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I am looking forward to the next book about Auggie's sister, September. It is Nowhere to Hide, which will be out in September. Aug 11, Meagan rated it it was ok Shelves: This book has gotten a lot of rave reviews from readers, which makes me a little reluctant to say what I thought of it. Not that it will stop me. First, the book as romantic suspense: I didn't like it. The heroine is terribly damaged, which is fine, but she lets it make her helpless, which is not. Several times she whines at the hero, who she doesn't really trust for most of the book, about how scared she is and how she needs his help!

The only thing she did to help herself was to run away, which This book has gotten a lot of rave reviews from readers, which makes me a little reluctant to say what I thought of it. The only thing she did to help herself was to run away, which she didn't do very well. The rest of the time she attached herself to the hip of the hero, who she didn't really trust, and flailed around in random attempts to figure the thing out.

He likes a damsel in distress. Can anyone say co-dependent? I didn't buy it. Second, the book as suspense: Rarely have I been so bored by a thriller. I'm a reader who needs a good character, so maybe I would have been more into it if I had an iota of respect for any character, but I just couldn't bring myself to care what happened.

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Let me put it this way - I'm an obsessive reader. I read every day. But as I drifted to sleep a couple of nights ago, I realized that I hadn't read a single page all day. And I blame this book. I'm clearly in the minority here, so feel free to take my opinion with a large grain of salt. Jul 25, Lucy Dosch rated it it was amazing. It has been some time since I have actually had real hard-to-put-down thriller.

Most times I will guess within the first pages where the plot is going, but this one really kept me wanting to read more. There was just enough romance to sweeten the story and bond our main characters. The worst part of this book was the fact that I zipped through In a word The worst part of this book was the fact that I zipped through the first pages, but when the clock struck midnight and I still have pages left, I had to give it up for the night. Like I am going to sleep with a good book running through my head. Really looking forward to it.

See more at http: Jun 04, Terri Lynn rated it really liked it Shelves: Liv Dugan's adoptive mom was thought to have committed suicide on Liv's 6th birthday but was it murder? Liv found her, saw someone though the open door, and promptly embedded it deeply in her mind so deep, she can't retrieve it. Their father remarried swiftly, a woman who didn't like either kid and had them sent off as teens to mental hospitals. A law firm shocks Liv by saying her dead mother Deborah had entrusted an important package to them to be delivered when she is She has them deliver it to the office and its contents are so shocking, she takes them to show Hague who becomes so disturbed he goes into a fugue state.

All in all, Hague, his caretaker, their dad and stepmother, and Liv's next door neighbor see the contents. What happens the next day is a copycat of the movie Three Days of the Condor and the book it is based on from Liv leaves work for a late lunch and goes out the side door unseen. She carries the package with her and studies the contents. When she returns to work, she finds all of her co-workers on the first floor shot up- some dead, others dying. She calls and reports it then flees. She goes home, packs some clothes and supplies- and a gun- and flees on foot.

At a coffee shop, she abducts a cop no she doesn't know he was watching her or that he is a cop to help her get away just like Robert Redford did Faye Dunaway in Three Days of the Condor and has him take her to his place really a police safe house and ties him up. Then the fast paced action goes on. The officer August has a sister on the force named September in a cutesy manner, they are twins with him born at The neighbor who saw the package is murdered as is Liv's stepmother and others associated and some new murders happen to re-open the death of Liv's mom and the women killed and buried in a field behind their house.

August and Liv rush to solve who is after her and killing people while hiding her from police and the unknown killer. The answer to the puzzle is in Hague's head but he is so far out of it, he can't say it. In the end, the killer is a shock but so is the fact that September gets a shocking package herself which will lead us into another book! Jun 02, Pat rated it liked it. To be honest, I had a difficult time first getting into this story. The first few chapters explain her childhood, which was terrible, and introduces us to multiple characters, with whom I had a hard time keeping up with. Saying that, once the action started, I really could not put it down!

The hero and heroine of this novel is a most unlikely couple!

