No One Lives Forever: A Cyborg Love Story in An Alternate Future

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She is then tasked to escort Dr. Otto Schenker, an East German scientist, to England. Later on, as Cate and Dr. Schenker fly back to England, he is captured by H. Armstrong decides to spare Cate's life, believing that she is a fellow Scot. Cate awakens and is soon thrown from the plane as it explodes. After meeting him in a nightclub in Hamburg , they are ambushed by H. The two are then tasked to investigate a cargo freighter containing several suspicious chemical containers that UNITY believes are linked to Dr. Cate gets in the freighter, and after taking photos of the containers, is knocked unconscious by Armstrong, who spares her life by locking her in a cargo hold , thus ignoring Wagner's insistence that she must be liquidated.

As the freighter heads out to sea, it slowly begins to sink, due to a huge explosion. Wagner and Armstrong escape immediately, but Cate has to fight her way out of the bowels of the freighter. Because Cate could not obtain the required information, she and Tom must return to the sunken freighter to finish gathering intelligence aboard. Cate goes scuba diving, and after investigating the shipwreck and obtaining the captain's log and the cargo manifest, she is ambushed by H. Later, Cate finds out about a connection between H.

However, the Baron claims he has no intelligence regarding his connection to H.

Later, Cate infiltrates the Dumas corporate headquarters , gaining access to their highly guarded safe, and photographing some relevant documents, despite heavy opposition, including an ear-splitting deathmatch against Wagner. However, after photographing the headquarter's final document, Cate escapes the headquarters despite witnessing Tom being shot by Volkov. Schenker's biological explosive development.

The chemical is injected into the living host, and it feeds on organic material until it culminates in a massive explosion. Cate embarks on a train ride to Washington State, where Dr. Schenker is believed to be located. Cate finds him and manages to escort him to safety using an underground base. Schenker reveals that the antidote for the chemical reagent is located in H. Cate travels to a small island located in the Caribbean , where she infiltrates a secret launch facility. Cate discovers that a rocket will be sent to the space station that afternoon to collect some antidote.

Disguised as a H. While she is searching for the antidote , the space station is struck by a meteor shower , causing it to implode. Cate obtains a large antidote sample and uses an escape pod to return to Earth safely. Now in possession of the antidote, UNITY needs the list of infected people to find out who administered it, during which Cate believes that the real mastermind behind H.

While there, she is knocked unconscious by Armstrong, who spares her life by locking her in a cell. The Baroness gloats at Cate about her plans to take over the world and leaves. Cate then provokes Armstrong into an ensuing fist fight. After being defeated, Armstrong agrees to let Cate go, and defects H. Cate then realizes that she was infected after being knocked unconscious by Wagner in Hamburg days ago. The Baroness mentions that Wagner must have set the count-down to 10 days instead of 10 hours.

Eventually, Cate obtains another antidote and later, the list located in the Baroness's hidden lair. When Cate traveled down the mountain via Gondola, defeating the H. During their duel, an explosion causes an avalanche to send Volkov over the edge of a cliff. Later, Cate is confronted by the Baroness , and another gun duel ensues.

After defeating the Baroness, she reveals that she has also infected herself and is about to detonate. Cate hurries to clear the civilians off the streets, and hides inside a building as the Baroness explodes. Cate arrives at a graveyard where Bruno was buried to pay her respects. She is then confronted by the supposedly long-dead Tom Goodman, who reveals that he is the real traitor within UNITY, and a final gun duel ensues.

Cate manages to injure Tom and arrest him, but Smith shoots Tom, causing him to fall into a freshly dug grave. Smith then tries to shoot Cate as well, but Jones shoots Smith and reveals that Bruno is still alive. Smith attempts his one last effort to shoot Cate, but Cate kills Smith just in time. When Cate's investigation initially foiled H. Cate reacts in shock upon finding out the truth.

