Assad and the Peace Process: The Pivotal Role of Lebanon

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Christian forces leader Bashir Gemayel was soon elected president of Lebanon, but just several weeks later he was assassinated in Beirut. Shortly after the news of the assassination broke, IDF forces entered western Beirut.


The Israeli cabinet was later said to have heard about the incursion on the radio. The IDF and the Christian Phalanges had agreed that the latter would deal with any remaining terrorists in the western sector of Beirut. It was also decided that they would comb through the refugee camps, arrest any remaining terrorists and hand them over to the IDF. The Phalangists who entered the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in September , however, sought revenge for the murder of their leader and massacred some Palestinian civilians. The IDF reportedly had intelligence warning of potential retribution by the Phalangists, but did nothing to prevent the acts.

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News of the massacre resulted in a local and international uproar and then-Prime Minister Begin came under intense pressure to form an official committee of inquiry into the matter. Begin eventually did just that, forming the Kahan Committee in September of The subsequent Kahan Report stated the following: The multinational force was targeted numerous times as well: On October of the US and French forces lost and 58 soldiers respectively, and as a result the multinational force essentially ceased to exist.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese government inability to enforce its authority resulted in dozens of armed militias roaming free in southern Lebanon; and in continued clashes between the militias and IDF forces. January of saw the Israeli government decide to gradually withdraw from Lebanon, and by springtime most of the IDF's troops — with the exception of those stationed in the south Lebanese buffer zone — were out of Lebanon.

The Lebanon War The Lebanon War began on June 6, , as what was supposed to be a short-term military operation - Operation Peace for Galilee.

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The operation was meant to destroy militant infrastructure on the Lebanese-Israeli border, which had been used by terrorists to attack IDF forces, as well as the Israeli communities abject to the border. As Israeli forces pressed northward, Syrian forces launched an offensive in eastern Lebanon. Syria ended up losing about jets in the fighting. The blockade lasted from July through mid-August, when PLO forces, and Yasser Arafat among them, began leaving the city under the protection of a multinational force on August 25 and was completed five days later.

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