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Boo Boo — No doubt this is an adorable ghetto nickname for girls.

Black Diamond

It is a great nickname for your girlfriend. It is a funny nickname to call a diva. Bumpkin — This is typically used to describe an unintelligent person. If you can find a way to use it, thumbs up! Champ — Great nickname for a champion. Maybe she just won an award or she was the national champion during her running days.

Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube Waltz

A good nickname for a kind and supportive girl. I started calling her lady bug!!! A mixture or Papi and Mami. A lady who loves public display of affection. My Gf Name IS raksha. SUggest a name plz. Thank you for this list! My Gf call me Ladhu…. Turtle Dove is cute as well: I had a gf with dark hair and a slight orange red to it.

I called her Snuda which means carrot in Portuguese. She hated it at first but loved it after a while. I call my girl toodles, and when she leaves the house I say toodlew. Mitey sweet or Mitey Momma. But Mite are what Ladybugs eat. I call my girlfriend Angelic Queen all the time and she loves it. It should be added. Its if your girlfriend is a beautiful angel and the queen of your heart. Thank you for this list of names… I will now be calling my girlfriend the fuck-mister. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Leave this field empty. What sweet nickname can i give to my girlfriend called Janet. Zephson Zephaniah Ishaya, IV. I call my girl: I calls my girl pussybacon. I called my g. F name is sunshine. I call ma gf ma nurse… N she calls me captain. Does anyone have a cute nickname for a girl that is taller than I am? Does anyone have a cute pet name for the name Jessica?

My Gf call me Ladhu.. She wants your ladhuu. My girlfriend calls me superman i dont know what to call her. Call her pooh bear or super woman dumb bitch. I think carrot would be a very good nick name for a ginger. We need boy names.

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Rabbit is also a nice name for those who are cute as well as a bit clever. I want a nickname for short and cute girl. Shortcake tell me if you are going to use it thanks. Should be added in the list. I thick a perfect name should be nicky wicky for a seductive guy who get freaky in bed! I call my girlfriend cool breeze. However, since it's Valentine's Day , the romantic atmosphere and being self-conscious of her loneliness among so many dating couples prompts her to ask Nate to have a date with her.

To everybody who knows of this plan, this is obviously a date and they mock Vincent about it mercilessly, particularly since there are rumors that Marsellus has had people beaten in the past for inappropriate activities with his wife. The evening itself is absolutely filled with romantic and sexual overtones, to the point where Vincent needs to speak to himself in the mirror to talk himself out of trying anything with Mia.

Ultimately, their ability to resist temptation is taken out of both of their hands, as Mia overdoses on Vincent's heroin at the end of the night. Referenced jokingly in Miss Congeniality. Listen, I was thinkin', um, when we get back to the city, after we write up our reports, and you get all ugly again Maybe we could have dinner, you know? What, you like askin' me on a date? Just a casual dinner. If we happen to have sex afterwards, so be it. When Tiffany asks why, he responds: He offers to buy her some chips, but is less than thrilled when she changes into a sexy outfit.

Passers-by think they're on a date. But I have to go to the wedding. I have a pass. Do you want to come? Harry needs to bring someone to Slughorn's party, if only to stop his fangirls from trying to slip him Love Potions. He hasn't worked up the nerve to ask Ginny, for a couple reasons , so he asks Luna , but makes it clear that it's just "as friends. Nobody's ever asked me to a party before , as a friend! Ben goes to a romantic play with Erowin and no one else. He is the only one not aware that this is a date. This gets him in trouble with Erowin later on, who was unaware that he was unaware.

After it's over and Kallen has left, Eric realizes that it was the closest he's ever come to a date. Starting in the second book, Looming Shadow , Tiza and Nolien go out to dinner once a week and take turns paying for it, but both of them laugh unconvincingly about these being dates. Takeshi Kovacs mentions this trope when Detective Ortega takes him for a drink in order to grill Kovacs for information.

