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Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Will Rai be able to save her? Will she ever want him the way he wants her, or will she just use him for a safe journey back home? Blue and Forrest made the decision to return to Karran.

She even managed to get a Portal open. The reunion with her clansman is marred by unfinished business. Phillip is still out there, still using that crystal, still killing, and slowly going insane. She was prepared to learn a new language, new customs and tackle a new kind of relationship.

She was not prepared for cub-babies with razor claws, stubborn clansmen and mercenaries, and long-lost mob families. Prince Rornn feels fortunate he can pursue his passions both in the air and on the ground. Being third in line for the throne definitely has its advantages — it allowed him to join the Space Forces as a top-gun starfighter pilot. Trysh joined the Space Forces with the secret hope that her absentee father might notice her accomplishments and acknowledge her. At the top of her game as a starfighter pilot, the last thing she needs is a way too charming prince to get in her way.

Trysh learned at a young age what happened when a person lost their heart to someone above their social class — it led to heartbreak. Then they rescue a tiny, starving yipwag pup from an alien world. The rules of mating have changed, and Walker will do what he has to in order to protect the bonds that have eluded him for so long. Walker and Aimee must turn to each other when the powers around them change and the paths that had been laid before them are no longer clear.

Despite the odds, Kalinda has survived it all: Marriage to a tyrant. Tournaments to the death. The forbidden power to rule fire. The icy touch of a demon. Upon taking control of the palace and the army, the demon brands Kalinda and her companions as traitors to the empire.

They flee across the sea, seeking haven in the Southern Isles. Now free to use them to protect those she loves, Kalinda soon realizes that the demon has tainted her with a cold poison, rendering her fire uncontrollable. But the lack of control may be just what she needs to send the demon back to the darkest depths of the Void. To take back the empire, Kalinda will ally with those she distrusts—and risk losing those most loyal to her—to defeat the demon and bring peace to a divided nation.

Sir William Fremont returns from war to reclaim his castle from his brother and win back the hand of the woman he loves. But along the way he makes a stop in town where he sees Lady Ella de Bar, the woman he almost married before he left to campaign for the king. The longer the curse continues, the more people forget Ella exists at all. And if anyone tells her about her past, the curse will never be broken. But when his memories of her start to fade as well, it looks as if all hope is lost. When English beauty and avid poetry lover Ophelia is holidaying with her two sisters in19th century Blackpool, she finds herself unmistakably called to the water.

Will she flee in horror at what lies beneath the waves, or can she learn to look beyond the shallows? Meanwhile, the Damaged are back and slowly taking over. After receiving word that neighboring compounds are suffering, Lucien is tapped by his parents, Yulen and Atty, the Battle Lord and Lady of Alta Novis, to accompany them on a rescue mission to Green River.

Now would be a great time for those specialties to shine. But if left unchecked, that enemy could wipe out all Mutah. A wood elf and a dark elf, Dorlyn and Vylkur, have taken refuge in the sanctuary city of Lehnos because their love was shunned by both of their peoples. There, as they made a life together, a fiery redheaded half-breed mercenary, Liandrya, became more than a typical, casual fling. Though the mated men knew the half-elf was not immortal as they were, she still managed to work her way into their hearts and turned the couple into a trio.

Unwilling to turn the artifact over to her employer, an evil dark elf sorceress, the three lovers embark on a journey to destroy the mask, but risk the same fate to their unconventional bonding with each leg of their quest. But, for the first time in her life, she has doubts about her future. After the events in Kenya, Ryenne and Lucien are moving forward as a couple, but Ryenne has always been a lone wolf. But as long as there are rogues in the world, there is no such thing as a break for a shifter hunter.

A stabbing in a nightclub and a mysterious string of armed robberies tied to the Fangs challenge Ryenne to face her feelings for Lucien. How could she ever find the One who shares the Merlin gene, the destined love who will unlock her magic?

