustration on the left. The figure of death on 9 as he speaks with the wood-gatherer is well done.

A skeleton's foot emerges from beneath his robes, as the terrified old man looks up into his face. I enjoy the illustration for FM There is a great fat fox on Otherwise I still do not find the illustrations particularly well done. Illustrations de Marie Hugo. Numbered Tome II of Robin, San Nicolao, France, Oct. Marie Hugo's illustrations seem very familiar, but I cannot find them elsewhere in this collection. The comments in Bodemann are, as often, illuminating. There are fourteen full-page colored illustrations, namely a frontispiece for each volume and an illustration for each of the twelve books in the two volumes.

Besides, there are some 53 endpieces that are "scherenschnittartig. Like many others, this is a nicely suggestive "fable-sketch. Another excellent piece in this group shows a side view of the fox using the goat to get out of the well Another excellent work shows the mother goat talking to her young goat still inside the house The volumes are beautifully bound in full leather with a plasticene dust-jacket. Each has two ribbons for marking one's place!

At the back, one finds first notes , then an anthology of judgements , and an iconography offering some portraits and a photocopy of the title-page. Finally, there is a T of C for this volume on The colophon-page at the end notes that only the second volume is numbered. Despite my best efforts, these two volumes smell like an old bookstore! They are still a treasure! Numbered of One of my favorites shows the bear about to crash the rock down on the fly on his sleeping friend's cheek Another good silhouette shows the cat up a tree while the fox rushes madly by Avec les Gravures de J.

Le Livre de Poche. Eighteen months after I picked up this book, I discover that it has the Oudry illustrations! From all I can tell, they are all there. There are also over two hundred pages of notes in the back. I am afraid that this book may get used heavily! This book fills the need for simple English prose versions of LaFontaine for children. About one-half of LaFontaine's fables are represented, with simple illustrations about every ten pages.

#41 - German language – 500 basic words. Learn German on your own.

The beginning "Brief Outline" has a very nice quotation from Silvestre de Sacy on the differing delights at different ages of reading LaFontaine. I believe from my reading of the book's first twenty fables that its adaptation will raise some questions. The animal coming upon the two companions is here a wolf , not a bear 4.

GA 5 misses the point by having the singer proclaim that he was entertaining his friends. The liar by the end of the next day is reputed to have produced one hundred eggs the size of a watermelon 8! A good change happens in FS, where the stork's container is transparent The salt-bearing donkey jumps from a bridge 19 , and the sponge-bearing one drowns.

The approach to the stories is cute. Thus the cover picture's ass repeated on 4 looks cuddly. The set includes eight volumes. Illustrated by Stathes Stauropoulos. Gift of Elizabeth Willems, Nov. A very nice contemporary Greek paperbound version. The cover features Aesop sailing along with some animal friends. There are fables, many of them surprisingly long. The illustrations include cartoons, some smaller designs that are repeated along the way, and some full-page depictions. Among the best of the ten full-page illustrations are those of the snake inside the man and of "The Bull and the Lion" T of C at the end.

For ages eight and up! How nice to get something that came from a bookshop named after Nestor! Illustrated by Benton Mahan. The book includes two fables. GGE 12 is told in clever verse that identifies the farmer as from Kalamazoo; it is identified as a German tale. The hawk spares the nightingale so that the latter can let him know when squirrels' houses are filled with walnuts.

If you hear a nightingale, look out for a hawk. The illustrations throughout are in a romantic contemporary style. A Dell Yearling Book: Here is a paperback copy of a book I had found in a hardbound version twelve years ago. I believe that some changes in the publishing firm took place between the printing of that hardbound and this fourth printing of the paperback.

As I wrote there, the book includes two fables. A Norton Professional Book: Here are nineteen stories offered by an experienced hypnotherapist. Each is labelled for its specific use, e. The story works then because it is metaphor, and rapport makes the metaphor available to the client. The metaphor defuses resistance, since the story is once removed and offers not commands but suggestions. These stories are spontaneous spoken stories born within the therapy situation. So Wallas will regularly write at the end of the introduction to these stories "the following story told itself.

These stories, perhaps four or five pages in length or shorter, are simple, but not as simple as Aesopic fables. I find the stories engaging, though beyond fable length and complexity. Thus Porky the Porcupine learns through a friendly turtle that people are afraid of him just as he is of them.