In a scene after the credits , it is revealed that Volkov survived the avalanche and reports back to H. In a level exclusive to the Game of the Year Edition , Cate is sent on vacation to a small island, only to discover and destroy a secret H. The Chosen , which had been prematurely released buggy and unpolished, and that the company "had a lot to prove, both to ourselves and the gaming public. Signing a contract with a publisher was a very difficult task for Monolith. Development had been going on for months, and the project had been approved by different publishers four times, before they were able to actually sign a deal with one.

The game actually started off as a mission -based, anime -inspired, paramilitary action thriller intended as a spiritual sequel to Shogo and ended up as a 60s spy adventure in the tradition of Our Man Flint and countless other 60s spy movies and shows. And Jace Hall closed the deal with Fox Interactive that basically saved the company.

After finally signing a contract with Fox with whom partnership was announced to the public on August 24, , [11] [12] the team was able to draft a mission statement , which stood as a point of reference during every aspect of developing the game. We came up with a list of the characteristics we felt were necessary to achieve our objective. The game must have a strong narrative , with twists and turns in the spirit of Charade or Where Eagles Dare.

It must feature a fiercely competent hero and an assortment of despicable villains. The hero must have access to an impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets worthy of Our Man Flint , Danger: Diabolik , or Get Smart. There must be memorable, death-defying situations, opportunities for stealth as well as all-out action , and a variety of exotic locales to explore.

Finally, every aspect of the presentation must convincingly evoke the era. The game was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 conference show. By at least July , Monolith has decided to introduce many major changes to the game; the main reason being that the gaming press unexpectedly started comparing the game to James Bond games , like GoldenEye We wanted to get away from the Bond comparisons that people were making, so we've changed the main character and the back-story a fair amount.

But a woman with those same characteristics immediately stood out because of the social climate of the time. No matter how qualified she might be, she'd have to overcome some serious barriers just to get a chance to prove herself. And if things didn't go flawlessly on a mission, she'd catch more heat than she deserved. The female protagonist "went through numerous concept sketches, costume designs, hairstyles, names, and even nationalities. Originally, Harris recorded the Scottish protagonist's voice in a stronger Scottish accent. This was changed after a Scottish producer of the game felt that the particular accent used was too lower class, and an inappropriate choice; Harris re-recorded her lines with a " British bent " instead.

Along with the character and plot changes, it was also decided to change the game's working title , No One Lives Forever , to something else, for similar reasons related to the Bond franchise in particular, the novel Nobody Lives for Ever , as well as possible legal considerations. After the game's release, Hubbard identified the realistic expectations set by the team as a strong point in the game's development, saying that "given our budget, team size, and development cycle, the best we could hope to do was to create a fun, engaging 60s espionage game that would make up in presentation what it lacked in innovation.

Stealth was too unforgiving. Once you were spotted, you were playing an action game. According to Hubbard, the team's "greatest asset was [probably] the list of mistakes we made during Shogo. We started this project with a pretty sober view of what we could achieve. As a result, every major feature we outlined made it into the game, as well as a few additional items we came up with during the project. However, a number of remnants stemming from the earlier gameplay design can be seen in some of the released maps, such as the office of the aforementioned mayor seen in the Morocco map.

The game is based on Lithtech 2. Enemy AI can react to eleven different stimuli, including hearing the player's footsteps or weapon firing, seeing the player's footprints in the snow, or hearing an ally scream in pain. The AI can try and investigate the source of these stimuli, by following the footprints for example, and can sound alarms or call for backup. During combat, the AI finds cover positions, and, to some extent, can also use its environment for protection, such as flipping over a table and hiding behind it.

For example, one guard might start firing at the player, while another runs and calls for backup. The game's AI includes friendly and enemy humans, as well as dogs, sharks, and helicopters.

practice theories of theory and practice

Stealth Assassins , Syphon Filter , and GoldenEye , because the team was "interested in a blend of stealth and action rather than focusing on one or the other exclusively. Thematically, influences behind The Operative: No One Lives Forever were primarily s spy-themed films, novels, television shows, as well as historical references. Diabolik , Avengers — anything I could get my hands on.

