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But when Stark's first stop saddles him with an abusive talking head that belongs to the first of the circle, a sleazy video store owner named Kasabian, Stark discovers that the road to absolution and revenge is much longer than he counted on, and both Heaven and Hell have their own ideas for his future. Spellbound Grimnoir Chronicles , book 2 Larry Correia. Warbound Grimnoir Chronicles , book 3 Larry Correia.

A Novel Author s: Sandman Slim Author s: In the end, Lucifer comes to Stark, and Stark offers to do work for him on a freelance basis. Lucifer leaves Stark with a special stone and makes Kasabian his go-between. A Novel from Amazon. By the beginning of the second novel, Stark has established himself and settled into something of a normal life. However, since the Vigil come off as assholes, well, sympathy for the devil and all that. Later, he plays bodyguard to Lucifer who seems to have people gunning for him. But not before showing up to a fancy party and meeting a mix of old magic types and Hollywood elite, including a porn star who goes by Brigitte Bardo.

Brigitte seems to know what it is and ends up showing him how to dispose of it and its friends. Porn star is just her day job. It soon becomes apparent that zombies, usually bad news but rare, are showing up with increased frequency.

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Lucifer, likewise, wants nothing to do with it. Seems there are different types of zombies, though, from the mindless shamblers up to thinking and indeed almost human varieties. Stark learns about one of these near-humans and ropes him into the investigation. He tells Stark of the tunnels beneath the city where all of the dead go.

Stark, on the other hand, continues on, his human side dying piece by piece. Stark thinks he knows the asshole responsible for all of this, but when he shows up the asshole is already dead.

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  • He then faces off against the Vigil, who tries to kill him. However with his human half dying, his angel half is more in control. He manifests his own gladius and takes out the Vigil troops. She leaves Stark and heads off to try to kill God and take his place. Stark uncovers one of the people behind the uprising of the dead, a son of a wealthy family masquerading as another son.

    They are something called Death Born, a different kind of living dead. They have Candy and Kasabian. Stark makes a deal to get them back, only the family, the Geistwalds, try to double-cross him. He uses his Hellion weapon which is doused with the blood of one of the prime zombies.

    This brings the Death Born back to life. Since they summoned zombies to come to them, Stark leaves them to the zombies and gets Candy and Kasabian out. By now Stark realizes that the belt buckle he found in the beginning is really the Druj Amman, a seal from the gates of Heaven. It also controls both Hellions and zombies.

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    He could use it to walk into Hell and get Mason, but he needs it to stop the zombie uprising. In the end he throws it off a roof, destroying not just it but all of the zombies in LA. When he returns to his apartment, all of his human side is dead and the angel is in control.

    He tells Candy to go away, but before she does, she stabs him with a knife dipped in prime zombie blood. As with the Death Born, it brings his human side back to life. In the end, Hyrbid Stark is back. And things are back to a sort-of normal. Buy Kill the Dead: A Sandman Slim Novel from Amazon.

    At the start of the third novel, Stark is pulled into an exorcism gone wrong.

    Sandman Slim Series

    At first he decides not to get involved, but then he gets a text telling him to drop it while on a date with Candy, Dr. So of course he changes his mind and gets involved. In the course of the investigation, Stark and Candy get He tells Stark that he has Alice with him, down in Hell, delivered all nicely by Aelita. This whole thing has been an invitation. Stark obliges Mason by getting a spirit of the road, Mustang Sally, to tell him how to get Downtown again. Turns out he has to smash a car into an underpass at a crossroads.

    Which he does and ends up near the Garden of Eden. Inside is a passageway to Hell. Stark fights the angel and cuts off his arm and gets into Eden. Then he gets into Hell, only this Hell is like the apocalyptic version of L. He even fights in the arena again and gets his arm cut off. Josef helps him out by giving him a limb replacement - a Kissi carapace-type arm instead. Eventually he gets to Alice and frees her. Oh, and he meets God. After leaving Alice with God, he goes to Tartarus, where fallen angels and twice-dead souls go when they die, and he rescues, well, everyone, but chiefly General Semyazah, so that he can lead the forces of Hell against Heaven.

    Then they attack Heaven with Stark calling on his Kissi allies to lead the attack. The Kissi get taken out between the armies of Hell and Heaven and then the armies of Hell return to Hell. They sling spells at each other, but then Mason gets the drop on Stark and cuts open his chest with the black knife, trying to get at the key.

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    It gets free and manages to subdue Mason and bring human Stark back only as a separate entity. Turns out the stone that Lucifer gave Stark back at the end of Sandman Slim was a soul storage device. When Human Stark died, his soul went into the stone allowing the angel to bring him back. Rather than just kill Mason outright, Stark plays Russian Roulette with him. The first shot is an empty chamber for Stark. Stark says his final goodbyes. Angel Stark intends to return to Earth and stay there. The novel closes with Stark promising to return again to Earth. Buy Aloha from Hell: His angel half is gone, somewhere back on Earth with his old friends.

    It quickly becomes apparent that ruling in Hell is not an easy job. And Stark is aware that someone is gunning for him. He is attacked on a night drive through Hell by drugged or mind-controlled Hellions. Stark finds a piece of Lucifer's armor that Samael, the previous Lucifer, hid.

    This gives him a huge increase in power. It also allows him, he discovers, to return to Earth. Stark uncovers the conspiracy in Hell and deals with it and then forces General Semyazah to take over for him while while he returns to his old life. A series of reunions follows with Stark reconnecting with Kasabian now in a hellhound body , Vidocq, Allegra, and perhaps most importantly, Candy. Candy, for example, is dating another recovering Jade called Rinko.

    Stark, of course, starts to look into this.

    He turns up a connection to the bigwigs in the Sub Rosa. Around the same time he runs into his old colleague Cherry Moon who was killed in Sandman Slim. She crawls through the ground, unable or unwilling to move on to the afterlife. She begs Stark to look into the ghost girl who is out there killing ghosts. Then the Satanists arrive and, after a small confrontation to confirm his identity, Stark pumps them for information.

    He finds out the ghost is called the Imp of Madrid. He also gets contact information for King Cairo, one of the Sub Rosas gunning for him, and Teddy Osterberg, a collector of cemeteries.

    Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim, #1) by Richard Kadrey

    The Satanists also give Stark a brand new arsenal. Stark then goes to King Cairo, intending to attack him, but instead witnesses Cairo fighting with his girlfriend. Cairo shuts his door on her and then the ghost girl appears, about to attack her. Candy tries to attack, but the ghost girl cuts her with her knife. Stark only drives her off by using the Magic 8-Ball against her. She explains that the ghost girl has been mostly going after dreamers. And this has been causing problems in LA. Strange-colored skies, weird weather, etc. There, Stark has Kasabian watch over him while he uses a ritual that brings him close to death so that he can visit the Tenebrae, the ghost world.

    Once there he sees Cherry, and then he talks to the ghost girl. Someone is controlling her and it seems that someone is Teddy Osterberg.