A child afraid of the Green Dragon in his play room learns that the dragon is zippered, and that there is a little boy inside that has been playing frightening tricks on him. The overwound alarm clock thrown into the trash is rescued by a little girl who finds it beautiful and takes it to the clockmaker for repair. Written to Be Read Aloud. As told to James Gregory. Illustrations Adam Christianson and Greg Goggin. Creative Arts Book Company. Eighteen stories, of which DS 4 is the third, told in a lively version.

Though it is not a fable, do not miss "The Bear at Its Best" 17 , a great story! By Wilfrid Dyson Hambly. Illustrated by James A. The Associated Publishers, Inc.. Told and illustrated by Val Biro. There are four fables among the fifteen stories in this collection, notable for the cuddly and "stringy" figures in its illustrations. The versions are good, simple, and careful. DS, for example, closes with this good lapidary remark: My prize for the book's best illustration goes to "The History of an Apple Pie" A magnificent book for many cold evenings in Januaries!

Aesop's fables are found principally on colored pages of the tapestry, with commentary according to the corresponding black-and-white plates on Good footnotes indicate the controversies around identification of the fables. Look, Listen and Read Bedtime Stories. Edited by Richard Widdows and Nigel Flynn. Illustrated by Malcolm Livingstone et al. For use with an accompanying tape with the same title. The illustrations are delightful, witty, colorful, and alive. Illustrated by Victor G Ambrus. First published in by Oxford University Press. This book helps students contextualize and visualize the stories of this great work.

The picture shared on the upper half of these two pages helps. The story itself is well titled: Chanticleer telling Pertelote of his dream has this kind of imagination: I was strolling between the ornamental lake and the maze, taking the air and viewing our estates. What Pertelote here recommends is, very nicely, prunes. Made passionate by their argument, Chanticleer tries to embrace her but tumbles off the perch. The illustrations do this good telling of the tale justice. For example, the fox on 32 is all red. The "chase" on is particularly well done. When Chanticleer has got free and the fox asks him to jump down and sing again, Chanticleer, in Latin I have never heard, answers "Semel insanivimus omnes.

He translates for Renard "What kind of a dumb-cluck do you take me for? There is one more level of engagement here. At the end of his tale, Brother John asks Chaucer if he did not do well. Chaucer is riding with the group too. A Pudgy Pal Board Book. Illustrated by Jody Wheeler.

A cute and very sturdy little book. I find nothing that stands out for use in a lecture. Fables from Aesop 8: London and Dover, NH: This has been a favorite book of mine, but one I have had to labor with. Blackham treats the fable genre seriously and has an excellent sense of what fable is.

Thus Blackham insists correctly that a summary statement never gets all the meaning of a fable: The metaphor is open; the comparison invites exploratory reflection" xiii. He presents a wealth of valuable material for the student of fable to ponder. His descriptions of fable are wonderfully suggestive. For Blackham, fable "gets past the garrison of resident assumptions"; it is a "tactical manoevre to prompt new thinking" xi. Fable says more than it seems to say xi ; it never says "Think this" but always says "Think about this" ; it does not state anything but only shows These suggestive expressions give a strong sense of fable.

But for me Blackham's work fails to go beyond description of Aesopic fable to achieve satisfying definition. Blackham's project is to extrapolate from Aesopic fable to all sorts of other literary works: Stripped and focused as it must always be, fable is then, like any work of art, dense enough to abide repeated examination, and to abound in stimulus. It is this development, with the achievements that have marked it, which the present study sets out to describe" xiii. My fear is that in the project, the very sense of fable itself can be lost, including the sense of Aesopic fable, "stripped and focused as it must always be.

My problem lies not with his descriptions of Aesopic fables, which are helpful, but with his attempts to apply "fable" to all sorts of works quite distinct from Aesopic fable. I know what it means to talk of Aesopic texts as fables; I am not sure I know what it means to call these works fables. For all that, this is a stimulating and insightful book! Illustrated by Edward J. Original by Hodder and Stoughton, England. View Productions, Pty Ltd. There was a spate of reprintings of Detmold's "The Fables of Aesop" about the time that copyright on his edition ran out. This has a larger page format than those others, and it does not paste in his colorful illustrations.

They are however well rendered. The big surprise for me in this fancy book is that it steals from elsewhere the picture of fox and wolf on the cover! I cannot identify the source, though I believe I have seen it before. A fox is laughing at a wolf who uses a cane and has suffered an injury.

