Ravensoul (Legends of the Raven 4)

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One thing we know for sure is that they will not subside meekly into the void.

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For aficionados of The Raven, this is the ultimate challenge. It cuts to the very heart —from calls beyond the veil of death, to dissension in their ranks, to the greed of men who cannot see they are about to die, to betrayal by one they loved.

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But above it all, the heroism and selfless sacrifice displayed will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened fantasy reader. This is The Raven, older, wiser, some returned from the grave.

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  • Grieving they seek nothing but rest from conflict, something the world will not grant them. But they remain The Raven, still answering when the call comes, still the force most likely to survive and bring the world with them, and still willing to die so that those they love can live.

    Ravensoul (Legends of the Raven, #4) by James Barclay

    Fans will love this, though the journey is not easy and events rarely simple, as you should expect from a Barclay novel. There were moments here that made my jaw drop, battles that made me wince and moments that were touchingly emotional.

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    There are acts of love and sacrifice here, of faith and redemption. If dealing with death is hard the first time, James here shows you that it can be harder.

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    The Raven live on. A bittersweet experience, but one well worth it. Dialogue and banter are realistically snappy throughout. Barclay delivers the goods.

    James Barclay

    At the same time, I wanted to write a book that had greater depth than its predecessors and, well yes, was in every way an improvement on the Chronicles series. Shadowheart presented an interesting task.


    Life background was that I was single and not happy about it; and getting bored with my job and losing motivation as a result. There was also the small matter of the Japan World Cup which was a diversion I let become too big for too long.

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    This was the first writing year February to November to be exact when I turned my thoughts seriously to how to extricate myself from the office life. Demonstorm is the third and last of the Legends of the Raven and the last book about The Raven while you should never say never, I have no plans for more and as such, I was very keen it should live up to what had come before.

    A quick scan down these bibliography entries will lead you to Demonstorm and my assertion that it was to be the last Raven novel and that there were no plans for more.