Humor plays an important role in No One Lives Forever. As Hubbard explained, the game's intention is "to make you laugh, but not at the expense of providing a broader, more satisfying emotional experience than a spoof generally allows, so that even if you don't chuckle once, you can still have plenty of fun playing the game. Some of it is subtle, some of it isn't. Regarding comparisons between the game and the Austin Powers film series, Hubbard pointed out on several occasions that, unlike Austin Powers , No One Lives Forever is not a parody of the spy genre. That dichotomy in tone results in a very different style of humor from a parody, where everything is in good fun and nobody, including the characters, takes anything very seriously.

The game uses DirectMusic technology, and its music is an example of an adaptive score: For instance, the music increases in tempo or urgency when the player is in a combat situation, or if enemies become aware of the player's presence. Whitmore's adaptive score was not used for the PlayStation 2 version of the game. Instead, it featured original music by Rebecca Kneubuhl, and mixed by Gabriel Mann.

Kneubuhl and Mann also provided vocals for the title theme. The game was released with bonus s-inspired music on the second CD. The songs available on this album, titled In the Lounge , were not featured in the game, but were specifically written as extra material. The 9 songs were written by Rebecca Kneubuhl who created the in-game score for the later PlayStation 2 port as well , and were recorded at Asylum Studios. A different version of In the Lounge was also created.

This includes the same 9 original tracks, although in a slightly different order. It does not include the two indie songs; however, it does feature Rich Ragsdale's NOLF title theme, as well as remixes of 6 of the original songs, by Gabriel Mann. The GOTY edition comes with the game's official Prima strategy guide , and it also contains more multiplayer maps, which were also made available as a download for owners of the original game.

In , Monolith Productions released a set of editing tools for No One Lives Forever that included the level editor and model editor used for development. This port of the game was released on April 18, [51] although it was originally intended for a release , [52] and was again published jointly by Sierra and Fox. The PlayStation 2 version of the game included three exclusive flashback levels not available in other releases of the game titled "Nine Years Ago", in which the player controls a younger Cate Archer, when she used to be a cat burglar. Each of the new levels is accessed during several moments in the original story, when Cate is knocked out by Armstrong.

All three levels use new textures, new character models, and feature Cate's cat burglar outfit, as well as two exclusive gadgets. Similarly to the Windows version of the game, the Mac OS X port also uses GameSpy technology for its online multiplayer mode, allowing players to play with each other, no matter which platform they use. With the rise of digital distribution in video games in the latter part of the s, there has been speculation about a possible re-release, or even a remake of the titles in the No One Lives Forever series. However, a number of reports have pointed out the complicated state of the series' intellectual property IP rights.

After the merger, Activision decided to sell off some IPs and retain others. In order to find out the legal details behind NOLF , Amrich asked his colleagues, saying that "[t]he person that I normally talk to about this stuff does not believe that we [at Activision] currently have the rights. They've never seen it, they've never been given the permission to put that stuff on [GOG.

He said, basically, 'If we had it, I would love to be able to reissue those old games. Interactive Entertainment , who also did not know who the IP belonged to. When asked about the rights to the game in July , NOLF designer Craig Hubbard also expressed confusion about the legal complexities behind the series. According to Hubbard, "my understanding was that Monolith owned the IP and Fox owned the title of the first game, which was technically The Operative: No One Lives Forever. I think Monolith actually owned A Spy in H.

Fox got acquired by VUG, which in turn got acquired by Activision, while Monolith got bought by Warner Brothers, so some stars would have to align for everything to get sorted out. A possible venue for re-release of the games would be computer game sale and distribution service GOG. In an interview with GOG. Night Dive attempted to work with Fox and Activision to search their archives, but as these transitions pre-dated computerized records, neither company wanted to do so. Night Dive's efforts were further stalled when they were told by Warner Bros. No One Lives Forever received critical acclaim upon its release, and has an Critical reception of the PlayStation 2 port of No One Lives Forever was much less positive than the original version.

