The House Called Hadlows

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The house is inhabited by a girl called Melissa, who looks slightly older than Sebastian, but was taken prisoner by the enchanter a hundred years before.

The writing goes from the lovely to the clumsy, often in the same paragraph. Lewis as the end of Game of You. In it Sebastian and Melissa are sent to a house called Hadlows.

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And they share a huge weakness in that the villains of each book are peculiarly absent -- while the Enchanter in the first book is barely seen, except in flashback, the Evil One in the second is pretty much offstage the entire time, even during the flashback. And her weaknesses are the weaknesses of youth and inexperience. The Winter of Enchantment is a good book with several astonishing scenes.

The House Called Hadlows is a significantly better book -- you can see her learning as she goes. Each book is better written at the end than it is at the beginning. Each book is a journeyman effort by a journeyman of astonishing talent and potential. Which is the mystery.

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As far as any of us know, she never wrote another book. The last address we have for her is in January , when she was 25 she listed her occupations back then as farming and writing. The author photos show a young early 20s , pretty, dark-haired woman, smiling happily at camera, and tell us she spent time in a Sussex windmill. Privacy should be sacrosanct, and mysteries are more interesting than explanations any day.

The House Called Hadlows

A sequel to "The Winter of Enchantment". Pale blue boards, dark blue title to spine. Foxing to textblock edges. Dustwrapper is very slightly creased at top and tail of spine and has a small, pale stain to lower edge of front panel. A new edition with a new foreword.

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Unabridged retaining all the original text. Sebastian and Melissa would never forget their arrival at the house called Hadlows.

The long drive through the neglected park and woodland, the lake glimpsed through the trees, the massive house, with its 'thousand windows' looking down on them, the half open front door and the great hall, empty but for the pale faced portraits covering the walls. Hadlows held a secret, of that they were sure, in spite of the warm welcome they were given by Uncle Bertram and Aunt Augusta. Where possible small books will have postage reduced. A minor classic about a boy living in Victorian times, who is transported to a magic world. Sequel to 'The winter of Enchantment'. First published in by Andre Deutsch.

Mad Hatter Books Published: Newly reissued children's fantasy adventure story a sequel to The Winter of Enchantment.

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Part two of the autobiographical introduction by the author begun in the previous book. With the original illustrations by the author. C L Hawley Published: The long awaited reprint of this much loved book written when the author was young. It is the sequel to Winter of enchantment; New copy. This new edition has an autobiographical foreword by the author.