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We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Future Warrior Palms Produced by Palms. The system consists of components integrated to maximize safe aircraft operation and sustain aircrews throughout the flight environment. Block 1 of the Air Warrior system provided an initial system capability including the development, procurement, and fielding of a micro climate cooling system, an integrated survival gear and ballistic protection system, improved over-water protective equipment, and a light-weight chemical and biological protection ensemble.

The Block 3 system was focused on increasing force effectiveness by improving situational awareness and survivability with features similar to those of the Headgear Subsystem. Additional Block 3 capabilities were being defined through the requirements analysis and roadmap phase.

Future Warrior

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on Department of Defense Transformation Official Website". Archived from the original on This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Future Combat Systems Subsystems. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a Villainous Cell, and the two fight him along with Android 17 and Android When Piccolo is defeated, Android 16 advises the two to leave as he will deal with Cell.

Android 16 is originally supposed to be equal with Cell, but since Cell has powered-up from Villainous Mode, the Future Warrior helps Android 16 fight him. Cell then sneaks behind Android 17 and absorbs him. Trunks tells the others about Cell reaching his Perfect Form and opening the Cell Games , but notices one participant that should not be there: Trunks offers the Future Warrior his help. At the Cell Games, Goku has surrendered and calls for Gohan to fight. Towa then appears and disappears along with Mira. Trunks notices that Cell's power has shot up due to Towa's magic, and says he cannot help the Future Warrior anymore due to the present Future Trunks being at the Cell Games.

Suddenly, a wormhole appears in the sky, and a group of Meta-Coolers confront the Future Warrior, saying they will also participate in the Cell Games. Chronoa advises Trunks to help the Future Warrior, saying if he goes through the wormhole, he won't be seen by Gohan and the others. Trunks does so and after the Meta-Coolers are defeated, they retreat into the wormhole. As history is repaired, Gohan is left to fight Cell. Trunks soon arrives to help him, saying he programmed a self-destruct sequence in the Big Gete Star 's computer.

Trunks and the Future Warrior hold off the Meta-Coolers until they are all destroyed. Gohan and Cell collide with their Kamehameha attacks , with Gohan overpowering Cell and destroying him. With history restored, the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest. A Desperate Future Saga Xeno Trunks is looking at the scroll of Age of his alternate timeline and watches the final moments of his mentor Future Gohan and his discovery of Gohan's dead body and becoming a Super Saiyan. Elder Kai says he hasn't seen Xeno Trunks, so the Future Warrior goes to look for him finding him looking at the scroll.

Xeno Trunks explains he was looking at the scroll that holds the history of his era. He explains that in his timeline everyone was wiped out by 17 and 18, even Future Gohan who was the last to go. He notes that if his mother hadn't invented the Time Machine then he and everyone would have met the same fate as Future Gohan. Elder Kai walks in having overheard their conversation and notes that he can't say he approves of a machine that can fiddle around with history, an assessment which Xeno Trunks agrees with knowing full well the dangers such technology holds.

Elder Kai however notes there is little point crying over spilled milk as his use of the Time Machine is a part of the official history thanks to Chronoa's benevolence as she chose not to erase the timelines created by Future Trunks or Cell's use of the Time Machine. Suddenly they notice a change in the same scroll and Xeno Trunks notes they have to act fast. Chronoa appears and asks Trunks if he understands what this means, as this is a sensitive time in history from him and that its is dangerous for him to intervene as the last time Towa altered his timeline he almost faded from existence narrowly surviving thanks to his legendary partner as well as the "assistance" of certain stranger.

Trunks confirms he does and hands the scroll to the Future Warrior leaving his timeline's fate in their capable hands. The Future Warrior arrives to help Future Gohan fight a Dark Future Android 16 , who should not even exist in that timeline as he was never activated.

Unlike his counterpart Dark Future 16 is fixated on eliminating Future Gohan and willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. When he is defeated, they are then confronted by Mira. Trunks, growing impatient and worrisome, appears in his Super Saiyan form, despite Chronoa and Old Kai telling him not to.

