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Reducing the liquid allowed the dough to These are a little time consuming but are worth the effort!! First of all, the recipe made almost double the amount stated, but that may have been due to my using a glass instead of a regular do Glaze doesn't have to be anything more than 10x sugar and a little milk and perhaps a splash of vanilla.. They are so good that they are to die for and they were I have never visited the doughnut shops these doughnuts are named after and now I'll never have to when I can produce such fabulous product right in my own home!

I saved some time by placing AL The doughnuts tasted really ahem crispy and creamy but were slightly heavier than the store-bought ones which is, I think, more the fau I was amazed - my first time making these I came darned close to those glazed donuts we all love and can't yet get where I live! I am looking forward to my next batch. Kelly "I have tried so many versions of glazed doughnuts, and this one finally came out perfect! Just like the ones at my favorite doughnut shop. Added to shopping list. Go to shopping list. Prep 10 m Cook 30 m Ready In 2 h 40 m Sprinkle the yeast over the warm water, and let stand for 5 minutes, or until foamy.

In a large bowl, mix together the yeast mixture, milk, sugar, salt, eggs, shortening, and 2 cups of the flour.

Doughnut dough recipe | BBC Good Food

Mix for a few minutes at low speed, or stirring with a wooden spoon. Knead for about 5 minutes, or until smooth and elastic. Place the dough into a greased bowl, and cover. Set in a warm place to rise until double. Dough is ready if you touch it, and the indention remains. Cut with a floured doughnut cutter. Let doughnuts sit out to rise again until double. Cover loosely with a cloth. Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir in confectioners' sugar and vanilla until smooth. When I fried them, I used a couple of oversized chop sticks for lack of a better term to turn the donuts in the oil.

The oil needs to be deep enough to not catch the donuts on the bottom of the pan when flipping them and with a bit of practice, a whole mess of them can be turned in less than a minute. I used regular wooden chopsticks from y local Chinese restaurant to turn mine and they worked great! Also, disposable — one less thing to clean. And I mean real lard, not Crisco or some such. Thanks so much for sharing it!

It sure stirred some memories for me from a time when I was very young and we would visit my grandfather born in and would get glazed donuts from the local donut shop that were warm, gooey and the BEST! Made these for the first time today and absolutely love them. Made a chocolate coating along with the glaze. I have a question. Would the yeast still activate on honey instead of sugar? I do think so, yes! I often use honey in my pizza dough and it works great. If you try it, will you let me know?!

Will not use this recipe again. I want a lighter melt in your mouth texture. Did you use real butter? I made these donuts and I must have done something terribly wrong. The donuts taste like yeast? Can you tell me what I did? I know it was on my end as the Pioneer Women always knows how to get down in the kitchen. These were amazing like southern doughnut shop, quality, but my husband also said they tasted a bit yeasty yet heavenly lol I used active dry yeast, if I were to use about half of the yeast what other changes to the recipe should I make if any?

I was thinking possibly just let them rise a lot longer. What do you think? And Thank you for the recipe, these were delicious! Happy donut making friend! Can you proof the already cut donuts for more than an hour?

I had a bit of trouble with this recipe and getting the donuts to rise without a little help from a warm oven and then I read the pioneer womans instructions in her book. One extra step she had was after chilling the dough let it come to room temp in the bowl and then roll and rise again. My son has been wanting some. Ok think after school work we will be making the dough. How long is the most that you would keep these in the fridge? The only recipe that made me smile and happy. The donuts I made using this recipe are very delicious and mouth watering that makes you ask for more.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe. Just made them with my 11 year old daughter!!!! My husband and son love them too! Made these for Sunday night treats with the grandkids. Was super easy and turned out awesome. Will definitely make them again. I had trouble getting the doughnuts off of the baking sheet and into the oil without deflating and mangling them. Do you have any tips for me? Do you use baking mats yet? Here are the baking mats I love: Do you think these would be ok with gluten free flour and dairy free butter?

Has anyone tried this? Really want to make these Christmas morning. Was wondering if you have tried them dipped in cinnamon and sugar? I have done glaze, chocolate glaze, maple glaze, cinnamon and sugar, and powdered sugar! They are ALL good! I found this recipe only recently, and made them today. Oh my good heavens!! This recipe was great.

The last time I tried to make homemade donuts, it was 5 years ago. On top of it all, I wound up in the hospital on Christmas day that year getting my appendix out after I had made them. What made this year special is that the donuts came out fine. A little bigger than probably you would have done them. I wanted to surprise my family with homemade donuts for Christmas day and I wound up the one surprised. Right after I had used her donut recipe, my husband surprised me with one of The pioneer woman cookbooks for Christmas.

I love watching Ree Drumand. Merry Christmas and Happy new year God bless you all. I also made a half dozen of them without the holes cut out, to fill with jam. They were absolutely delicious! Can the dough be kept refrigerated for a few days? I am sick and tho I made the dough I have not been feeling good enough to cook or eat the donuts?! Do you think I could make this using almond or soy milk? So that the butter can get firm again which makes you be able to roll out the dough without a huge stick mess.

I made these for Christmas and froze half of the dough I put half in the freezer instead of putting it in the fridge overnight. I noticed a few people had asked if the dough could be frozen and I just wanted to let you know that it can! I pulled the frozen dough out yesterday and put it in the fridge to thaw. I rolled out the other half of the dough this morning and they came out perfect!! After allowing the dough to rise they looked like flakey biscuits. Can we use less flour if necessary? It was too dry. WE will for sure try it again. I think anything you want to buy will work great.

Can these be made in an air fryer? Has anyone tried it?