Schattenjäger Chapter 1: Prologue, a vampire: the masquerade fanfic | FanFiction

Just when she has given up hope Tammy sees a young man ringed in fire during a confrontation with the Clan. She knows in her blood and her bones that her Destiny is a member of the Clan. She must reject him as an enemy. Now she has called him to the Clan compound in order to fulfill it. His course is set—until he sees a redhead across a parking lot. He escapes the Compound in search of Tammy Tremaine. Tammy makes a plan to dodge both Morgan and her family to find out if she and Thomas can survive their differences. But the world is about to change.

Will their story end in tragedy, or can they find, in the midst of all this chaos, a magic moment of love? Shadyia and Deresi are trapped in a deserted city. Separated by powerful forces, they become pawns in the eternal struggle between life and death. While clashing entities tempt one with immortality to champion their crusade, a being once worshiped as a god demands the other stand as advocate for his cause. With far more than their lives at stake, Shadyia and Deresi may have no choice but to submit, but the ancient divinities of the world be warned; the pawn that survives can become a queen—or even a magician.

Cass has always relied on her abilities to guide her, but after communications with a ghost land her in the middle of a murder investigation, she has to wonder if her gifts are really more a curse. Cass knows she is meant to help track down the killer—much to the chagrin of local law enforcement—when the apparition leads her to a dead body on the beach near her psychic shop, Mystical Musings.

But the police are not the only ones who wish Cass would stick to reading palms. Someone is trying to scare her off, and it will take all her powers of premonition to catch the killer before Cass herself becomes the next victim. But his muscles and charm say yes, as does the forty-eight hours of leave that she just started. What could go wrong? He should be asked, not told; his power as a dragon must be respected and feared.

With his own interests in mind he convinces a gorgeous woman to help him trick those in charge to sending him on his way. Only he never expected it to be more than just a joke…. Caught between her desire to return to the military and her burgeoning feelings for the dragon, Carla knows there must be a way she can have both. But will she find the answer in time? From getting her treated differently at school, to getting her kidnapped by rebels, her marks have caused chaos in her life. But when her tragic past comes back to haunt her in the form of an unstoppable dragon assassin, a drop-dead gorgeous cop cruises through the door of the cat shelter and into her broken heart ….

Her family is crazy, her mom keeps meddling in her non existent love life, and their restaurant is about to be repossessed by a jerk who calls himself The Lord of All Foxes. Resa Robinson, a sassy reporter and fantasy blogger, showed up at my office for an interview one day, looking for the real story behind the mysterious CEO of Cobalt Computers. With no other option but to take her as prisoner, I now have to decide what to do with this bold, beautiful woman who is more intrigued than intimidated by my status as a dragon.

The longer I hold her captive, however, the more my attraction to her grows by the second. Will I be able to convince this feisty beauty to stay with me and keep our little secret? But something strong was drawing them closer together and she was powerless to resist. They had a job to do… Traveling together on the hunt, Margo and Gabe discover and explosive mutual attraction.

Can they make this incredible thing between them work long-term? He wants her for his mate, but will she be able to cross the lines and give her heart to a mage? When he agreed to help test a drug that could help supernaturals with control issues, he never thought it would have the opposite effect on him. Winning an all-expenses-paid trip to Egypt felt like a dream come true for Brooke Larner. And she soon realizes that creatures from stories and nightmares are altogether too real.

After five years of searching for Brooke, Malik has finally reached his breaking point. Already the obsession to find her left him shifting into a lion in a very public place before being forced on mandatory leave. The suppression drugs have been out of his system for years. The burning desire for Brooke should have gone with them.

So when chance leaves their paths crossing once more, he realizes destiny is at play. As demons from their past resurface, they find themselves in a battle to save everything they hold dear. Heather Hayden has everything a young witch could desire: Heather has no idea what she wants. Owen Liddell is in big trouble.

