Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide (Communication, Society and Politics)

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Media, Markets, and Democracy C. Theories, Cases, and Challenges Frank Esser. Table of contents 1.

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Democracy in difficult times; 2. Citizens and agency; 4. Engagement, deliberation, and performance; 5.

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  5. Digital media and political engagement worldwide : a comparative study.
  6. Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide: A Comparative Study by Eva Anduiza;
  7. Internal, External and Collective Efficacy.

Television and popular public spheres; 7. Internet and civic potential; 8.

Online practices and civic cultures. Review quote 'The vision that civic engagement in a democracy will lead to a happier and better quality of life for more people is an article of faith. With an analysis that is sobering but also passionate, Peter Dahlgren offers good reasons for believing that such a vision remains desirable and obtainable, and he shows how contemporary media technologies and institutions are central to any meaningful pursuit of such a vision.

But it is human agency and political will, not machines and bureaucratic structures, that are central to this hopeful vision. Media and Political Engagement is path-breaking in its demonstration of the profound nature of media institutions as political institutions. Dahlgren's Media and Political Engagement is one such book. Truly impressive in its scope, wise and forward-looking in its assessment of many tangled disputes in political theory and sociology, new media and popular culture, Dahlgren's book offers a convincing and original model of civic culture, articulating brilliantly the multiple cultural and social roots of political participation.

By 'opening the gate', as he puts it, between standard definitions of 'politics' and 'non-politics', Dahlgren provides an essential foundation for sharper debate, across media studies, political science and political theory, on media's complex but fertile contribution to the life of democracy. Sometime promoters of democratic values, often purveyors of their opposite, the role of the press, radio and television has been fraught.

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In this important book, Peter Dahlgren shows how the new media context has now changed the dynamics of how citizens use media to advance the democratic project. Brimming with sober analysis and relying on the latest empirical data, Dahlgren explores how the Internet has changed the nature of political engagement - perhaps forever.

Far from lauding the Internet as an uncontested new agora, however, Dahlgren explores the paradoxical side of the new technology. The cautionary tone that marks this unsentimental study will inform students of politics and social activists alike. The impact of digital media on citizenship in a global perspective Laia Jorba and Bruce Bimber; 3. Recent shifts in the relationship between the Internet and democratic engagement in Britain and the United States Andrew Chadwick; 4.

Political engagement and the Internet in the U. Jensen and Eva Anduiza; 6.

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Digital media and offline political participation in Spain Marta Cantijoch; 8. Online participation in Italy: On the causal nature of the relationship between Internet access and political engagement: Hussain and Philip N. Conclusions Laia Jorba, Michael J. Jensen, and Eva Anduiza.

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The book addresses an important gap in the contemporary literature on digital politics, identifying context dependent and transcendent political consequences of digital media use. While the majority of the empirical work in this field has been based on studies from the United States and United Kingdom, this volume seeks to place those results into comparative relief with other regions of the world.

It moves debates in this field of study forward by identifying system-level attributes that shape digital political engagement across a wide variety of contexts.

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