When Mira is defeated and retreats, Future Gohan meets Trunks and asks if he is from the future, realizing that Future Bulma managed to build her time machine and tells Trunks he is proud of him. Future Gohan says that the Androids are attacking the city, and Trunks says he will go with Gohan to fight, knowing history would change for the better if he does. Chronoa pleads for him not to as Trunks would change the entire course of history and that he is acting out of emotion. Future Gohan realizes that since Trunks is all grown up, the future turns out to be safe, and his final fight with the Androids has a purpose, telling Trunks not to abandon the Future Warrior as his friend.

Trunks tries to follow Future Gohan as he flies off, but the Future Warrior stops him. The two return to the Time Nest, and Chronoa thanks him for being there to stop Trunks. Trunks takes a break as Old Kai offers to watch over the scrolls in his place. When the present Future Trunks returned to his alternate timeline after the Cell Games, he is confronted by the Villainous Android Even though Future Trunks is supposed to be more powerful than him, he is having trouble, and the Future Warrior appears to help him.

Future Trunks is surprised at this and due to his knowledge, Future Cell realizes he went to the past. Trunks appears and apologizes for his actions, thanking the Future Warrior for stopping him. Afterwards Chronoa, Elder Kai, and the Future Warrior decide to give Xeno Trunks some space and watch from the Time Vault's balcony as Trunks views the scroll for Age and notices that the original history has been slightly altered as Future Gohan tells the Androids that he will never die as even if his body breaks someone stronger will raise in his place, referring to his student Trunks, an event that was not present when he first looked at the scroll.

Elder Kai notes the minor change and Chronoa states that it will disappear after she puts the scrolls together but wonders if she should just leave it as is and Elder Kai agrees that they might as well let that one slip by as ultimately Future Gohan chose to accept his fate and out of respect for Trunks. Supreme Kai of Time announces that Tokitoki has finally laid its egg, explaining to Trunks and the Future Warrior that as Tokitoki controls time, its eggs marks the dawn of an entirely new timeline.

Chronoa calls for a celebration, offering to cook, but Trunks, knowing she is a terrible cook, stops her by asking if they can celebrate later. Chronoa agrees as Trunks' partner is not with them. Mira however feels anxious despite his power increase noting that Trunks: Xeno, Future Gohan, and the two Future Warriors all possess a strange immeasurable power and notes that the Masked Saiyan is the same as his power is far stronger than when they first captured him and even stronger than when Towa augmented the Saiyan's power.

He notes however that the Masked Saiyan's power doesn't frighten him like the others do. He wonders what that power could be, though Towa interrupts his train of thought when she notes the time has come to put their next plan into action and notes he must be growing restless. Majin Vegeta agrees to put off fighting as Goku would be too distracted by Buu to give him a proper fight, though Majin Vegeta knocks out Goku when his guard is down noting that stopping Majin Buu is his responsibility and that they can continue their fight later assuming he survives, which is witnessed by Xeno Trunks from the Time Nest.

Majin Vegeta begins to fight Majin Buu while ordering the Future Warrior to deal with the other "monster" referring to Broly, who tells Majin Vegeta he will suffer for calling him that showing he retains his reason despite being under Towa's control.

Future Force Warrior

Xeno Trunks orders them to stop Broly from interfering with his father's battle with Majin Buu and that they must do anything they can to bring Broly down. Broly notes the Future Warrior's race but doesn't care noting he will crush them all the same for their interference. Xeno Trunks notes Buu wasn't this strong in the original timeline and they will have to lend his father a hand. Eventually Majin Vegeta realizes the depths of Buu's strength and resolves to sacrifice himself. He thanks the Future Warrior for allowing him to fight Kakarot without reservations before telling them to flee.

Majin Vegeta gives his son a hug goodbye before knocking out both Trunks and Goten, telling the recently arrived Piccolo to leave with them and the Future Warrior. As the Future Warrior flies off to safety with Piccolo carrying the boys who notes for the first time Vegeta is fighting for something other than himself, as Majin Vegeta blows himself up with the Final Explosion. The Future Warrior return to the Time Nest, where Chronoa says great work and that they did very well. Xeno Trunks thinks of his father having witnessed both his attempt to return to his evil ways and noble sacrifice.

Elder Kai notes that wasn't an easy piece of history for him but that it is no time to stew over it as history is still off-kilter at the moment, causing Chronoa to pull him aside and tells him to grow a heart and take it easy on Xeno Trunks as it has been very hard on him. Xeno Trunks however overhears them and tells them he is fine, as he is proud to be his father's son so seeing that won't get him down.