A hundred years ago, a descendant of Arachne tricked him into staring into the eyes of the Great Sphinx, leaving him bespelled into the form a cat. Can Owen escape the evil spider sisters, thwart the spell, rescue the girl, save his friendship and pass his finals all before Zombie Prom? But unlikely things are known to happen in Nocturne Falls. LOTS of good new books this week! This is such a fun series — I devour them! She keeps the stories fresh, even with such a long running series. Levi King has always lived rough. Raised by a biker dad, he fought for everything he had—including being president of the Iron Kings motorcycle club.

But when the aliens invaded, he lost it all. Now he wades through the muck with his fellow berserkers, fighting to protect the last of the human survivors. She keeps her babies purring…and hates every scratch the soldiers put on them, especially when a certain arrogant, cocky, and annoying biker is responsible. Did she mention annoying? What about tattooed, man-bunned, and far too sexy? But then a vital mission requires Chrissy to step out of the safety of the Enclave, and sabotage and steal an alien vehicle.

Working side by side, desire burns white-hot. Prince Ricky has had few relationships due to his depression, but amazingly, he finds a lady who understands how to deal with it. Unfortunately, does his acceptance of death define his relationship with his mother, the director of the Stargate Institute? Deliver Us from Evil: Prince Roman and Prince David are taken to task for their inability to commit to a lady.

As stargate professionals, though, they must be extra careful in starting relationships.

Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales

How do Roman and his cousin David come to an acceptance of their duties, and what happens when the Emperor provokes them beyond all reason? Their commander, Dax Rossi lives by one rule: That code holds until a new case and an old flame put his rule to the test. Lieutenant Trinity West wants answers. Her investigation into the thefts is cut short by the arrival of Nova Force and Dax Rossi—the only man to ever break her heart.

Jerix faces a devastating punishment for bringing back a live human to the Karak homeworld: Will her Karak Warrior be able to stay alive for three bloody rounds? Unmated Detyens die at thirty, so why is Kayleb NaMoren still alive? Heartfelt goodbyes and one final night with his brother are all he has left… until he wakes up the next morning, alive and unmated. Or so he thinks. Sure, she wanted a change of scenery after a disastrous relationship, but captured by pirates to be sold into slavery was not her idea of a fun vacation.

He might be the only guy who can keep her alive. Synika has hidden from the dominant alien race that conquered Earth years ago in search of fertile females. When she meets Tuvari and their worlds collide, Synika is forced to confront her prejudices and decide if the Dungari male is her friend, foe. Tuvari helped establish the first colony on Earth and works with the Dungari Bureau of Human Affairs.

Tuvari has always believed his one true mate existed but could he dare to fall for a human? Is it love, lust, or something more that draws the two together? In a world torn apart and ravaged by lies, can Tuvari and Synika move past the betrayal of a nation and find common ground?

I run advance reconnaissance, collecting intel the Pack needs to execute our operations. In and out, hard and fast. Not the shy smile I hunger to coax from her lips, not the sweet body she keeps hidden. Not the mysteries that haunt her eyes. And certainly not the bewitching scent that stirs me in ways no mission ever has. The secrets of the Compound are too tangled.

The nightmares in my blood can never be erased. What harm could one night do? Wanted by the black market cartel, Lisa has come out of hiding to find her missing twin brother. The evil galactic corporation destroyed his home world, and with no females left, his fleet has turned to piracy and revenge.

Together, they fight to stay out of both cartel and corporate hands, but when the biotechnology Lisa carries becomes unstable, she must make a drastic choice about her future. As the last of her line, Rozene is the only one who can save the six brothers who are cursed to endure forever and driven to feed on the living. They are Wendigoag, soul eaters, and without Rozene they will lose their centuries long battle against the demon who cursed them. The Wendigoag are not the only ancient secret left exposed by a civilization left in ruins. When another war begins among the two-natured, Rozene is caught between the deadly territorial battles of werewolves and bear shifters.