This doesn't foreshadow them becoming lovers although they do. It actually hints at The Reveal that Kovacs has been resleeved in the body of Ortega's former lover, which is why she's subconsciously acting in a familiar manner with him. The Big Bang Theory had one in the first season. Leonard asked out Leslie to get over Penny, but she turned him down. So he asked Penny out, but she misinterpreted it as a going for drinks with the guys.

At the end of the night, she asked if it was a date, and he tells her "No! When I go out with a girl, she knows she's been dated. Buffy and Spike are on a stakeout in a secluded location with Spike bringing Buffy various treats. Earlier, Dawn had told Buffy Spike is in love with her, and so she suddenly asks Spike "Is this a date? You are completely off your bird! If he is evil then this is an information gathering mission, but Wood is also hot, so if he's not evil then this is a date. Unless Buffy is attracted to him because he's evil? Well, you'll have to dress for the ambiguity.

In Season 2's "Reptile Boy", Buffy is reluctant to ask Angel out for a date, so Willow suggests they go for coffee instead. It's not a date, it's a caffeinated beverage. Buffy advises him to ask if she likes Mexican food. Giles rejects their suggestions with irritation, only to revert to Gibberish of Love when talking to Jenny, who says he can finish telling her what's so important after the game she's taking him to. Oh, and they can have Mexican afterwards. In "Surprise", Xander suggests to Cordelia that as they're still together despite all logic , and they're both going to Buffy's birthday party, they drop their Secret Relationship and go as an actual couple on a date.

Cordelia says it's not a date unless you start spending money. Did you shave your legs? Then it's a date. Invoked in "Boom Town" , where Blon tells the Doctor that they are on a date and he hasn't even asked her name. The Doctor points out it's not a date. It's supposed to be her last meal, as he plans on hauling her off to her home planet for trial and execution. The Twelfth Doctor keeps taking Clara on Time Travel adventures in-between her dates with fellow schoolteacher Danny Pink, seriously exhausting her in the process.

Despite being told several times that the two really weren't on a date, the nerd gleefully insists otherwise! The non-date was the result of Urkel asking Eddie to do him a favor in return for helping him study for a tough math test. He also holds Eddie's Prince concert tickets as collateral to ensure his date wish comes true. In the very first episode of Friends , Monica insists that her going out with the "wine guy" is not a date, just two people having dinner and not having sex, to which Chandler responds: Kurt and Blaine have several on- and off- screen not-dates — going for coffee together, dinners at Breadstix, trips to the theatre to see RENT , singing flirty duets together late at night at school - between their meeting in Episode 2x06 and Blaine's Love Epiphany and their subsequent Relationship Upgrade in 2x After that point, the not-dates become actual dates, to everyone's great satisfaction.

Kurt's best friend assumes his outings with Blaine are dates, and Kurt would like them to be, they're genuinely not. Quinn tells Sam that the dinner at Breadstix they won is not a date. However, she changes her mind during the dinner when Sam tells her she's brave for coming back after everything she dealt with the previous year. In an episode of Good Luck Charlie , Beau asks Teddy to come with him and another girl to karaoke night to prove to the girl that they are not on a date. For some reason, the girl doesn't show up leaving Teddy and Beau alone and they end up having a good time.

This is revealed to be a Subversion as Beau made the girl up to trick Teddy into going on a date with him. For some reason, they decide the only solution to this problem is to go on Not a Date at a quiet romantic restaurant. In a first-season episode of House , the title doctor gets a pair of tickets to go see a Monster Truck rally.

Naturally, his first choice is Wilson, who declines for various reasons. His next choice is Cameron. Except for the date part.

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How I Met Your Mother: When Barney starts falling for Robin, he takes her out for a fancy dinner at which he is the perfect gentleman, which she finds more freaky than charming. Her blissful unawareness to the romantic overtones sets up the general mood for the rest of the season. After trying every other man she knows, she picks Clark. So, this would be like a date?