Xeno Trunks thanks the Future Warrior for their hard work and tells them to get some rest and talk to him when their ready to get back to work fixing Age The Future Warrior fights Broly to prevent him from interfering with Gohan's fight. When Broly is defeated, they learn from Trunks: Xeno that his father Vegeta is unable to return to Earth because he is being held up in Hell.

This is an anomaly in history as Vegeta cannot come to Earth to eventually fuse with Goku to become Vegito. Chronoa notes it is bad that the Time Breakers have Janemba to their side. Elder Kai wonders what Janemba is and Chronoa explains Janemba is a monster made from the pure evil that collected in the Soul Cleansing Machine in an alternate timeline of Age Xeno Trunks offers to help, though Chronoa tells him to come back in one piece and Elder Kai notes that Vegeta is nearby so he can't stay very long as his presence would only cause Vegeta to ask too many questions, thus Xeno Trunks understanding its too dangerous to remind returns to the Time Nest apologizing to the Future Warrior.

Elder Kai notes it does not bode well as fighting Supervillain Janemba alone won't work. Vegeta then appears and helps the Future Warrior fight Janemba in his base form. Vegeta surmises the only way out of Hell is through Janemba and notes if the creature is looking for a fight than its got one.

He tells the Future Warrior to be careful not to get hurt because they were standing too close to the fight. The Future Warrior and Vegeta manage to weaken the demon enough to allow Vegeta destroys Janemba with a Final Flash while in his base form. Afterwards thanks the Future Warrior but finds they had disappeared, as they had already returned to the Time Nest.

Back in Age , Chronoa notes Xeno Trunks is resting and that his wounds are healed but it left him exhausted so he's still unconscious. Elder Kai notes that the fight with Janemba was something else though he is thankful that everyone is still alive or existent in Vegeta's case as he is still technically dead at that point in history.

He says he is sorry but he is afraid they'll need them to take care of their case of "historical hiccups" as Chronoa explains things are still not back to normal. She notes that Majin Buu has lost all self control and has become Kid Buu, the living embodiment of evil.

Elder Kai notes this should be the last battle for now and to do their best. Vegeta recognizes them from their encounter in Hell and wonders about their sudden appearance before noting it is not important, recognizing that if their there they are willing to fight and to give him a hand as they need to buy time before telling them not to mess it up. Satan helps to convince the people of Earth to lend their energy by claiming he is the one fighting Buu. With the Super Spirit Bomb fully charged, Goku tells them to get out of the way which Vegeta is able to do on his own thanks to Future Warrior's assistance in fighting Buu.

Goku uses it and destroys Kid Buu while stating he hopes Buu comes back as a good person, restoring history. In Age , while Mr. Elder Kai states it looks like things are back to normal, while Chronoa reveals that Xeno Trunks is awake and fully recovered. Xeno Trunks then drops some startling information as he states their was another person with Janemba in Hell and that they should be somewhere nearby.

The Future Warrior then notices the Masked Saiyan who runs from his hiding place behind a rock causing the Warrior to give chase. However when they finally catch up to him, the Masked Saiyan travels through time taking the warrior with him. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Future Warrior and the Masked Saiyan. Xeno Trunks notes the Masked Saiyan is Mira's ally and decides to capture him and find out where his masters are hiding.

Elder Kai notes they have leap into a wild age of history pointing out that the person Goku is fighting is none other than Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7. Goku notes it is so strange but the guy in the mask seems familiar to him.

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE Future warrior saves Gohan

Beerus notes it is very rude to barge in like that and ponders whether he should destroy them. Chronoa quickly intervenes by contacting Beerus and begs him to hold off on that. Beerus asks who is contacting him and Chronoa states its been awhile before revealing it is the Supreme Kai of Time.

She explains that they are after some folks who are messing with space-time and asks if he could spare a minute or two Beerus recognizes it is Chronoa and says he doesn't know what she is going on about but to make it quick and Chronoa says they will do that. She orders the Future Warrior to go and take care of business so as to not upset Lord Beerus.