Harlow Morgan is lost in a dying world, desperate to find a reason to live. She finds that reason in a filthy bathroom stall, with the rush of Nirvana in her veins, and the whisper of God in her ear. A Calling she cannot shake. All in the name of salvation. Harlow Quinn Ryder only ever wanted to bring joy to kids. An unfortunate accident with a giant hunky stranger may have just put her out of business though, ending her dream forever. When newly awakened dragon shifter Vanek is told he has two weeks left to prove the worth of all dragons, time starts ticking. He needs to get out there, find his mate, and kill an Outsider.

Until he steps foot out of his building and right into the path of his mate. Can the fire-breathing dragon convince her to give love one final chance before the countdown expires, or will he be ripped away from her forever? A handsome, young colonist gives her all the attention she craves.

Should a queen find solace for her lonely heart? King Siefer fears letting down the Milisarians who made him king. He devotes his time to repairing the damage of the former ruler. His human bride is left behind far too often. He loves her still, but can not reach a balance between his job and family. While King Siefer is traveling across the universe, Destiney is feeling ignored.

She finds friendship and more with a returning colonist. He is not as he appears. There is trouble brewing behind his handsome facade. Meanwhile, the other human wives are dying in childbirth without explanation. All she wanted was someone devoted to her. They were supposed to be rough. Big, strong, and mean. Now one is consumed by Bethany and will do anything to claim her. A man of shadows and fear. People cower at his feet. They cater to his every dark desire. Who would dare defy the most dangerous man ever created?

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Managed to build some semblance of a life for herself there. But when the man she fears most in all the galaxy finally learns of her location, she must face him in order to escape his wrath once and for all.

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Teaming up with the very proper, and very English Captain Noah Vaughan to combat a desperate saboteur onboard their vessel, Camille discovers that not all the malfunctions the Chariot is experiencing are human-related. Secrets and desires are exposed amongst the stars and plasma fire, but can the captain and the chief overcome their cultural differences?

When flyers Michael and Samandriel set out to find the elusive Ishtahr sanctuary, the truths they uncover about the origin of their race threaten the very foundation of the Intergalactic Alliance. Which Kim writes so very well.

Полезные статьи

And is in the erotica categories so…. For years, her brief glimpses of him have tantalised her, stolen into her dreams, filled her thoughts with…want. Now Ceta must stand with the other candidates on the temple stones not knowing what the future holds as the paladin strides towards her. Marina Fae never considered herself a powerful witch or dreamed that she would one day be a warrior fighting to save her people. He soon finds himself on an unfamiliar beach after rescuing a woman being attacked by a creature straight out of a horror movie.

Stunned by the wild tale she tells him and the evidence surrounding them, he soon learns that everything she says is true—magic does exist—and that he is no longer on Earth. Marina and Mike must work together to save the Isle of Magic. But, what happens when they discover a darker entity hidden beneath—an entity that can only be stopped by the person they are trying to kill? These books are sexy, romantic, and wickedly addictive —welcome to ! This book contains magic, Atlantis, matchmaking, Poseidon, pirates, a king and queen, sibling rivalry, hot hunky guys, unicorns, a secret baby, a black sheep, bad boys, warriors, paranormal romance, fantasy, shapeshifters, dragons, romance, kisses, and a happily ever after.

Read at your own risk! Cole should have killed Anja the moment he realized she was his mate. Bought by the Bear: Josilyn Martinez just needed the money to help raise her nephew. The Alpha and I: Devon Kincaid is happy with her new life in Lowman, Idaho.

Constance Owens has a gift for finding unique items in the most unlikely places, which comes in handy since she buys and sells artifacts and antiques for a living. When she purchases a set of four dragon statues, she has no idea just how unique they are, or that finding them will thrust her into a world of secret societies, men who think nothing of kidnapping and murder to get what they want, and dragon shifters.

