Two Hearts on a Grand Precious Adventure

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Presenting a new porcelain collection that celebrates the gift of imagination and reminds us all of a more innocent, care-free time when it was just Disney and Me. Would look great with any of your Disney pieces. All These pieces are in-stock and available for immediate shipping.

Including the "Walt Disney World" Arch that lights up! Disney Event June Gene Freedman signing pieces for collectors at the Disney Event. Mold was broken at the Disney Event! Signed by Gene Freedman - limited to only pieces with certificate. This must be why we resonate with pets and with nature because it puts us in touch with things that are just as alive as we are. We can feel a good energy from our dogs and cats and we can talk a walk through the woods and feel that desire for love emanating from the plants and the wild animals making their home in the brush.

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So often love is thought of as either strong or weak, but this quote reminds us that love can be fragile while still remaining strong. But love is a special kind of energy that is able to both at once. This is not proof that it is weak, but rather the opposite. Love is all you need.


How fun to think that love and miracles are connected, but the power of love is well documented, and it only makes sense that it would be able to spur on great things that would otherwise seem impossible. Some may even say that love and life are one and the same, and that life is just an extension of love or vice versa.

What an interesting analogy.

It helps us grow and develop and reach our full potential. Countless examples exist of those that are depressed and fail to be what they might have been due to a lack of love in their lives. Instead of wondering how to drive a woman crazy with other methods, love works much more effectively and reliably.

But it should really be the first place that gets the most attention. Real love is what gets you through those tough times and brings you closer to the person that you love. Love is an art form and loving another person can take on a different look from one person to another. You may have love for plenty of people in your life, but each one will be different, a different work of art so to speak. How you express your love is like making a painting, and you can use different colors and different styles for each one.

Think of each as a masterpiece that is being painted one stroke at a time, one day at a time. It endures all things and lasts forever. But it is possible to see pure love in action, because dogs and infants are able to express it completely. What a beautiful quote on love, one that shows how love can be and should be.

Friendships are amazing on their own, but when you picture all of the great things that come with a friendship, and then set that to music, you get a clearer picture of what love is. We all want to be happy, and our own happiness is paramount, but when you find yourself wishing happiness on another, even more so than yourself, you discover that you really love them.

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It may be startling when you first realize that you essentially care more about someone else than you do yourself, because it goes against our innate instincts of self preservation, but this is the cornerstone of love. It happens between parents and children, husband and wife, as well as anyone that rises up to that level of importance in your life. It matters not who responds, just that you hold that feeling in your own heart. The notion that someone is out there that is perfect for you is based on a false premise.

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So get busy today creating the perfect love in your life. This is a fun quote about love that has a bit of a warning to it, but not in any sort of negative way. Have you ever felt the power of your own ability to love and been a little scared by it? Many times it drops out of nowhere and hits you unexpectedly.

Although this quote is quite nice, there are also those loves that creep up on you, and develop over time. You may not be looking for love, or even wanting it, but it will find you when you least expect it. Life has its trials and tribulations, its long days, its hard days, but one thing you can always count on is love to refresh and rejuvenate you so that life is fun and worth living.

And while there are other things in life that can refresh us, this quote is saying that love is the greatest of them all. How can you use love to feel refreshed today? The world can be a real senseless place, but knowing that you love someone makes it more manageable. It provides you with one thing that does make sense, so you can cope with the other things in life that are pretty inane. When you think about that person it should give you a feeling of calm and ease, knowing that everything is alright.

It may be easy enough to love someone, but to allow them to love you is the tricky part. If your answer to being hurt by love was to stop loving, it only makes things worse and keeps you from amazing experiences. Love is the one thing that transcends time.

Time as we are familiar with it is just a creation that we use, and love has no connection to it. Have you ever felt that you and the person you love were separated into two bodies? It can be a strange feeling at first, but once you embrace it it can be wonderful. Think about the things in your life that you love.

Are these threads shared experiences or different people, or a string of emotions? The vagueness of what these threads are makes this quote extra enticing because it is up to your own interpretation and experience with love. It also encourages playfulness with love, as well as keeping that physical connection. Often with those we love it can be hard to keep the physical affection going, especially with busy lives. It takes strength to be courageous, and courage to be strong, so all of this is interconnected. Love is what makes the world go round and produces new life.

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It permeates all parts of the world and life forms can be found pretty much everywhere, even in the most remote places, because love is there too. A flower is just a flower, but when it is used to make honey it is put to the best use possible. Perhaps it is us humans that are the bees, and we are making love out of the life that we are given. It can be a bit daunting to realize that someone has become this big a part of you, but you can relax into the warm feelings that arise when you realize that it is perfectly okay to love someone this much and in all likelihood they are feeling the same way about you.

This seems pretty extreme at first but when you think about it it is the only way to go. You should be doing what you love, and thinking about the people that you love all the time under ideal circumstances. And if you are not spending time on something you love you can at least keep your mind on the things that you do love in order to make unpleasant tasks more pleasant.

And you smiled because you knew.


This is a beautiful quote because it wraps up all of the good feelings of falling in love, and having the other person acknowledge those feelings and smile with gracious acceptance. Leave it to Shakespeare to come up with a concise way to sum up what it feels like to be in love, and being able to convey what that experience is like in simple terms. He was quite the wordsmith to have the ability to write into words feelings that are so big and universal, but usually remain ineffable. Love is infinite because it is a positive energy, and you can get a glimpse of that when you look into the eyes of someone that is in love, or that loves you.

Have you ever locked gazes with the love in your life and seen that the love they have for you goes on and on? The eyes really are windows into the soul and if that soul is emitting positive love it will be apparent in their eyes. This quote is a reminder to put most of your effort into giving love, rather than worrying about how much love you receive. It seems that in order to keep love you need to give it away, and that trying to hoard love is a losing proposition.