Chronoa however notes they are taking too long as Xeno Trunks notes the Masked Saiyan is really strong and gets the feeling he has seen him somewhere as well. Chronoa states they don't have time for speculation and to just knock him out already, as Beerus grows impatient, causing Chronoa to ask for just another second.

Goku starts to feel pumped up watching and asks if they mind he joined in, but Beerus says that is nonsense reminding Goku that he still has a "date" with him, causing Chronoa to ask if she is the only sane person left.

She notes things are getting silly and decides she will have to roll up her sleeves and whip out something special. Xeno Trunks asks what this special something is that she has planned. While Chronoa and Xeno Trunks go off to prepare Chronoa's secret solution to their current problem the Future Warrior manages to partially shatter his mask. Trunks recognizes the Masked Saiyan, revealing he is none other than Goku's father Bardock explaining Goku's feeling the Masked Saiyan felt familiar to him implying Goku apparently has some subconscious memory of his father despite his amnesia of his life as Kakarot due to his head injury.

Mira then appears and fights the Future Warrior noting that they have grown stronger since their last fight and wants them to show him what they've got intrigued by their power. Seeing Mira has shown up Xeno Trunks tries to join in too, but Elder Kai tells him to cool his jets as he knows he is not allowed in this bit of history as it could cause Goku to ask too many questions. Goku points out that there is another one appeared and notes it must make Beerus pretty steamed.

As Beerus notes he is running short on patience and wants them all to leave presumably out of respect for Chronoa , Mira tells him to stay back and be quiet. Both Beerus, Xeno Trunks, and Elder Kai are taken aback by Mira daring to mouth off to Beerus with Elder Kai calling him an idiot for foolishly talking back to Beerus of all people, something Elder Kai himself learned the hard way 75 Million years before. Beerus notes Mira has a big mouth and asks if he is really willing to pick a fight with a God of Destruction.

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Mira then notes that he could care less who Beerus is as he happens to be enjoying his fight with the warrior and notes he won't allow any distractions. Beerus finds Mira's audacity amusing noting it has been a while since he had met someone stubborn enough to ignore him. Beerus says he will watch a little while longer just because he admires Mira for having the guts to stand up to a God of Destruction, to Goku's amazement. Elder Kai notes that its a good thing Beerus is amused as for a minute there he thought Beerus would end the universe right then and there because of Mira's stubbornness.

However eventually Beerus loses his patience and states he has half a mind to destroy them all right there. However Chronoa sends in her surprise: Chronoa says Beerus can have that pudding if he doesn't destroy everything. Beerus accepts the pudding and offers everyone some. Beerus and Goku eat the pudding, but find it disgusting as Chronoa says she made it herself which stops Whis from reaching for one of the cups when Chronoa reveals this fact fully aware of what a horrible cook she is implying her poor cooking is infamous among the gods.

Beerus grows extremely furious and powers up, and Whis asks the Future Warrior to help with subduing him noting the last time Beerus was this angry he destroyed two suns. Whis takes the time to admonish Chronoa for her role in upsetting Beerus though she is oblivious to his criticism even taking it as a complement forcing Whis to make it clear to her that it was not meant to be taken as such. Goku notes to his disappointment that he is unable to fight and Whis explains that after eating Chronoa's pudding it is no longer possible and to just rest awhile.

Whis notes how capable the Warrior is and that such a level of strength is rare for their selected race. He asks if they are looking for work and notes they have what it takes to be a candidate for the next God of Destruction.

Future Warrior

However Chronoa tells him to stop as she can't have him waltzing in and stealing Time Patrol personnel, causing Whis to note it is such a pity. Eventually they tire Beerus out and he calms down while Goku notes his stomach cramps are gone too. Chronoa apologizes and offers to make Beerus a special lunch as an apology though Beerus tells her not to even dare making another meal for him before asking if she is trying to kill him before stating he will have no more of her cooking before returning home with Whis as he has worn himself out.

The Future Warrior bows their head goodbye to Beerus and Whis, before Goku thanks the Future Warrior as Earth is safe and notes he is not sure why they are there but is thankful all the same. Back in the Time Nest, Xeno Trunks says they did great work out there and notes they were really on the brink of disaster. Chronoa states she didn't expect them to run into Lord Beerus and that they really cut that one close.

