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What happened to the Sword of State shown in is not known. In the decades following its depiction, which brought the Nine Years War, the English Civil War and the Cromwellian Plantation, it was likely lost, stolen or otherwise disposed of. The sword was ceremonial and was intended to be carried in procession, in front of the viceroy, with the point in the air. The decoration reflects this, with the engraving on the blade and the symbols on the hilt designed to be seen this way up. Notable among these designs is an uncrowned harp on the grip or handle, representing Ireland, while the cross guards take the form of a lion representing England and a unicorn representing Scotland — which has sadly lost its horn.

George Bowers, the Irish Sword of State, , detail of hilt. The Sword of State arrived in Ireland at the end of or start of As the ultimate symbol of royal authority, it was presented to each viceroy upon his investiture at Dublin Castle, representing the power he then yielded on behalf of the king or queen. It was carried before him in formal processions through the streets, it was present at formal ceremonies over which he presided and, on the rare occasion when a monarch visited Ireland, the viceroy would return the Sword, and the power it symbolised, to them.

When King James II arrived in Dublin in March , he was presented with the Sword as he entered the city, which he then handed to his viceroy to carry before him as he processed to Dublin Castle. The Sword survived the confusion and destruction of the Williamite Wars to settle into a life of relatively uneventful, ceremonial usage.

When not in the safe-keeping of the Chief Secretary for Ireland or of the Ulster King of Arms, it usually sat across the throne in the Throne Room of the Castle on two small tendrils specifically designed to support it. But just before he was taken by vision into the Tent, he found himself trying to lace up a baby's shoe. But he was using the wrong end of the string. The End was too big to go through the eyelet. After learning the lesson of the string and the shoe the vision changed and he found himself fishing WITH a lot of other preachers on the shores of a beautiful lake.

In the Vision a bunch of preachers gathered around and caused him to get his line tangled; Here, we'll let him tell the rest of it I had this line and that, what I had in my hand, was a little baby's shoe, about that long. And that string was about as big around as my finger, about a half inch, like.

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And the eyelet in this shoe was just about the size of a - less than one-sixteenth of an inch of the eyelet. And I was trying to lace this little shoe up with this great big inch cord. And a voice come, said, "You can't teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things. B y this he knew that whatever the Third Pull was he would not be able to 'teach' it to the Pentecostals - they wouldn't receive it. The Angel just plainly told him "Leave them alone.

Because they were the ones that always wanted to know how this or that Supernatural thing was done. It caused Brother Branham to get his lines in the vision tangled up.

The Irish Sword of State | Dublin Castle

The Angel warned him, "Whatever you do, don't get your lines tangled up in times like this. We return to Brother Branham's narration as he is being taken by vision into the "tent phase" of his ministry A nd just then He picked me up. And He took me up and set me way up high to where a meeting was going on , looked like a tent or a cathedral of some sort. And I looked, and there was a little box-like, little place over in the side. And I seen that Light was talking to somebody above me, that Light that you see there on the picture. It whirled away from me, like that, and went over to that tent, and said, "I'll meet you there.

But I was standing right there and looked right straight at it, and this is the third pull coming up. That's the reason all heaven was silent. N ow, I'd better stop right here.

"La Joyeuse"

I just feel checked not to say no more about it. So just remember, the Seventh Seal, the reason it was not opened See? And I want you to know before I even knew any word about that, that vision come years ago. And here it is just as this other has - slides right straight into the Word exactly where it was. Notice now, for the end of time message this Seal , after all, He's revealed all the six Seals, but it don't say nothing about the Seventh.

And the end time Seal , when it starts, will be absolutely a total secret according to the Bible. And remember, Revelations We're at the end time, the opening of the Seventh Seal. D on't try to make yourself odd to be a Christian, because You see? If you can understand it, this is that third pull. You should've caught that the other day. You remember, there'll be no impersonation like there was of the other two. So that's as far as you should know.

Now just remember that you see now there's something taking place in this room, and there's something here. There's actual in this room, Angels, voice of God See? N ow, when that gets on tape, which it is, that'll probably send ten thousand of my friends away from me, because they're going to say that Brother Branham's trying to put himself and make himself a servant, or a prophet, or something before God. Let me tell you, my brethren, that is an error. I'm only telling you what I seen and what has been told to me, and now, you do whatever you want to. I don't know what's going to take place.

I do not know. I just know that those seven thunders holds that mystery, that heavens was quieted. T he Angel was right - "There'll be no impersonation of this. But, alas, they all fall so miserably short of the perfection of the Signs and Wonders in that ministry. One thing is certain - they will never attempt to impersonate "the Teaching" that followed those "signs and wonders". Read reviews in English Go back. Reviewed November 4, Reviewed November 4, via mobile. Reviewed October 31, via mobile. Reviewed October 20, Reviewed October 14, Reviewed October 3, Reviewed September 26, via mobile.

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