It has a Retrospective articles written about the game have also been positive. You couldn't because it would be too long, require far too many assets, and most significantly of all, risk all the cost of development on a comedy game — a genre that no longer exists. It was followed by a sequel in , entitled No One Lives Forever 2: In , a spin-off of the first two game was released, entitled Contract J.

This stand-alone expansion pack is a shorter game, and unlike the previous titles, its main protagonist is not Cate Archer, but John Jack, who works for H. The game also focuses more on action gameplay, rather than on stealth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Box art, portraying protagonist Cate Archer.

November 9, EU: April 18, EU: Impossible , Get Smart , Danger: Diabolik , Modesty Blaise , and countless other shows, films, and novels from the era, as well as numerous historical references. That said, we've certainly attempted to give NOLF a personality of its own by tweaking the cliches rather than merely rehashing them. No One Lives Forever music sample. The score of No One Lives Forever dynamically changes during gameplay. This track, called "The Operative", is the only original song on the album with lyrics. Written by Rebecca Kneubuhl, with a vocal performance from Lisa Kable. Retrieved February 27, No One Lives Forever website.

Archived from the original on January 28, Retrieved September 16, No One Lives Forever". Archived from the original on August 31, Retrieved November 7, Archived from the original on November 9, He manages to shut down Grid and goes into the fallen watchtower where he helps Batman use Wonder Woman's lasso to free the Justice League teams from the Firestorm matrix. Cyborg possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability.

Cyborg can also interface with computers. Built into his body-armor were an infrared eye, computer generator, sound amplifier, and special programming adapters that allowed him to interface with other body extensions. Cyborg has virtually unlimited shape-changing abilities that allow him to mimic road, air or space vehicles and even reshape his entire body or parts of it to form such complex shapes such as a tank. If he pushes himself, he can even exceed five tons, but not without causing severe stress to his cybernetic components.

Recently Victor breaks apart Kalibak's Chaos Cannon used to destroy planets. Due cybernetic enhancements their five senses were increased to superhuman levels.

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Victor doesn't need to sleep,eat or drink. Adding the Environmental Mode that replaced his last lung no longer has the need to breathe, and can operate in any area that has no oxygen in space or as in underwater. The nature of Cyborg's body provides offers protection against physical and energy attacks,being able to withstand the pressures of the deepest parts of the oceans. Since is linked with Earth's computers and satellites Victor can control any type of technology that have connection with the Internet as well control any form of electronic communication,allowing it to manipulate data or rearrange security privileges.

Recently demonstrated the ability to hear Brainiac's drones communicating with each other. Teleportation - Cyborg can use Boom Tubes to transport himself and the League to anywhere n Earth and in the Universe,since is stated Darkseid use it to cross dimensions,however one out of every thousand 'jumps' results in transporting himself and whoever is with him to Apokolips.

Recently installed a silent mode to not be noticed by others,not even Superman couldn't note him coming.

No One Lives Forever

When Reverse Flash goes back in time and messes with the timeline, the DC Universe turns into a very different place where the world's greatest heroes are not how we know them to be. In this timeline Cyborg is America's greatest hero, and he is based in Detroit where he has his headquarters. When the Amazons and the Atlanteans go to war, Cyborg tries to gather a group of Earth's superhumans to help stop the war that has ravaged half of Europe.

No one joins his group when they find that Batman Thomas Wayne has no interest. But before long Barry Allen arrives and convinces Wayne otherwise, and the three set off to gather an army. Stage actor Ray Fisher portrays the character in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. In a brief cameo, Victor's mangled body is shown being bonded with a Mother Box during one of his father's experiments. Ray Fisher reprises his role in the live-action Justice League movie. This movie is directed by Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, who served as the post-production director of this movie after Snyder stepped down from directing duties.

This movie was released on November 17th, In this film, Cyborg initially refuses to join the team, though after his father, Silas Stone, is captured, he voluntarily pitches in. He successfully saves his father from the hands of Steppenwolf, and escapes from the water tower from which he resided in. When Superman returned, his offense system kicked in and attacked Superman, which triggered the Man of Steel to fight the League. Cyborg also played a crucial role in the final act, where he began to separate the Mother Boxes that had formed "The Unity".