Did the horse kick him? There is blood on the ground. I do not think that the picture is even in Detmold's style. The dust jacket's back cover copies one of Detmold's illustrations inside the book, "The Oxen and the Axle Trees" The pages here use heavy paper. This book is valuable for its frontispiece of TMCM, missing in my good copies of the original printing. Translated and Edited, with an Introduction, by John C. Drawings by Villard de Honnecourt. Odo died in This work is a curious and engaging congeries of scripture, Aesop, Reynard and other typical sources of medieval literature.

The focus seems more on allegory than on fable or even on story. Are these fables aimed particularly against the clergy? The illustrations, contemporary with Odo, were originally done without reference to fables. There is a long introduction and an excellent bibliography. A Modern and More or Less moral-less Fable. With woodcuts reproduced from a Spanish edition of Isop's Fables dated With additional illumination or "Gorp" by Rez' Lingen. Wonderful and well executed marriage of lovely woodcuts with a crazy modern story revolving around interplanetary agents, a farmer, a fox, and some grapes.

The fun starts with a stream of gorp engraved on the cover. The gorp is printer's doodles commenting on the story; a food chain becomes a literal chain with food and knives hanging from it. Here is one way to have fun with beautiful old fable art. At the end there is a kind of map of gorp including all sorts of objects arranged without contemporary perspective.

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This may turn out to be an outstanding treasure in the collection. For now it is fun. Adapted by Mark C. Illustrated by Kim Bog-tae. Korean Folk Tales A very pleasing book. Dokbo lives in a village tucked away in the mountains. The artist misses, I believe, that Dokbo lost the head of his axe. Yunbo does not hear the whole story and so proceeds falsely with the old man water spirit.

Yunbo falls in trying to grasp the spirit--and gets nothing but a cold. Retold by Caroline Castle. Illustrated by Peter Weevers. Dial Books for Young Readers: An enchanting book, with lovely colored plates matched on opposite pages by sketches. The story adds a badger and a mole. Maybe the best picture for a slide lecture has the hare dreaming of a kind of Chariots of Fire victory. If I had to choose one of my books for some bedside reading with kids looking on, this book would be a candidate.

Retold by Shirley-Anne Carver. Illustrations by Caterpillar Capers. This eight-page pamphlet combines rhyming quatrains with illustrations that look as though they include stained glass. They are quite attractive! The back cover offers a number of good hints to parents about how to read with their children. Parents are cautioned, for example, to leave the child time after a mistake for self-correction.

One should also not force ideas or expectations on a beginning reader. Based on the fable by La Fontaine. Hardbound first published Pictures by Eugen Sopko. Illustrated by Alexander Kurkin. This book is identical in format and close in substance to another book in the collection from the same publisher and representing the same art collection: This book contains thirty-four stories. I see several early stories as fables: So does "The Wolf and the Goat" FS 20 is wonderfully pictured with a two-scene full-page illustration.

The black-background Russian art is again lovely; the best of them, I believe, is that double-presentation of FS on This copy is missing its title-page; I have had to find some of its information on the web. The texts of this book's stories are online. This copy once belonged to an elementary school.

Story adapted by Lucy Kincaid. Illustrated by Eric Kincaid. This book uses short words written large for beginning readers. The illustrations are well done and well printed. I will try to use a couple of them. They contrast the two mice nicely. There is even a set of pictures at the back with the right words beneath them. No intruders are pictured; the mice have to scamper twice. The country mouse does not like having his eating of dates interrupted.

The two have met at a wedding. Published for an exhibition of the same title, 15 February through 24 May, Text apparently by Gloria-Gilda Deak. Section 13 is "Aesop and the Illustrated Book. The New York Public Library. A wonderfully documented work including about ten fine but small black-and-white illustrations.

Section 13 touches some high points in the tradition of Aesop illustration. Formerly titled Bedtime Stories in Spanish. Notice that Hermes has become a water-sprite. Retold by Noor Inayat Khan. Inner Traditions International, Ltd. See my extensive comments under for the same title.

A number of things are different in this copy: How can this be the "first U. Illustrated by Basil W. This is a good retelling of the old Japanese story of two frogs that meet on a mountain midway between their cities, get turned around, see their own cities, and proclaim that the mistaken destination city is not worth the trip. The rhyming couplets are only adequate to the story, I would say.