Elder Kai however can't resist pointing out it was thanks to Chronoa's cooking. Chronoa however states it wasn't that bad and that things would have gone a lot worse without her pudding. Elder Kai notes they will definitely try something different now that they have discovered how they operate, wondering what they will try next time. With the defeat of his henchmen, Frieza himself fights the Future Warrior. The sheer pressure from their power levels cause interference in the Time Nest's communication as the Future Warrior helps Goku fight a Villainous Golden Frieza.

During the fight, Chronoa appears to ask for Beerus and Whis' help as Mira and Towa are attacking the Time Nest, enticing them with cream puffs. They agree and leave. With Frieza defeated, he quickly destroys the Earth but not before Trunks appears to save the Future Warrior. When the two are defeated, Goku offers to help the Future Warrior should he ever need it, and the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

Beerus is annoyed by Towa's actions, asking to destroy the Time Nest. Whis, learning of Tokitoki's egg hatching, says he will not allow Beerus to do so, offering to spar with him to relieve stress. Whis then offers the Future Warrior to join them. Beerus leaves to go wash it off as the Future Warrior fights and defeats Whis alone. With Beerus content, he and Whis leave everything to them and they leave. The Masked Saiyan Saga With things calm, a little too calm, the group decide to investigate Bardock's disappearance from the original timeline and save him from Towa's mind control.

Before Bardock is killed by the attack, he is sucked into a wormhole. Towa and Mira appear, and Trunks and the Future Warrior chase them. They arrive at Earth in an unspecified point in time, and Towa appears along with the masked Bardock in Villainous Mode. Villainous Mira appears to help Bardock. When they are both defeated, Bardock's mask is shattered, and Towa traps Trunks and the Future Warrior in a wormhole slowly sucking them into a separate dimension with no way out.

They are saved by Bardock, who woke up and pushed them out of the wormhole by blasting them.

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Bardock, free from the mind control, traps Mira in a full nelson. Due to Bardock gaining power from being under Towa's control, Mira is unable to free himself from Bardock's hold. Bardock powers up, telling them to never underestimate the power of a Saiyan, and he drags Mira along with him into the wormhole leading to the separate dimension. Towa then reveals her trump card, Trunks' partner wearing a mask and being under Towa's control. Trunks and the Future Warrior are forced to fight the mind-controlled Future Warrior. When the mind-controlled Future Warrior is defeated, Towa decides to start a clean slate, making Trunks' partner vanish out of thin air, along with the memories of the Future Warrior vanishing from everyone's minds.

Trunks and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest with Bardock's broken mask as their only clue, not remembering the other Future Warrior. Warrior from the Demon World Saga Trunks puts the pieces together and begins to remember back when he wished for the Future Warrior to appear in Age Before he could do so, Towa appears and quickly destroys Shenron. Due to this change in history, the Time Nest begins falling apart. The Future Warrior quickly travels to that point in time and prevents Towa from destroying Shenron, beginning to fight her as the Trunks from that timeline helps him.

Towa suddenly appears in the Time Nest, knocking down Chronoa and taking Tokitoki's egg. Mira then appears and fights off Trunks and the Future Warrior. When Mira fires a ki blast to finish off the Future Warrior, he is saved by the previous Future Warrior, who takes the attack. Mira and Towa jump into a wormhole, and the Future Warrior jumps in after them, after being inspired by his predecessor. At the ruined city in the unspecified point in time, the Future Warrior fights the Villainous Mira. During the battle, Mira begins to overheat from his immense power, and he grows insane.

Towa tries to calm him down but fails, and is forced to help the Future Warrior subdue him before his core overloads and destroys the entire universe. When Mira is defeated, Towa tries to take out his core to repair it, but Mira stops her and grabs her by the throat. Mira betrays Towa and says he has grown past her schematics and proceeds to absorb her into his being, along with the Tokitoki egg she is holding, attaining his true form.

Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and helps the Future Warrior fight Mira, explaining that Whis brought him to this time and he is glad to be able to repay the debt he owed the Future Warrior. The two fight a long and fierce battle against Mira. Eventually, Mira's power begins to fluctuate. As Mira is being destroyed, he laughs and wished he could have fought more, asking Towa to forgive him. At the Time Nest, history has been restored and things are once again peaceful.