Oh, you mean like in Smallville, where you meet my parents and try to give me a hickey in the back of your dad's pickup. No, this is not a date. In the Lost Girl episode "Food For Thought", Bo insists that she and Lauren are meeting so that Lauren can help her control her powers, and that it's not a date. Despite their clear mutual attraction, Bo fretting about what to wear for it, and that they are meeting in a bar.

Kenzi doesn't buy it. When Flynn asks Raydor to accompany him to his daughter's wedding, both of them are quite insistent that it is 'nothing like a date'. This pops up when the owner of a restaurant is intent on setting a nice, romantic mood at John and Sherlock's table, despite the former's protests. It doesn't help that Sherlock doesn't bother denying it , since he doesn't care what other people think about A variation in the second episode when Sherlock thinks he's proposing that he and John go on a date, owing to the fact that he has no idea what the term means.

John's description of it as an occasion "where two people who like each other go out and have fun" wasn't all that explanatory. Done in Sonny with a Chance where Sonny and Chad go out on a not-date, so she can make a friend of his who dumped her jealous, he's going on it because he doesn't want her dating his friend, and Nico and Grady who missed the entire subplot think that they've admitted the UST and are on an actual date.

Later, in season two, when they actually are on a date , they insist that they aren't. For some reason , her friends believe them. The quote is too funny to leave out: Well I don't mind telling you, I've been looking forward to this little date all week. Uhh, I wouldn't exactly call it a date.

Oh, I've watched enough of your television to know what a date is. Uhh, okay, this is definitely not a date. Garak, who has visions of Ziyal presenting his head to her father Dukat, Garak's archenemy as a birthday gift, insists that his appointment to visit a Cardassian sauna with Ziyal in the holosuite isn't a date.

Quark isn't buying it. Their sauna appointment starts out with him bringing a phaser along for self-defence and her giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech but, in the end, Quark is right and Garak is wrong. So, are you cancelling your date with Ziyal? It's not a date! And how do you know about that anyway? And they are my holosuites, after all. This happens to Zack twice on The Suite Life. In The Suite Life on Deck , Zack wins a coupon to a dinner for two for his girlfriend Maya who is out of town at the moment only to find out that it expires tonight and ends up taking Woody instead.

You know this isn't a date, right? Call it what you want. In the Season Three opener of Teen Wolf Lydia arranges for her and Allison to go on a double date - and then insists to Allison that it's a group thing and not a double date, when Allison says she's not ready to date.

She finally admits that it is a double date, but at least, "It's not an orgy. Niko can take out Packie McCreary's sister Kate in the same manner as other girlfriends in the game; however Kate consistently protests that these are not dates, and that her and Niko are just friends, no more, as she doesn't want to be any more involved with her brother's life of crime than she already is. If you choose the "Revenge" ending, she relents In one scene in Sonic Rivals 2 , Sonic teasingly asks Knuckles if he and Rouge are going on a date, which displeases the red echidna.

In actuality, Knuckles and Rouge, despite being rivals, are teaming up to search for the Master Emerald. I just want to clarify. Now do you understand, Kiki?

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  7. Yes, Bun-bun, I now understand why he's a nerdboy. There's a reason why he's not sure: In Misfile , Ash the gender-bent main character is asked to go to the movies with Arthur, one of the other Old Road racers helping her make repairs to the Road. She's insisting that "it's not a date" , and is doing it to try to prove that guys and girls can be Just Friends.

    Arthur thinks it is anyway, and gets upset when Ash shoots down his attempts at making it a date. Sherry and John "didn't date" for awhile in Out There , awakening Miriam's curiosity [1] and penchant for shipping [2]. It ended, painlessly, when Sherry decided she was interested in someone else. Hannelore goes out with Sven just to see what dates are like.

    Nothing romantic or sexual is expected to happen, and it doesn't. Marigold doesn't realise Tai's flirting with her and asks her back to her place for an innocent reason which Tai takes as a euphemism. Vriska and John have one of these in the afterlife. Rose insists to Dave that her appointment with Kanaya isn't a date Jason asks Julia out, and she refuses because she's dating Brian.

