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These days are open to anyone who has completed an 8-week course. Because this mini 'Retreat in the City' is predominantly in silence it is it is not suitable for beginners.

Finding the Blue Sky

If you have experience meditating but have not completed the 8 week course or have completed the 8-week course with another teacher and would like to join us you would be very welcome but you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire on booking. We will begin and end the day with reflection and discussion and the rest of the time there will be a variety of guided practices including sitting, walking, stretching and lying down practices.

Maintaining Your Practice with Follow-On Classes Maintaining your meditation practice after the course has finished is often a struggle. The sessions take place once a month for a three-month block. They offer an opportunity to meet and practise together with the intention of refreshing, sustaining and deepening our practice and understanding of mindfulness.

The sessions are a great way to kickstart your practice if it has lapsed. I will provide materials to support you and reflect on in the weeks between the sessions. During two of these years, Pirsig continued working at his job of writing computer manuals. This caused him to fall into an unorthodox schedule, waking up very early and writing Zen from 2 a. He would sleep during his lunch break and then go to bed around 6 in the evening. Pirsig joked that his co-workers noticed that he was "a lot less perky" than everyone else.

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance , Pirsig explores the meaning and concept of "quality"; a term he conceives as undefinable. Quality is a phenomenon that exists between the subject and the object.

Zen and the art of social movement maintenance

The perception of a painting, for example, requires both an observer and an object. His thesis is that to truly experience quality one must both embrace and apply it as best fits the requirements of the situation. According to Pirsig, such an approach would avoid a great deal of frustration and dissatisfaction common to modern life.

In the book, the narrator describes the "romantic" approach to life of his friend, John Sutherland, who chooses not to learn how to maintain his expensive new motorcycle. John simply hopes for the best with his bike, and when problems do occur he often becomes frustrated and is forced to rely on professional mechanics to repair it.

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In contrast, the "classical" narrator has an older motorcycle which he is usually able to diagnose and repair himself through the use of rational problem-solving skills. In an example of the classical approach, the narrator explains that one must pay continual attention: The next day he is thinking of this as he is going through his ritual to adjust the valves on his cycle's engine. During the adjustment, he notes that both spark plugs are black, confirming a rich mixture.

Embracing Imperfection: Insight Meditation Center

He recognizes that the higher elevation is causing the engine to run rich. The narrator rectifies this by installing new jets with the valves adjusted, and the engine runs well again. With this, the book details two types of personalities: The Sutherlands represent an exclusively romantic attitude toward the world. The narrator initially appears to prefer the classic approach.

It later becomes apparent that he understands both viewpoints and is aiming for the middle ground. He understands that technology, and the "dehumanized world" it carries with it, appears ugly and repulsive to a romantic person. He knows that such persons are determined to shoehorn all of life's experience into the romantic view.

Pirsig is capable of seeing the beauty of technology and feels good about mechanical work, where the goal is "to achieve an inner peace of mind". Thick Problems and Thin Solutions. The Hidden Leaf Foundation's useful reading list on transformation. If you would like to add your name to this list by supporting us with a grant, please contact a member of our team.

Embracing Imperfection

We publish high-quality investigative reporting and analysis; we train and mentor journalists and wider civil society; we publish in Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese and English. Zen and the art of social movement maintenance James K Rowe 27 March Strategic meditation Meditation and yoga came to Occupy through multiple sources.

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