The loneliness haunting him has been getting worse since all his brothers have found their mates. The armies of the Black Lily and the vampire Crown have amassed and are on the brink of war. No romantic entanglements, no family. Mikhail Romanov, Captain of the Bloodguard, took a vow when he joined the Bloodguard. But he never planned for the gut-punching attraction he would feel for the untouchable princess.

  • Celeste Raye | Veronica Scott;
  • Monsieur Robert suivi de Le chemin du père Noël et Le coeur sur la main (French Edition)?
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Romance Author!

He must keep his focus, though. But Mina sets her heart on the elusive captain, and keeping his focus on the great battle ahead becomes harder and harder. This time, he will show no mercy to the Princess. With her past memories mostly restored, Michaela Petran begins to pick up the pieces and resettle into life in Havenwood Falls. As sudden head of the family and leader of the moroi vampires, she faces an onslaught of unexpected obligations, making her feel like she has no choices in her own life. For five years, Xandru Roca ached for Michaela to return, but never believed it would actually happen.

As they try to bridge the chasm between them, family matters demand their attention, pulling them apart. Family and love always come first, but while they try to save one, they risk losing the other. Pirate Aristad, Captain of the Night Witch, is always on the lookout for treasure. Knowing where his former captor, Black Death Joe, hid his loot makes it all the easier. An abandoned manor holds a secret stash, but Aristad knows it comes with a price — the treasure is guarded by a creature that is half man and half beast.

It is the Kraken in one of his many forms. Has he made too many mistakes to return to the life he left behind, and follow Kraken into the sea? Lizzie Grace and Belle Kent, her witch familiar, are living and working on the Faelan Werewolf Reservation—one that has banned the use of magic within its borders. But the Faelan Reservation is a place filled with wild magic which—when left unprotected—quickly becomes a draw to those who walk the darker paths… more …. Renny Landry is a wolf on the run. Pursued by a shapeshifting stalker and his slobbering pack of killer coyotes, she is forced to flee her job as a librarian to find sanctuary in the wooded hills of Alpha, Washington.

But the first person she meets there is a gorgeous alpha male with fiery eyes, fierce tattoos, and one ferocious appetite—for her…. Mick Fischer thought he left his past behind when he moved to Alpha. But fate has a way of biting him in the tail when a female wolf shows up on his property. Can these two haunted, hunted wolves manage to mate for life…even as the deadliest past demons howl at their heels? The Goddess of Forgetfulness has spent seventy thousand years wishing for a man to remember her for more than five seconds.

But all signs are pointing to yes. Okay, at least a strong maybe. Determined to discover the truth, she agrees to one date. But the night is about to reveal that his real identity is crazier and more alluring than she ever imagined. On the surface, the terms of the deal are simple. In exchange for early parole, Bix must identify the perpetrator and drag their soul to Hel.

Undeterred, Bix returns to her old stomping grounds … more …. With the odds stacking against them, she and the Clan are in a race to save the ranch. A trail ride for a family of tourists could mean a turnaround for her people, but there is a new threat coming out of the woodwork, and they will have to work together to keep the ride on track. She and Colt are having some serious issues with their inner bears.

Colton Dorset has two goals in life. Make his mate, Karis, happy and keep her safe. But the deeper they ride into the wilderness, the more at risk she is. When she is kidnapped and ripped away from everything she loves, she has no choice but to fight to survive. Cassandra is taken to the King, and secrets she never could have expected come out.

When the King does something impossible and pain is all that is left, will her pirates be able to save her? Will the Sea God, who whispers promises, be able to help her? The northern gate lies open and monsters roam the land. When a monster attacks me within the walls of my village, I am saved by Sir Forrest—the quiet, grouchy former soldier who came to Istim three years ago.