August Rafferty, known as Auggie, is an undercover cop, just coming off a long dangerous assignment. She had, on her fifth birthday walked into the family kitchen and found her Mother dead, apparently having hanged herself. Apparently, because Olivia refuses to believe her Mother would kill herself. She is now an adult, working an unexciting job in a software company, as a low level bookkeeper. It is a quite mysterious package. She heads out to a late lunch to ponder the contents. When she returns, she opens the door to a blood bath.

She panics and starts running. She ends up in a coffee house to sit and gather her wits. She immediately rushes out of the shop, and sees a man getting into his car right in front of the shop. She jumps in his car, pulls a gun she was concealing in her backpack unloaded , and orders him to drive.

Now, our hero and heroine have met! There are twists and turns on every page. Olivia has a brother, who is brain damaged, and somehow, seems to be involved. Auggie has a twin sister, September who is a homicide detective assigned to the case. Her nickname is Nine, just another quirk in this wild ride of a story. He tries desperately to keep her from knowing he is also a detective assigned to keep an eye on her.

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The excitement, and danger continues till the last page. Thank goodness there is an epilogue. I enjoyed this book, but felt there were unnecessary characters. It would not keep me from trying another Nancy Bush novel. I would recommend this novel to people who love romantic suspense, with a little quirkiness on the side.

Sep 07, Mlbane rated it it was ok.

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All I could think while reading this book was that the police department was made up of people who wanted to play cop but never bothered to actually train to be one. And they were the homicide detectives. It really reminded me of the Steve Martin movie Roxanne when he's talking to the fire department and tells them that if some sees a fire and says "what ever you do don't call the fire department" it would be bad.

That's the perfect example of how I felt this police force was described. Don't ca All I could think while reading this book was that the police department was made up of people who wanted to play cop but never bothered to actually train to be one. Don't call them because they'll just mess things up. There was also no romance. This was the story of an extremely damaged woman being taken advantage of by someone who should know better. Liv acts like a child and has the mental processes of one.

She doesn't think, breaks down at the drop of a hat and can't reason or really be reasoned with. She has impulse issues.

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She needed help not a boyfriend. Through out this book she doesn't grow or change. The plot is a bit far fetched and the ending felt rushed but I was thoroughly entertained. Had a hard time putting it down. The romance part made this more of a four star book for me. Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur magazine in the August issue: View all 4 comments. Mar 22, Tamara Clark rated it really liked it. I couldn't put this book down at all. Excited to start the second one today. View all 3 comments. Aug 09, Denise C rated it liked it.

Nowhere to Run is the first book I've read by Nancy Bush. That's not to say I disliked the book, or would avoid her books in the future- on the contrary, I liked it well enough to add her to my list of authors to follow. There were just too many issues with the story that I couldn't see myself going above 3 stars though, if we had 10 stars, this would have gotten 7. The first third of the story moves quickly, at a pace that feel Nowhere to Run is the first book I've read by Nancy Bush. The first third of the story moves quickly, at a pace that feels comfortable.

The writing is tight and not dumbed down like many mass market novels and the characters, even the minor ones, are quickly established and developed. By the time the action begins, I already care what happens to Liv and her coworkers most of them. Moving quickly, Bush takes us through Liv's flight from the massacre at her work and begins to build the fear and paranoia that follows Liv through the rest of the novel. Her fear of the police who come looking for her, leads her to hijack an innocent bystander and force him to drive her to his house.

The pacing of the middle of the book varies. Bush throws a few surprises into the mix, the main one being the identity of Liv's hostage, Auggie. While it took me by surprise and really shouldn't have , it also took the excitement down a notch. It didn't make me stop reading, but the uneven pacing and a few contrived plot points slowed me down a little. The final third of the book felt rushed and contrived.

There's a "chase" scene that happened so quickly, I had to read it twice because I thought I missed something. It really went that quickly. I would have liked to have seen way more tension and edge-of-my-seat action than I got, and that alone drove my enjoyment of the book down a full star. And while I am not going to add any spoilers to the ending, I have to say, the conclusion was utterly predictable and disappointing.