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    8. During the outing, Julia keeps insisting that it's not a date. Later that night, Julia walks in on Jason and Becky in bed together. In Sticky Dilly Buns , Ruby gets bounced into buying a thank-you dinner for Andy by Dillon, who thinks she needs a romantic life.

      400+ Nicknames For Girls and How To Pick The Perfect One For Her

      She tries to insist that it's not a date, although she admits soon afterwards that she isn't really sure how she feels about the whole idea, and a relationship of sorts does develop. However, on their second meeting, which the largely friendless Ruby accepts when she needs someone with whom to celebrate, she's still insistent that "this isn't quite a 'date' date".

      Gannet starts out insistent that he doesn't do relationships which means no dating. So naturally, he agrees to Bailey's offer to take him out somewhere special on his birthday. Where Bailey gives him one of his sweatshirts that he modified to fit him as a present. And where Gannet "accidentally" asks him if he wants to make out in his car after having a panic attack about it being a date after all.

      Kim and Ron's lifelong friendship causes confusion in others as to the nature of their relationship. It finally starts to confuse them in season 3, and at the end they hook up for real. Casey and April go on one of these in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, to much teasing from the turtles. It rapidly goes in a date-like direction , but mayhem breaks out before anything really happens. In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , the first time that April, Casey and Irma are shown hanging out together he tells Irma that she shouldn't be chaperoning his and April's date.

      April replies that they're not on a date. This probably counts as the first time he's explicitly shown romantic interest in her. Shows up in an episode of the 90s version of Casper the Friendly Ghost , in which Kat goes on what "is so not " a date, and becomes paranoid that Casper is constantly telling her it is he wasn't there. Futurama sets this up with a double date, with Kif and Amy alongside Zap Brannigan and a very begrudging Leela.

      She refers to the encounter as a "half-date" and only agrees to the thing to shut Zap up. They searched for it the most efficient way possible: However, this all mainly happened because Tobey hid the actual tracking device to easily find said remote in his pocket so he could spend time with her. He got her to admit to enjoying herself, though. This was a running gag in The Emperor's New School , whenever Kuzco and Malina would end up doing something together, Kuzco would call it a date, and Malina would tell him "it's not a date". In the series finale they went on a date.

      Finn tries to get Bubblegum to go with him to the couples' movie night — while he does have a crush on her, in this case he really just wants to get into the movie. He and Marceline end up going as friends and, once they find out it's a romantic movie, promptly leaving in disgust to go ride wolves instead. Fionna and Prince Gumball are just meeting in the park; it's not a date. Except then it totally is.

      Except then it's actually the Ice Queen 's trap. Kids Next Door , when Numbuh One investigates a suspicious party the Delightful Children are holding, he invites Lizzie with him so he wouldn't look suspicious. Numbuh One tells her repeatedly that it isn't a date, until he finally shouts it at the top of his lungs. Lance and Ilana hang out in the downtown area of Sherman on a school night. They run into a classmate of theirs, who think it is a date.

      Ilana reminds them that they're masquerading as siblings. One can only imagine what logic Egon uses to justify saying this about his night out with Janine in "Rollerghoster". It wasn't a daaaate , and, no, I had a terrible time That said, when she takes him out for pizza near the end, they both slip out that they "like" the other, blush and then begin rapidly talking about anything else that they can think of.

      Puss and Dulcinea want to spend some time at the lake, but are very clear it isn't a date, just two friends going to relax together. Unfortunately, first Toby, and then the entire town decide that in that case, it can just as easily be more than two friends going to relax together. They constantly insist to others unconvincingly that it's not a date, and repeatedly question each other's intentions throughout the night.

      This being a show that strongly runs on Status Quo Is God , nothing happens and they apologize for the awkwardness the next day. His friend, Drawing Flies director Malcolm Ingram came out of the closet to him by telling him about how he had dinner with a guy, then found out halfway through it was date.