Is there such a thing as a hottie hermit? Waiting for my powers to awaken…for the day when I would be ready to belong to him. Jason Moore is a Nephilim. Half human, and half angel. But what kind of place, and will he find someone to share it with? Portia is an angel. Immortal, ageless, and on this world with a mission and one task. Keep the secret of the supernatural races from humanity. She spends most of her time hunting down rogues that are too sloppy, and endanger the secret.

In her spare time, she does what her passion and conscience moves her to do, and protects a small town of rogue supernatural beings with nowhere else to go. In the Shadow World, he was the God of Death, and he was called many names. The monsters he hunted called him Anubis. Those who saw his face died. To Guardian Security, he was a number, a surgical weapon they wielded against monstrous evil.

One woman called him Kaeden Lang. Anubis never meant her to be anything except an interlude, a moment of light in the darkness of his life, a one-time escape from the ever-present haze of death. He committed an unforgivable sin—he saw her again—and again—and again.

She held back the shadows that threatened to consume him. Sky Meyers made a grave mistake six years ago. She fell in love—only to have the man she knew as Kaeden Lang disappear. Now, his daughter needed him to save her life. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nerdy comic book store owner by day, Winston Strong, thought all his dreams came true when he took on his heroic alter ego — Wolfman. That is until he saved a beautiful lioness from getting mugged and fell head over heels. Lion shifter and Supernatural Enforcer Agent, Avery spends her days investigating the kidnapping of a doctor while dodging her nutty sisters, and her nights dreaming of her masked savior.

Can Winston get away from his smothering mother? Can Avery withstand the attacks of her crazy family? Can the two of them work out why people have been disappearing and find their own happy ever after? Nikolai is a dragon shapeshifter who knows well the meaning of loss. Orphaned and raised to be a Dragon King, he never accepts defeat. Now, Nikolai prefers his solitude. Ever since MI5 agent Esther woke to discover her mind taken over with magic, she feels like a stranger to herself.

She looks to a notorious dragon, one who has the power to help her find her memory. But as she and Nikolai come closer to discovering what really happened to her, a dangerous passion ignites between them. Luck is what makes Life interesting; introducing spicy bits of chaos — good, bad, and neutral. Without Luck, there is no savor — no adventure — in Life. The yeast of Life, Love expands our horizons, deepens our understanding, and opens our eyes.

Love makes us daring. So here is small tale of Lives in progress, plans made and altered — and altered again. A tale of bread, and Luck, and Love. We start with two people — a baker, Don Eyr; Serana, a captain of the Watch. Two people who have not much in common, until Luck brings them together, and they see each other. This decadently naughty box set includes twenty-three ALL-NEW, stand-alone novellas full of hot alien alpha males, breathless passion, and reluctant surrender. I really enjoy her books — she mixes detailed worldbuilding with some really steamy scenes and lots of romance.

This went onto my TBR for sure. Harper Wilde is sitting on the beach, minding her own business when a huge, muscular Kindred warrior with black hair and blazing white eyes demands that she accompany him into the future. By using her, they can conquer both the Mother Ship and the human race. Unless Harper is altered so the Hive cannot make use of her, the grim future she finds herself in will become reality. Shad is a Shadow Twin—a Kindred male destined always to walk alone with very little chance of forming a bond with a female. Yet, he alone is able to make use of the looper—a time travel device which allows him to move back and forth between the past and the future to try and save Harper.

Mirror, Mirror: Forty Folk Tales for Mothers and Daughters to Share

But he knows he must put his feelings aside and do what is necessary to change the past…unless he wants the future to Vanish forever. As the flagship of the Spire Empire, Vengeance is a legendary AI whose broken heart has proven his greatest battle yet. But his new telepathic link, a little girl named Hayley, finally teaches him to love again—until rogue AIs attack her planet and level her home in a storm of fire and destruction.

Vengeance is left with only one hope in his potentially immortal existence: But the closer he tries to get to her, the harder she pushes him away. Olivia Hawthorne risks everything—her friendship with her telepathic sisters and even her life—to assume a new identity so she can serve aboard Vengeance. After suffering at the hands of rogue AIs, she should be wary of trusting one again, even her old friend. But when rogues raid Spire colonies, Vengeance and Liv must learn to overcome the fears shackling them to the past.