One of the parts that made me groan happened the moment Liv's brother told Auggie who the killer was; I couldn't help but to wonder why it took him so long to say who it was, and what even sparked his confession in the first place. It made little sense to me. There were a few other minor points that irritated me about this story. First is the repeated explanation of September's nickname, "Nine". Seriously, I got it. I got it before it was explained. I got it after it was explained. I've lost count of how many times her nickname was explained to someone and still have no idea why her name is so important that it had to be explained even once.

Second, it really annoys me when authors give their characters such weird names. I understand that authors want their little people to stand out, but some of the more outlandish and hokey names do little more than pull me out of the story. A minor issue, yes, and I know it's not going to change anyone's mind, but a goofy name has made me put down at least one book before. Third, Liv passes out an awful lot. I worry about her mental and physical health what with all the head injuries she receives. Passing out for more than a few minutes and more than once is a sign that something is seriously wrong.

Last point is the relationship between Auggie and Liv. Their love story follows the same arc as so many other mass market novels - starts off with a bang, heats up to epic proportions, ends with the hint of a happily ever after. Except, in their case, there doesn't seem to be anything keeping them together in the ever after. Auggie admittedly goes for the "damsel in distress" and Liv is so damaged that it's hard to believe that she would stay with someone like Auggie.

Once she recovers from this book, there really isn't anything keeping them together. I suppose us readers might find out what happens in the next book, but I kind of doubt it. I guess it really doesn't matter, though, which is another thing that bugs me. All of that is not to say this is a terrible book.

For one thing, Livvie is a deeply flawed character, which is refreshing. Liv is terrified, hardly brave, stubborn, and I don't recall her description. She's one of us; damaged and average. Nothing superhero about her. The writing, too, is above average. Bush wields language like a well-honed sword, never pretentious or mocking. She's intelligent, and it shows throughout the story. While her pacing needs work, her prose does not.

So, at the end of my journey with Livvie, August, September, and the rest of the characters, I didn't feel like I'd wasted my time. While not completely satisfied, Nowhere to Run kept me entertained for several nights and not once did I feel bored or wanting to skip to the end. I enjoyed the story, enjoyed the characters and felt sad when one of them died , and though I, personally, did not feel like the ending fit the book, I would recommend this novel to anyone who is into this genre.

Oct 09, Darlene rated it really liked it Shelves: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation for my review, and the views expressed herein are my own. Bush brilliantly hooks the reader right at the beginning of the book with a suicide The event traumatized Liv, then six years old, and her younger brother, Hague, who was only a year old at the time.

B I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Both children require psychiatric counselling, and Liv is shipped off to live at a group home when she is in her teens. Her brother is institutionalized in a state facility. On her 25th birthday, Liv receives a mysterious package that contains some photos, a personal letter from her mother, and her original birth certificate. Liv was aware that she was adopted, but she does not understand the importance of the photos and who the people are in them. While Liv has stepped out for lunch, an armed gunman walks into her place of employment and massacres her co-workers and boss.

Liv returns from lunch to the bloody scene and calls for help, but she leaves before they arrive because she is afraid that the madman is after her. She leaves her office and returns to her apartment to retrieve her gun.

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She decides to leave on foot to make it more difficult for her to be followed and make it easier to lose herself in the crowd. I really enjoyed Nowhere to Run! The romance that developed between the two was quick and fiery, but a little too predictable. I would have rather seen her as a stronger protagonist than a damsel in distress.

Sam stays in Clydie's barn while repairing her late husband's Triumph motorcycle. Meanwhile Hale has one of his men, Mr. Dunston Ted Levine , try to force Clydie into selling her land. A jealous Lonnie discovers Sam's true identity and strongly urges him to leave. Sam complies, only to find the state police chasing him. Sam returns to find that Dunston and Hale have forced Clydie to sign a sale agreement in his absence and are about to burn down her house. Sam decides to turn himself in to the authorities after he realizes that running away was never the right thing to do. He promises Clydie that he will come back someday.

Joe Eszterhas wrote the original script with director Richard Marquand , with whom he had made two films. I don't like to remember that movie. The film was the first in a three picture deal between Van Damme and Columbia Pictures. Van Damme later said, "the script was The writer told me he was going to fix everything. I was in his house, he shook my hand, he promised me, but he didn't fix it. The film received mostly negative reviews from critics.

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