The chief virtue of this little book is the six colored illustrations, including the title-page and the "finis" page. Also helpful is the moral: The author offered the first version of this versification in a teen-age poetry co m petition in a South African newspaper sixty years earlier. He resurrected and polished it in "at the urging of his family and friends, to rescue it perhaps from pending oblivion. Consider Osaka frog's put-down, supposedly of Kyoto: Are we meant to think of those whose conversation says something like "I know what you are saying.

Here is what I experienced.. Collages de Gilles Chapacou. Here is a worthy subtitle: It contains fifty verse fables on some 86 pages, followed by a distancing epilogue and a postface. From what I can tell, the fables do a very clever job of taking La Fontaine's relationships, struggles, and characters and transposing them reflectively and humorously into the different world of today. The five collages seem highly surrealist. They put together some strange components, as in the picture of the old photographer in a moonscape 29 or the two gentlemen flying with a court-worthy woman above peasants in a replay of TT This book must be a trip!

Prepared by the Bank Street College of Education. Written by Seymour V. Hooks, and Betty D. Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. A Random House Pictureback. A rebus book based on Aesop and delightfully illustrated. The pictures are sharp, well reproduced, and have a bit of wit. A Bantam Begin-to-Learn Book. Donald spills the milk, Pluto loses the bone, and three pigs dig up the farm. Though not named, the hare beaten by the tortoise sure looks like Bugs Bunny! Uitgeverij De Bezige Bij. Druk Van Boekhoven-Bosch bv. Gift in trade from Gert-Jan van Dijk, Feb. It is really a pity that I cannot read this book, since it is in Dutch.

The illustrations are racy! The first of them seems to feature a sexy lobster with well-developed breasts out of her shell Later there is something about a frog queen, and again 76 the illustration seems to be sexually quite explicit. With "Walkman" in one of the titles and "Made in Hong Kong" on a birdnest in one illustration, these stories will prove to be fun when I can understand them.

Edited by Kyung Hee Yun. Tiergeschichten in vier Zeilen. Mit Bildern von Jean Effel. DM 8 from Dresdener Antiquariat, July, ' This book is fun! The back cover of the dust-jacket explains the book in terms of the genre of fable. Mostly, the humor here works the way a fable works. Several times the connection with fables surfaces even more clearly. A cartoon on 6 shows La Fontaine walking through the woods. The crow declares to other animals: He feels himself to be human since he heard the latest reports of human inventions for mass murder.

Again on 46, the wolf proclaims "Freedom everywhere! The fly who wants to commit suicide on 49 has to hope that the sugar cube to which he has tied himself will keep him from returning to life when he jumps into the cup of coffee. On 76 an epigram declares that the fact that mountains labor and bear only a mouse is explainable: The individual fables are not marked, but book beginnings are, and the books are listed in the T of C at the end. There is also a short prologue. DM 7 from Dresdener Antiquariat, August, ' I have been surprised at how many fables -- and how many known traditional fables -- there are here.

Published and printed in Hong Kong. A fine little bilingual paperback collection of one hundred fables. The preface sets up good criteria for selection. Fables are selected here that are comprehensible in translation and do not hinge on customs strange to us. When two fables have more or less the same lesson, this anthology includes only one. Fables with currently used morals are preferred.

Fables were once a weapon in wars of political ideology. Many of these originally formed a part of a larger text. My favorites here include 8, 12, 14, 17, 23, 29, 32, 43, 44, 51, 52, 57, 58, 61, 67, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 80, 86, and Folktales from Around the World. Told by George Shannon. Illustrated by Peter Sis. An ingenious and well-written book which tells the puzzle-tales just right, from "How can you get the wolf, goat, and cabbage across the river unharmed?

Aesop's CP fits right in. Another surprising place where Aesop is right at home! This book is identical with a version printed by the same publisher in , with the following changes. It has a new cover showing the detail of the faces of the two mice against a white background. The front cover no longer proclaims "Large Type for First Readers. See the original for my further comments. Extra copy a gift from Wesley Harris, S. Straightforward presentation of of Aesop's fables with primitive but engaging "dot" drawings. The collection is preceded by a prologue and followed by a T of C.

Free amazon books downloads Nature in Asian Traditions of Thought: Istruzioni sulla vita interiore PDB. Download ebooks epub Deontology; or, The Science of Morality. Ebook for theory of computation free download The key to theosophy [microform]: Online pdf books for free download Equal Worth: Amazon downloads audio books Spencer's Synthetic Philosophy, Vol. Free downloads from amazon books Habilitation, Health, and Agency: Herausgegeben von Emil Lederer.

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