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At that time I was into medieval romance, but after bringing in my stack to trade or sell, I was browsing and stopped at the paranormal romance and scanned the titles. I see a man and cat on the spine, pulled it out and saw this ragged scruffy cat wearing a emerald collar, my interest was peaked, after reading the back and the first few pages, I found a quiet out of the way corner and read the first chapter. I was converted, I was lucky enough to find Robin at the very beginning, I just had to wait for her next book HeartThief to come out.

I've throughly enjoyed each and ever book and get to revisit old friend, new friends, to see them grow up. Currently waiting for HeartSight!

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Vinni and Avellana's trials and conflicts. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Heart Dance Robin D.

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Owens continues this amazing futuristic romantic series on Celta where we are being reintroduced to Dufleur Thyme, who played a small role in a previous book. I am about to order more of the books in the series. Heart Dance, the sixth book in the series, is an excellent book.

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I thoroughly enjoy reading this excellent series since each book has plenty of adventure, takes place in the future and involves a love at least one of the lovers must fight for. Always there is a need to persuade, convince, plead, and take all manner of actions in an attempt to win the HeartMate. This HeartMate dance, however, has rules that must be followed. Although Saille T'Willow is an important person and in the highest class of people on Celta - Great Lord and First Family member, he must obey the rules.

For example, he knows, after painstaking efforts, the name of his HeartMate. However, by rule he cannot tell her. Failure to obey this rule would lead to rather severe punishment by the ruling Council. D'Willow is a very special case. She is an evil person. Rather than succumb to a virus she is in the cryonics tube waiting for a cure. Each of the Celta stories has a twist; this one is no exception.

Each story involves danger for one or more of the characters. In each story we learn that someone has ill intent and the motivation behind their actions. It is public knowledge that Dufleur is an exquisite embroiderer. Secretly and illegally she experiments with Time, as her father had done. Both he and she have special flair for scientific work.

However, she seeks to vindicate her deceased father who is alleged to have blown up his lab while carrying out a time reversal experiment. Unfortunately, one such experiment allegedly went awry, leading to the explosion that caused his death Saille T'Willow is head of his family succeeding a very ill D'Willow who is in cryogenics chamber on Nuanda's Sword awaiting a cure.

As FirstFamilies GreatLord and premiere Matchmaker, he is very well known and well-liked by many who know him. The family feels blessed to have him at the head of the family because he is considerate, caring and not as focused on himself as was D'Willow. However, there is an underlying fear that a cure for the virus she has been stricken with will be found and she will return to once again be in charge! This story has a number of subplots to it but a central theme has to do with the two key individuals - Saille T'Willow and Dufleur Thyme.

He spends considerable time and energy trying to convince her to accept his HeartGift. She spends considerable time and energy rejecting the HeartGift. Saille's focus is on winning her over and her major focus is on trying to prove the validity of her father's experimental work. She wants nothing to come her research efforts - no distractions, period! Her immersion in Time research is not the only problem Saille is wrestling with. Dufleur has low self-esteem especially as she listens too much at the criticisms that come her way from her mother and some members of the FirstFamilies.

Further, she has few resources and works at Dandelion Silk Shop so that she can pay her rent as well as conduct her experiments. D'Holly is a life changer for Dufleur as she gets a new set of clothes paid for by D'Holly, a commission to display her exquisite embroidery work at a prominent gallery. Defleur's luck begins to change as well because of a settlement from her encounter with members of the Black Cult. She inherits a property that included a three-story house as well as a building she converts into a quality lab facility.

As Dufleur attends more social functions she gains increased confidence in herself and finds she has a strong ally in Passiflora. Experiments in Time are not the exclusive purview of the Thyme family. Defleur realizes that GraceLord Agave's family also has been experimenting in Time. GraceLord Agave has very selfish motives in that he seeks a large monetary payoff for his efforts while Dufleur's primary focus is to prove that her father's scientific theories were sound. Agave is ruthless enough to do anything possible to obtain the Thyme family notes on Time experiments. Rather than give the plot away I pose a series of questions that a reader will be curious about.

Will Saille and Dufleur ever get to more fully appreciate each other? Will they exchange HeartGifts? Will the two become HeartMates? Will Dufleur be accepted by others during the Social Season? Is the Thyme Residence, the place where the explosion took place, now dead? Each house has a HeartStone, the special heart and repository of the residence's memories. The loss of a HeartStone is a terrible blow. Will the mystery surrounding the death of Dufleur's father be solved?

If so, by whom and how is the truth unearthed?

Heart Dance A Celta Novel

Dufleur makes several attempts to locate and recover the Thyme HeartStone. Will she be successful? Will the rift between Saille T'Willow and his mother, Arbusca be resolved? Can Dringal D'Thyme be brought around to being more respectful of others and less focused on herself? Finally, will it be possible for Dufleur to rid D'Willow of the virus? Cat of Cat's Books: Romance Blog and Themepark. I just did a reread of this bookI have read it more than 4 times. I love the world of Celta.

This is hands down one my my favorite series and what I would take on a desert island. This book is a treasure of a heroine who everyone thinks of as plain but who is a great power. I love that she isn't always likable but so loyal. The hero is wonderful as he wants his love. His pursuit is lovely. There is so much healing an finding of value in Robin Owen's work which is balanced with the charm of talking cats and really moving love stories.

Heart Dance

A great book especially if you love a best hero with a will of iron. Ever wonder what life would be like on a different planet? Robin Owens give a very fin and exciting glimpse of what this would be like.

She brings our most beloved animals with us. And a few that just make ya laugh.

Celta | Series | Robin D. Owens

Hope you enjoy as much as I do. Robin Owens' Celta Series books are always a pleasure to read. I enjoyed this book. It was fun to catch up with past characters.

The fams remain my favorite part of this series. This story had more drama and less humor than some of her other books, but the story was compelling. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys well written paranormal romance with a touch of humor.

Robin D. Owens

It is best to read the stories in order. I always buy the Celta Series books, and I often reread them.

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Owens is a very talented writer. See all 46 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 7 months ago. Madison W Fairbanks Top Contributor: Published 1 year ago. Published on June 9, Published on May 4, Published on January 17, Helena, a renowned cartographer, is exploring Celta when she finds out she has a HeartMate. Yearning for a partner, she is drawn to meet him. Actor Raz Cherry is dedicated to his career. Uninterested in long-term commitments, he ignores an oracle that foretells of his HeartMate.

Though passion ignites, their lifestyles clash. He married a woman he believed was his HeartMate, only to learn she was a greedy social climber. She callously used him, stealing his family heirlooms. You are using an insecure version of your web browser. Please update your browser!