With the help of Superman, he succeeded. Cyborg appears in Justice League: Doom in a major role. The film marks the first time Cyborg has been portrayed as a member of the Justice League in any non-comic form of media. He is voiced by Bumper Robinson.

DOS Boot: No One Lives Forever deserves to live on

In the film, Cyborg first appears after Batman asks for his help in discovering how the Royal Flush Gang are pulling off a series of impossible heists. Cyborg later rescues Wonder Woman after she is poisoned by Cheetah , and ends up being brought along during the subsequent attempt to rescue the other JLA members.

After the League saves the Earth from a massive solar flare, Cyborg is officially inducted into the Justice League as the team's newest member. The Flashpoint Paradox , an adaptation of Flashpoint. In the film, Cyborg is a member of the League. In the alternate timeline the bulk of the film takes place in, he is depicted as the world's top hero, since Kal-El never became Superman and most of the rest of the League never came to resemble their classic forms.

He was voiced by Michael B. Cyborg appears in JLA Adventures: War , based off of the New 52 Justice League Origins comic book by Geoff Johns, Cyborg appears as one of the founding members of the Justice League in light of the invasion of Darkseid. Victor Stone was originally a talented high school football quarterback but has a troubled relationship with his father Silas due to his father's lack of support for his football playing career. In frustration, Cyborg grabs one of the boom tubes asking whether his work is more important than his own son.

The boom tubes suddenly activate at that moment and engulfs Victor. In a last ditch effort to save his son's life, Silas grafts technology from the red room and successfully saves his son's life but at the cost of making him a Cyborg at the same time. Cyborg helps the rest of the Justice League in battling Darkseid and his Parademons, with Cyborg having access to almost any technological interface he is able to open up the boom tubes to send them back to Apokolips.

At the end of the film, the newly formed Justice League team is introduced to the world and Cyborg seems to have embraced his new role more as he sees his father nod in approval. Cyborg was voiced by Shemar Moore.

Gaming History: No One Lives Forever "Real espionage was never this fun"

Cyborg appears alongside his Justice League teammates in the sequel to Justice League: The film is based off of the New 52 comic book story line of the same name and was released in Shemar Moore reprised his role. Cyborg appears in Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem , voiced by Khary Payton. Cyborg appears in Justice League vs. Teen Titans , with Shemar Moore once again reprising his role. In the film, it's shown that he relates more closely to the Titans, as they are closer in age to him.

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Cyborg appeared in The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians from to He was voiced by Ernie Hudson. Cyborg's origin was told via a medical journal read by Dr. Martin Stein saying Cyborg was a promising decathlon athlete until an accident destroyed most of his body and his father replaced part of his body with machine parts. Also, he is not a Titan. He becomes fast friends with fellow teammate Firestorm. He is an affiliate of the Justice League of America under Superman. Cyborg appears in the Teen Titans animated series, voiced by Khary Payton.

This version of Cyborg is very similar to his comic book counterpart.

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His nickname is "Cy", and like his teammates, in the animated series Cyborg is never referred to by his given name; however, he does take the alias "Stone" based on his real last name in the Season 3 episode "Deception". The two main differences are his design and that he is more easygoing than his comics counterpart.

His head is considerably more rounded and bald based on his Titans Hunt counterpart , and his mechanical parts are bulkier. His primary weapon is a sonic cannon housed in his forearm; initially he uses only his right arm to fire, but later episodes reveal that his left arm has an identical cannon built into it as well. Other on-board weapons and tools, such as an acetylene torch, a remote-operated video camera, and several missile launchers, can be deployed as needed, and his arms and legs are detachable. Cyborg is the Titans' chief technician and gadgeteer. He is responsible for the construction of the Titan Tower's electronic and security systems and the team's main vehicles, the T-Car and the T-Ship.