Whis, Beerus and Goku prepare to head back to their era, but not before participating in a huge banquet in Conton City to celebrate the return of Tokitoki's Egg and the Time Breaker's defeat. Elder Kai ends up accidentally bumping into Beerus while reading one of his Dirty magazines. Beerus is at first angered that someone would interrupt his snack time but calms down when he realizes it is Elder Kai. Elder Kai acts friendly towards Beerus, but is actually peeved by the God of Destruction's presence as he still holds a grudge against Beerus for sealing him in the Z Sword.

However Beerus overhears Elder Kai grumbling to himself under his breath and tells Elder Kai not to complain to himself loud enough that Beerus can hear him. Beerus then decides to simply destroy Elder Kai for annoying him, but fortunately Whis arrives with a plate of food, diffusing the situation.

Meanwhile, Chronoa summons Shenron at the behest of Tokitoki to wish up a feast, after dissuading Chronoa from cooking it herself by successfully arguing that there are too many people to cook for. Elder Kai however objects to using the Dragon Balls to order take out, but Beerus reminds him it is a festive occasion. Chronoa then wishes for a feast that will leave everyone full and satisfied which Shenron easily grants.

At the banquet, Beerus tells Whis to try some of the sushi, only to find that Whis is sitting at another table with Goku, Chronoa, Tokitoki, and Elder Kai. After the banquet, Goku asks who they think is stronger between the two Future Warriors, causing Xeno Trunks to remind Goku that he has been at it longer than either of the two Future Warriors, but Elder Kai reminds him that Goku defeated his brother despite the latters higher power level. Whis suggests the two fight and compare the results to settle matters and Goku eagerly agrees, as he hopes to join in, but Beerus tells him to sit back and watch.

Goku complains, but is admonished by Xeno Trunks for his immature behavior, causing everyone to laugh. The results of the two Future Warriors' battle is left ambiguous. During the battle Xeno Bardock takes advantage of the modifications Towa had made to his body and rage over being manipulated to access his Super Saiyan form and uses his Saiyan Power to grow stronger as he fights to awaken his Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 forms.

SSJ3 Bardock ultimately defeats Mira, who realizes that what he had been lacking all along was an fighting spirit and indomitable will. Chronoa explains that Mira's battle with Bardock is what changed him, causing him to defy Towa in the final battle in Age???. She asks Trunks and the Future Warrior their opinion on Bardock's fate as he was not present when Mira regained consciousness. They surmise that Bardock either destroyed himself or was transported to another timeline due to the explosive power unleashed by his Super Saiyan 3 form.

Chronoa thanks the Warrior and Trunks for their input. Afterwards Xeno Trunks tells the Warrior Chronoa wanted to see them before he leaves to attend to another task for Chronoa. Chronoa and Elder Kai greet the Warrior and explain there has been another history change in the alternate timeline of Age In this timeline, Chronoa reveals that a history change caused Xeno Trunks to defy Chronoa and fulfill his desire to save his master Future Gohan. Instead of asking them to fix the change, Chronoa tells the Future Warrior to see the change for themself.

Trunks states he has made up his mind and will fight alongside him. Seeing his student in danger causes some of Future Gohan's hidden power to surface, granting him the strength to defeat 17 and 18 alongside Xeno Trunks. Xeno Trunks states that he can never return to Age and decides to remain in Age with Future Gohan. Gohan is glad that peace has been restored and comments that Future Bulma will be surprised to see she has gained another son. Afterwards Chronoa asks the Future Warrior their opinion on whether they should leave it as an alternate timeline or fix it.

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Regardless of the Warrior's decision, Chronoa reminds them she has final say. It is unclear if Chronoa had it fix or allowed the change to remain as an alternate timeline with Xeno Trunks from the timeline where he choose to leave Gohan to his fate still exist as member of the Time Patrol in Age , while the other Xeno Trunks that saved Gohan continues to protect the alternate future timeline he created alongside his mentor, his younger self, and Future Bulma. Afterwards Chronoa explains that the Distorted Time Eggs Towa had created caused a natural time distortion which caused Xeno Trunks to fulfill his strongly held desire to save his master thus explaining the reason behind the change and Xeno Trunks' behavior.