Tips and Tricks for making Homemade Glazed Donuts

I just got one and was trying to find recipes I can make in it and would love a donut: This recipie was amazing. I made the dough and and cleaned everything up the first day and the next when my 3 teenage boys arrived home from school we hungout and made doughnuts. They loved it and there was little clean up so there was no complaining. They tasted like fried dinner rolls. I might try again and have them raise an hour before the fridge. I am leaving to go to the store to get ingredients my family loves glazed donuts!! I have found the dessert recipe of happiness for my family thanks.

These are to die for! I had never made donuts but they are one of my favorite treats. This recipie was super simple to make. Do I really have to follow this? Or I can sit them outside for an hour? You have some flexibility. The goal is to re-solidify the butter so that you can work with the dough. These donuts are wonderful. I did however add a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon.

Just like they say, melt in your mouth good. I made this doughnuts for some friends they loved them. They said they were the best doughnuts they ever had. Was the sugar off? Nice and fluffy but not amazing, sort of disappointing since we did this for a kids cooking class. I think this is a personal preference issue. I love donuts with a VERY slightly sweet dough and sweetness added through the glaze.

Not sure what to cook?

First time trying to make doughnuts. This recipe was great! Maybe if I had waited more and had the doughnuts tripled in size, it would have been more airy.

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Sorry you had trouble. Very simple ingredients and perfect results each time! Thank you for sharing!! I never was fond of the heavier cake like donuts that you see around. They look so light and heavenly. This is the donut for you! So light and fluffy, the warm ones almost melt in your mouth. Would they still taste good if you made them a day ahead and stored them in the fridge or a container?

They are ok, not nearly as good but they are about like a store-bought yeast donut. I only let it refrigerate for 3 hours, used quick rise yeast, and salted butter, otherwise followed the recipe to a T. This recipe is fabulous. A double batch is in my mixer as we speak to cook up in the morning. The test batch were gone at work this morning in seconds??? I made these last night and were fantastic for my first try! I did however have tons of icing left over. How do you store donuts that are left over?

I found that storing them overnight made them far less tasty, the dough became a little soft, almost sponge like.. Perfectly soft consistency and super addictive.

Doughnut dough

I foresee making these many times in the future… shopping for bigger pants might also be in my future…. This is how I feel about them, amazing! And we make them way too much too. My first attempt at anything like this. I have baked 2 cakes from scratch in my life so I stayed strictly with the recipe.

Be patient and let them rise. Great idea on the electric skillet for keeping a consistent temp. I might have to get one just for that! Thank you for sharing! Do you think that I could freeze these once they rise, thaw them the night before frying, and then fry them? If you test it, will you report back. My SIL who went to culinary school thought it would work but she said to shape and freeze, and then they would proof or rise while they were thawing. What did I do wrong? My dough came out of the fridge hard as a rock and very difficult to roll out. When the butter gets cold again it re-solidifies which makes the sticky dough easier to work with.

How did it rise after the fridge time? Considering making up the dough tonight but wont get do the frying until tomorrow night. LOL growling a nice delite…hayyyy. This recipe is incredible! I saw this recipe a month ago and have since made it 3 times for special occasions. It is a taste of heaven, and everyone who has tasted one has loved it. The glaze is amazingly good. Your goal is to chill the dough so that the butter gets hard again and you can work with it. I live in the country too! Love your recipes as I could most all our meals, to far for take out!

I get you… long live all the great recipe that make country life less of a sacrifice! Hey there, just looking to get clarification on some of the measurements. I got a little over 2 dozen my donut cutter is smaller than recommended. I made the dough after dinner so it could sit overnight. I had a meat thermometer laying around I used to gauge the oil.

It seemed a bit too hot at first, mine definitely came out darker than the pictures. They still taste amazing! This recipe is so worth a try. Wow this recipe really worked thank you so much my donuts went exactly good and they were fluffy.??? Our grandson said he wanted homemade doughnuts so will definitely try this recipe and get back will you soon! I love this recipe!! It gets better each time I make it and I love how soft and pillowy they are.

Good things take time! The 8 hour rest period is essential and second rise post cut as well.

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They were delicious the first two times I made them. Been experimenting with pans for the oil. I do use a candy thermometer. Both methods that I have used is a skillet and a deep fryer. Normally if mine are oily it is because the oil temperature is too low and they sit and soak it up for too long before they get cooked. I have used this recipe over a dozen times now. My husband and family members literally beg me to make more donuts. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. Sometimes I have fun with the dough and make a few cream filled donuts or twists. If you like cinnamon you can also add a little to the icing if desired.

My family is the same way! We just made them on Monday and picked all of the pumpkin and gourds from the garden!

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  7. Do you have a good cream filling recipe? I think you could keep them cold for up to 24 hours, maybe The longest I have waited was closer to 18 but it still worked fine. If you try longer will you let us know!? Homemade donuts are just something special! I always get huge smiles and happy responses when I whip up this special treat! After you let the dough rise in the fridge, can you cut the donuts out night before and place back in the fridge until the next morning, then let rise for an hour and fry, to cut down on time?

    Pioneer Woman’s Glazed Donuts

    I am currently making 8 batches. How long can the cut donuts rest on the baking sheet before going in the fryer. Can I make them wait longer than 1 hour? The donuts did not taste good 1 day later. It tastes like cold oil, the oil temp stayed at It depends on how warm the room is, that will determine who quickly they rise. Hi , I tried this recipe today. It was a major flop for me dont kmow where I went wrong. The dough had risen very nicely but when I fried them they soaked so much oil that they became so heavy and impossible to eat.