His most dominant personality faults featured in the series are his enormous appetite and a tendency to be overly vain about his work as a result, he fosters a special dislike for those who abuse his devices irresponsibly, especially Gizmo and Brother Blood. On occasion, Cyborg acts as the team's second-in-command, but he tends to butt heads with Robin on rather trivial matters.

In "Cyborg the Barbarian", he was sent back to 3, B. There, he met a woman named Sarasim and fell in love with her. The relationship ended when Cyborg was brought back to his own time. Cyborg's age is never specified, but he mentions in "Deception" that he never had a chance to finish high school due to circumstances that made him what he is.

The only time Cyborg's personal history has been discussed is in "Deception", in which he discusses his involuntary cyborg status with Starfire, and in the 4th season episode "The End: These duplicates reflect the dark side of each character. Cyborg appeared in the 15th episode of the fifth season of Smallville on the 16th February and is played by Lee Thompson Young. In this version, Victor is a former Metropolis High School football star. He is involved in a car accident that kills him, supposedly, and the rest of his family. However, he is secretly rebuilt by Cyntechnics scientists including Dr.

Alistair Krieg, who experimented on a group of test subjects. Victor was the only test subject to survive the experiments. Cyntechnics was bought up by LuthorCorp shortly before Victor's escape. Lex denies any knowledge of Cyntechnics' secretive activities. Although Victor's cybernetic enhancements are entirely on the inside [under his skin] instead of exoskeletal as they are in the comics and other media, a shot of Clark Kent's X-ray vision reveals that Victor's cranial armor covers the same-shaped area as it does in the comics.

He also bleeds a dark fluid as he does in the comics. Smallville never uses the name "Cyborg" in his first appearance. Instead, Victor refers to his enhancements as bionic. Lee Thompson Young reprises his role of Cyborg in the season 6 episode "Justice", episode about Green Arrow gathering together a group of individuals to combat Lex Luthor and his experiments. The episode premiered on 18 January In this episode, Victor has finally taken the name "Cyborg", as Green Arrow's team uses code names.

Also on the team are Aquaman and Impulse. While Victor was last seen with a girlfriend named Katherine, he explains that his mechanical parts put a strain on the relationship. After their eventual break up, Victor states that it was Green Arrow who kept him from committing suicide. The episode also shows Cyborg wearing a stylized silver vest and black pants, and utilizing further enhancements Green Arrow gave him.

One of his new functions allows him to hack into and disable security systems. While connecting to machines, Cyborg's left eye glows red. Cyborg appears as a playable character in Lego Batman 2. He has a laser eye and the ability to pull magnetic legos. Cyborg appears as a playable character in the game.

This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Cyborg appears in issues View all. He was able to interface with it and learned of it's terrifying plans. Batman and Robin - Vic was against Batman's plan to go to Apokolips to bring back Robin this did not end well for him.

See the story arc Robin Rises by Peter Tomasi. Superman Doomed - Vic was last seen holding of Brainiac's forces giving Lana Lang and Steel the time they need to escape. Modern Age Cyborg New Earth The reaction of others to his new form made Vic even more resentful, and he isolated himself from his former life as much as possible by moving to Hell's Kitchen. Cyborg's New Body Having collected a planet-size assortment of technological debris, Cyberion journeyed to Earth to turn its moon into a new Technis world and populate it with his Titans allies.

Throne of Atlantis To help retrieve Superman and Wonder Woman from the depths of the ocean floor, Victor upgraded his suit to have an Environmental Mode that allows him to operate underwater. He then commenced a world wide League recruitment initiate to combat the Atlanteans hostiles Trinity War At the conclusion of the Trinity War , all of Victor's cybernetics were brutally ripped from his body as Grid , a software virus deeply embedded into Victor's cybernetics, revealed itself.

Powers and Abilities Cybernetics Cyborg possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability. Breaks the Chaos Cannon. He possesses a degree of superspeed. As his request Dr. Apparently the Jump Jets provides the ability to super-jump across the state lines.

Into the Digital Universe. He doesn't just command technology,but is also capable to incorporates them into himself as did with Red Room's technology and a Motherbox,where did came most of their weapons.