Clara was confused when she encountered the sign outside the Cyborg breeding facility. She wanted a child and nothing would stand in her way. Her heart was already on the line. Reid was the ultimate protector, the perfect bodyguard, his loyalty embedded in his DNA. The animal his creators chose for him was a favorite, a downright blessing, and an ongoing nightmare.

He found the perfect reprieve after the Great Galactic War: Division Head of the last Cyborg breeding facility on Earth. The empty halls offered more than silence—they offered him sanctuary. Twenty-three years ago, Azalyn Rippak Sulani had the misfortune of falling in love with a prince. However, after a group of aliens kidnap her and knock her unconscious, Azalyn wakes up in the Kelderan palace and comes face-to-face with the man who broke her heart.

Because of certain circumstances, she has no choice but to stay in the palace. Prince Keltor tro el Vallen is heir to the Kelderan throne and must put duty above all else. Social connections, especially those with love involved, are dangerous. So when the only female who ever treated him as a man instead of a prince comes storming back into his life, it takes everything Keltor has to keep his distance and resist the lively, straightforward woman.

As Keltor and Azalyn start to realize that they fit better together now than in the past, they face a bigger problem. Namely, if a prince marries a commoner, there could be war. Can they find a way to recapture their love and start over? Fast-talking, and as hard-as-nails as any sailor, she navigates the most dangerous solar roads in the universe. Times are tough, but she gets the job done. The last thing she needs is a delay, but when she runs across a stranded sailor she has no choice. The law of the roads demands she rescue him… even if he is the last man in the universe she ever wanted to see again.

The husband she fell for, but ran from before their wedding night…. Kelwin Sayeed is a super-soldier without a war and with money to burn. Humans were inferior and troublesome creatures, and unlike his fellow warriors, Moroco had no intention of ever mating one. Trust a female again? Not when he knew how easily they could betray you. So why did he care so much about a certain prickly, irritating female who seemed to take great delight in rousing his temper? All she cared about was keeping her sister safe, and now that Sophie had found her mate, well, it was probably time to leave.

If only to tell him exactly what she thought of him. A pretty shitty burden, and according to Dean he had changed. What I heard on the streets was that he was like that before the Ankaran Sarcophagus showed up, but LaCroix's change in attitude didn't boost his popularity, only made it that he was feared once again. Nowhere were there jokes about the Jester in the tower. I didn't meet him again after he threw me out, and as I pondered if all these mumblings were true I really wanted to see him again, in fact: I missed him sometimes, no, pretty often.

You only know what you miss when you lose it. It was kind of sick, but finally I accepted having feelings for the most manipulative, self-absorbed asshole I've ever met in my entire life. Needless to say I really needed to hide that I was more than eager when I heard the Prince would be attending one of his famous executions in the Nocturne Theatre. Bad remembrances for me in that case, but at least it wasn't my ass kneeling on the floor and being beheaded. My eyes were glued to every move LaCroix made, except when I needed to cover it for Dean and James so that they wouldn't pick up that I had more than a soft spot for the dictator on the stage.

He was calm, almost like that entire ruckus months ago hadn't even touched him in the slightest manner; and the whispers in the audience proved what the dementation told me and made me smile. Shouldn't I be pissed that he used me to come this far and then dropped me like a hot potato?

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This affection towards him was unhealthy for me. I'm old enough to realise such things unlike a teenager but that was at least a minor concern. Would've been half as bad if LaCroix hadn't wanted 2. Feeding got more time consuming, because I needed to hunt again. No nice and cold fridge with blood packs. No fast food for the German. I need a job. I don't want to leave the States. I want to stop running away when things get complicated and in Germany there is nothing waiting for me anyway.