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In the evening services brother Branham was the main speaker. I'm not judging, I'm just sharing this with you. I had a good possibility to compare the ministries. All the others were eloquent preachers, but in the evening services, when brother Branham began to minister, it just was so different.

One could sense supernatural presence of Almighty God and in each service the gift of discernment was manifested. Brother Branham saw visions as he prayed for those who came and had a need and were prayed for. So by the grace of God it was there in Dallas, Texas, where God opened my eyes and I came to understand that this ministry is not just one of many others, but this ministry has a special connection to the plan of salvation.

God is in it; it is ordained of the Almighty at this time. It was also in the same year when I met T. Osborne and Oral Roberts and all the other great evangelists. It was in when T. Osborn came to Germany. He visited me in our small apartment, asking me to be his European manager. But then I had to tell him… And it was a wonderful offer for a German at that time — having a big car, the salary and no need to be working anymore in my secular job, which I held with the German government at that time.

Beloved, at that time I knew I had to take my stand regardless of what people say. This is a God-ordained ministry. I'm responsible to share what God has done with my people and with many others. Then came the year It was Monday, April 2nd, just before the day broke forth, before the sun rose it happened and I'm telling you the truth. My Bibles — the German Lutheran Bible second edition, over years old placed before me and the English one also — and God Almighty, who is the Judge of all, He knows it — it just happened, I had no knowledge, I didn't pray for it, but it took place in Krefeld, Luissen Street on the second floor.

I woke up early, went to the window, pull the curtains right and left and looked out — it was a new day breaking forth, no cloud in the sky. I just came away from the window, having a short prayer, committing the day to the Lord and after this prayer, from about two to three yards or meters I looked towards the window, and from up, from the right, came the tremendous voice of the Lord where every word was spoken with direct precision in the German language.

The Lord said these words: I just fell to the floor landing on my left arm on the carpet, having no strength left in my body. Only after some time I regained a little strength and could start to move my left arm towards the right and finally I could stand to my feet and I was looking towards the window. My body was shaking like this and I said these words: They are not ready to listen.

Store in food, for a great famine is coming.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Then thou shalt stand amidst the people to give out the food. Beloved, you who live in different countries and continents, might not fully understand my situation, but it was in and , when the climax of the cold war was. There was the Cuba crisis, the Berlin crisis, in Berlin the tanks, the Russian tanks and American tanks were facing each other and we thought at any moment some tragedy could happen to our country.

Because natural groceries were mentioned I just did to the best of my knowledge: But no famine came, no tragedy happened, but about me it was something different — I just said: I did not want to face December 31st in that year So it was Monday, December 3rd, when I was together with brother Branham. Brother Banks Wood and also brother Fred Sothman were in the same car.

Brother Branham sitting behind the steering wheel, I was sitting next to him on the right side — picking me up from the place I stayed.

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Then we had a meal together and brother Branham spoke about meetings in Germany and Switzerland, but finally the time came when we continued the conversation. I had to say: I had brothers from other countries, who made the trip to the United States asking Banks Wood, asking Fred Sothman whether they were there when brother Branham spoke to me and they returned to Europe, those brothers being from Germany, from France, from other countries, confirming from their lips having heard the testimony I am giving you now. Brother Branham repeated word for word, sentence for sentence, in the precise order what the Lord had spoken to me in Germany.

From that moment I could not say a word. The presence of God was just so mighty and then, after having told me what the Lord had spoken, he said: Of course, right from September I received all the sermons brother Branham preached in America — three weeks later I received them in Germany and so I actually grew under his ministry year after year. It was ordained of Almighty God in such a way. The final words he said on December 3 in that conversation: So by the grace of God we have to understand that it was at that time when the Lord spoke to me that the angel of the Lord had spoken to brother Branham: How he was spoken to and that he had to put the food in store.

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By the grace of God now we are going to the year when the seven seals were opened according to the vision shown to brother Branham on December 22nd, When I was there with him he told me that in January they would move with the family to Tucson. So after having received the revelation of the seven seals he was misunderstood by the evangelists who had received their inspiration in one of his meetings. You can go back to May 7th, — there was no word, no mentioning of anyone like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts or any of the other evangelists. It was William Branham who had a visitor from heaven — an angel who came to him on May 7th, I believe that with all my heart just as I believe that an angel came to Zechariah according to Luke chapter 1, standing at the right side of the altar, giving the promise that Elizabeth will have a son who will go before the Lord and prepare His way.