They meet up with Xeno Trunks, the Toki Toki City Hero, Chronoa, and Elder Kai inside the Time Vault and are informed that a history change has occurred during the Tournament of Destroyers which takes place a year earlier in Age instead of Age like in the original history. Elder Kai and Chronoa then show them the Time Scroll for Age which shows Beerus, Whis, and the rest of Team Universe 7 waiting for Goku and Majin Buu to show up, only for Beerus and Whis to decide to leave them behind when they fail to show up on time.

Chronoa and Elder Kai task the Toki Toki City Hero with finding Goku, causing Trunks to ask if he will be looking for Buu, but Elder Kai tells him not to bother as Buu never fought in the Tournament as he failed the written exam in the original history and tell Trunks to help the Hero search for Goku. Meanwhile, the Future Warrior is selected to join Team Universe 7 in order to ensure Universe 7's victory and fix any further changes during the tournament.

The Future Warrior learns they have to take an exam in order to participate in the tournament. Beerus yells at the warrior for getting in the way, but Chronoa contacts him and explains that she selected them to join Team Universe 7 since they were two fighters down. Champa is furious at the sudden last minute addition, but Beerus reminds him of his already unfair advantage and he reluctantly agrees. Vados however points out the Warrior must take the exam first. While Piccolo faces off against Botamo, the Future Warrior takes the exam under the watchful eye of Vados. Elder Kai apologizes for forgetting about the exam, causing Chronoa to admonish him for forgetting something he had witnessed first hand.

Elder Kai complains that he can't remember everything, causing Chronoa to state she hopes she never gets old, only for Elder Kai to remind her they are only years apart in age. Xeno Trunks interrupts the argument by asking if he should turn off his communicator while they are arguing, causing Chronoa to apologize to Trunks and the Warrior for distracting them. Eventually Piccolo defeats Botamo just as the Warrior finishes the exam which they pass, allowing them to official join Team Universe 7. Beerus enquires as to Goku's whereabouts and Goku apologizes stating that he thought the tournament was on a different day and it is revealed that the Warrior and Trunks located him training on King Kai's Planet.

Champa is once again angry at the sudden appearance of another fighter, but Beerus states reminds him that it is now a fair fight and rhetorically asks if he has a problem with fighting fair, which Champa claims he is fine with playing fair. Vados however reminds everyone that Goku will have to take the exam, forcing him to leave the fighting to the Warrior and the rest of Team Universe 7 for the time being.

Champa decides to match the next match a team match to spice things up and tells Cabba to team up with Frost. Elder Kai notes that Frost shouldn't be fighting in his Final Form yet, causing Chronoa state that they will just have to be prepared for any other changes that might pop up.

Frost is cordial and respectful towards the Future Warrior, causing Beerus to state that though Frost looks like Frieza, he couldn't be anymore different. However, when the Warrior starts to get the upper hand, Frost reveals his true colors by using his Secret Poison on the Future Warrior, disorienting them and knocking them near the edge of the ring. Just as Frost is about kick the dazed Future Warrior out of the ring, Piccolo manages to block Frost's attack, preventing his teammate from being disqualified by ring out.

The Future Warrior recovers from the poison and engages Frost in combat once more. However Jaco having seen Frost's poison needle informs the referee that Frost is cheating by using a weapon, causing him to be disqualified. Cabba is stunned that Frost would resort to cheating and demands an explanation. Vados then reveals that it is simply Frost's true nature and reveals his status as the secret leader of space pirates. Frost laughs and admits that he has been starting wars in Universe 6, ending them publicly, and profiting on the rebuilding, something which his is unapologetically proud of, causing Beerus to state that he's not too different from Frieza after all.

However Vegeta tells the Warrior to not to let Frost get off so easily with a disqualification and that people like Frost need to be ground into the dirt. As a result, the Warrior continues to fight Frost despite his disqualification. Frost asks if they are sure they want to fight, as he will gladly use his poison on them.

As Cabba had been fighting fairly against Piccolo, he is exempt from being disqualified and continues to fight Piccolo as their battle is still unresolved. Meanwhile, Goku manages to finish his test and Beerus asks if he pasted, causing Goku to sheepishly confirm he did but only barely, causing Beerus to remind him that he would have destroyed him had he failed.

Goku asks when he will get a chance to fight, and Beerus tells him he will get his chance soon and to just sit back and wait.