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There's a moment right at the beginning of Driven to Kill , the latest Steven Seagal actioner his fourth picture with the word "kill" in the title , where Ruslan Drachev Seagal is sitting with his girlfriend Crystal Lowe, who really can't seem to catch a break with these trash pictures as she attempts to get him to show her the "trick" behind a Russian roulette game involving a spike in a cup. Seagal might as well have been staring right directly into the camera, looking at the audience, breaking the fourth wall, because that's clearly his mentality while shooting this tiresome retread of his age-old "revenge" pictures.

And neither should we, honestly. Here, Seagal plays a Russian ex-Mafioso-turned-novelist. On the eve of his daughter's wedding, a band of thugs attack her mother's home.


Ruslan's ex-wife is killed and his daughter is beaten within an inch of her life. Now, it's up to Ruslan and his potentially untrustworthy soon-to-be son-in-law to seek out the gang responsible for this atrocity.

Steven Seagal driven To Kill Fight

Taken , only remove the fun. Obviously, this film isn't meant to be an Oscar winner, and I've taken that into consideration when reviewing and rating this film.

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My rating scale is relative to Seagal's other work. But even with this in consideration, this still isn't a very good Seagal picture. The problem lies in the direction, from Jeff King, who can't seem to glean a single compelling performance from his cast, particularly the leads, each more unfocused and unguided than the next. He's all over the board with his performance.

His horrid Russian accent comes and goes depending on how simple or complex the dialogue is at any given moment. But honestly, this is a good thing because his accent sounds more Latino than Russian. He packs a few punches in the film, but most of the action is stiff and boring — nothing compared to what Stallone is doing these days with films like Rocky Balboa , Rambo and the upcoming actioner, The Expendables.

Exclusive: Steven Seagal is 'Driven to Kill'

My favorite display of Seagal's nonchalant take on this picture came toward the beginning of the film when it shows Seagal typing on a keyboard. It's obvious he's just punching keys, barely making contact. It looks like something out of a Zucker Brothers movie. That scene is then followed by a contrived bar fight where Seagal seemingly kills a thug for attempting to intimidate him. Nice, considering the fight takes place in a bar owned by one of Ruslan's closest friends.

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Most of the story flaws come from Mark James' horrid script, which is packed with so many illogical moments, it's hard to follow the film without laughing at it hysterically. It's not surprising not a single actor seems to be taking this film too seriously with a script as dumb as this.

James basically grabs a hold of the basic action revenge formula and strangles it. What's left is a script that's so bad it's funny. It made me sick. If you decide to read this book, be prepared for a shock. Seriously dude, I felt Dirty reading this. Nov 04, Suzanne Kiraly rated it liked it Shelves: I think this book is very readable, although a warning that it's rather gruesome in terms of the despicable crimes it focuses on - and King has certainly done his homework in terms of researching the criminal background of the cases he exposes here.

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We get a clear picture of everything that happened and how it happened. What I find is missing, and I feel that I really wanted to know , is a more in-depth psychological profiling of the criminal. I think that when readers read about gruesome crim I think this book is very readable, although a warning that it's rather gruesome in terms of the despicable crimes it focuses on - and King has certainly done his homework in terms of researching the criminal background of the cases he exposes here.

I think that when readers read about gruesome crimes, it's through the interest factor - in other words, it's so far out of their own realm of experience, people are drawn to just why someone could commit such crimes against innocent children! It's certainly what draws me in - the age old question of: Having said this, Gary's writing style is quite smooth. I had no trouble in keeping engaged and maintaining my interest throughout the book and can recommend it to others who are also interested in an exploration of true crimes. Apr 03, Rex rated it really liked it Shelves: When it comes to reading TC books where the victims are children I always feel sick to my stomach.

I'm sure most people feel this way. This book written by Mr. King is on such a case. As awful and gruesome this case were. King has managed to tell the story so nobody forget the little victims. A shirt warning the book is not for the faint of heart If you would like a deeper review please visit my blog. Feb 19, Jesse rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn't like the reactionary tone of the author monster, vile, and evil are words that don't belong in a work of nonfiction--no matter who the book is about.

But the story is intriguing and worth checking out. Dec 04, Cody marked it as to-read. Jan 19, Jessica Lawhun rated it liked it.

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Apr 03, Sharblynn rated it it was ok. I like true crime but with more of personal thoughts narrative from the "characters. Aug 05, Shenandoah rated it it was ok.

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  • Terrifing and unforgettable, I read this book in and it still bothers me.. Nov 28, Sarah rated it it was ok.

    Driven To Kill (2008)

    Way too reactionary for a non-fiction book. Interesting, but cringe-inducing both in style and content though it should be noted the content is due to no fault of the author's. Feb 15, Micky Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very disturbing book a sick sick man it was a good read but hard to read about what he did to those poor little boys people like wes Allen Dodd should all be put down.

    Donna Hoskins rated it liked it Nov 03, Joan rated it liked it Feb 12, Mike rated it liked it Mar 26, Shelley rated it really liked it Feb 13, Terri Burkhart rated it it was amazing May 03, Izarra Varela rated it really liked it Mar 23, Donna rated it it was amazing May 24, Susan Kiel rated it it was amazing Nov 20, Joan Sheppard rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Jessica Leah rated it liked it Apr 17, Julia Hassett rated it really liked it Mar 30, JakeB rated it liked it Feb 20, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

    King is a freelance author and lecturer who has published more than articles in true crime magazines in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He is also the author of several true crime books including: True Crime Stories of Murder and Mayhem. A German language edition of Blood Lust was published in He also frequently provides radio interviews and has given talks at libraries as well as organizations devoted to readers and writers interested in the genre of true crime.

    After years of traditional publishing, King recently joined the growing ranks of indie authors. Books by Gary C. Trivia About Driven To Kill.