Just as the angel came to Marry also as recorded in Luke chapter 1, giving the promised word that the Messiah would be born.

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If you look into the Old and the New Testament, whenever the supernatural took place on earth, God was working in mysterious ways, His wonders and His counsel to perform. You can read in the New Testament an angel opened the prison gate, so that Peter could come out, an angel appeared to Cornelius, told him, that he should call Simon and he would tell him the ways he should move and the words he had to listen to.

An angel came to Paul telling him what would take place. If you go to the last book of the Bible — an angel appeared to John on the island of Patmos showing him what all the servants of God should know, what shortly would come to pass. Then in Revelation When our Lord was born according to Luke chapter 2, all the heavenly host came down singing, the light shown above Bethlehem and the whole region, the night was illuminated and one angel gave the announcement: If we go to the Old Testament, especially the prophet Daniel, who was shown the things pertaining to the end-time, the angel came to him and he was told, that he should explain to the prophet the things he was shown.

Beloved, God will not ask permission of anyone. He will do whatever He purposed and blessed are those who don't object, who don't reject what God is doing. At the moment the counsel of God is coming into fulfillment and the promised Word is taking place. God is acting and especially if a promised prophet rises on the scene, it is our time to know that God is making history. It's not for you to judge, it's for you to respect God and to come to the understanding of what He's doing according to the plan of salvation. Now we have to go a little further. We know Brother Branham was taken from us about this time in December Now we are on the same date in December All these years have passed, but God did not stop in December In reality the work has actually only begun.

It was on December 24th and here are the Bibles before me… I live in Germany, I had no knowledge of what had happened to brother Branham, I could not know that he was taken from us on December 24th, which is my birthday. But I'm telling you the truth. I'm not a man with many visions or dreams or spiritual gifts, but I have seen William Branham on the cloud moving up and moving up higher and higher in that vision, not knowing that this was the moment he was taken from us.

Seeing him on this cloud, just bent over a little like this, and I said: Then it was on January 5th when I was informed by brother Armbruster about the passing away of brother Branham. It was just the most terrible letter I ever received in my life. You could not imagine what that meant to me, but even worse was the day of the burial. I was there, I saw brother Branham in the coffin. He was not buried immediately, but just a little later and I was there, I saw him laying in the coffin, I saw him there and I saw when the coffin was placed into the ground.

My beloved friends, it was a terrible day. To me the whole world had collapsed.

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I did not join in the singing at all. My heart was broken, but friends, it was on the same day in the evening — having come back to my hotel room a heavenly peace just came upon me and this time not a voice, but it spoke in my heart: Needless to say, I returned to Germany, next day I gave the notice to the German government, because for 12 years I was preaching and working at the same time, but then I had to stop my secular work and go into the full-time ministry.

Perry Green and to others, that we need the sermons of brother Branham to be printed, so we can translate them into German and other languages. And I told them that the Lord had spoken to me and now the food, which was stored up, needs to be given out. So it wasn't my initiative, it was the arrangement of God, the providence of the Almighty, who had ahead of time already said what would take place and when the time came he just let me know. And from that time I had the perfect understanding that the perfect Word of God, which was revealed through the prophetic ministry, had now to be shared with all the earth.

It was wonderful how God started this work. You might not believe it, but we started from nothing and I may say: We did not receive a single dollar to start this work. God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the living and only God was with us right from the very beginning.

And so we started to share this Word of God with as many as possible, arranging meetings for brother Green, who came already in to Germany and other European countries to give testimony, to witness what he had seen and heard in this ministry the Lord had given. God used him to witness about the things he had seen and heard everywhere — that is his ministry.

There were many men who were eyewitnesses, who heard and seen what God has done in our time. From the ministry started not only in Germany, but all over Europe — from to I had minute radio broadcasts via Radio Luxembourg, which is the most powerful station in Europe and could reach about million German-speaking people all over the Europe.

You might not know the geographical situation, but if we compare the languages in Europe then German is the most spoken language on this continent.

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