Deadlier by the Dozen, a Dark Urban Fantasy (Dark Encounters Book 2)

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Shawna rated it really liked it Jul 07, Stuart Jaffe rated it really liked it Jul 07, Sheena Martinez rated it liked it Nov 02, Masuoda rated it liked it May 28, Miranda Coman rated it really liked it Jul 23, Lorrie rated it really liked it Sep 01, Michael rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Kimberlykate rated it it was ok Sep 28, Lisa rated it did not like it Mar 11, Brandie marked it as to-read Jun 29, Julia added it Jul 07, Cristov marked it as to-read Jul 10, Lindie marked it as to-read Jul 13, Michielle marked it as to-read Jul 16, Teodora Kostova marked it as to-read Jul 21, Alyssa marked it as to-read Jul 23, Jana marked it as to-read Aug 10, Margaret marked it as to-read Aug 10, Darlene marked it as to-read Aug 11, Angela marked it as to-read Aug 27, Lateshia marked it as to-read Aug 28, Raggedyann marked it as to-read Aug 28, Lauren marked it as to-read Aug 29, Lark Alexandar marked it as to-read Aug 29, Sarah marked it as to-read Sep 06, Ella Grey marked it as to-read Sep 09, Isabelle marked it as to-read Sep 16, Dee marked it as to-read Sep 21, Elaina Evans added it Sep 21, He sets out to help his fellow vamp family venturing into the fae world looking for a specific witch that might be able to help.

I liked that we moved outside the Theatre and into the supernatural world. Payne eventually finds Elissa who is in need of help. She knows where to find what he needs for his friends. Elissa is perfect for Payne. I enjoy when the characters complement each other, help each other over come issues and grow into a meaningful relationship. Both of them get something unexpected from their bargain and we are taken into a sexy tale immersed in healing and discovery.

Bewitch has a little light BDSM. I enjoyed the journey Payne and Elissa go on and by the end they both find what they need in each other.

Dark Oracle (Oracle, #1) by Alayna Williams

It is a sweet emotional love story full of sexual tension and sexual release. Heaton never fails to deliver in the heat department. I just loved both Payne and Elissa. They are my favorite couple in this series so far. I always feel there is to much to take in and to many options. Darkness Falls is about dreaming, living a life within your dreams. I had a hard time following the world at times, eventually I got use to it and some things flowed even though I did not have a complete grasp of what went on. Things will probably become more clearer as the series progresses.

The characters are interesting. Malcolm is a character you want to root for and Jordan has a impious sense of humor. Their is some heavy flirting, a sex scene or two and an element of danger. The ending leaves you with some unanswered questions and a feeling that you need to read on to complete the story. Darkness Falls is part of the Dark and Deadly box set, but also can be picked up solo. I went back and forth on Darkness Falls between liking it and not, but by the end I felt it was a good read.

It takes place slightly after Assassin's Touch ended. Asher had lost a dear friend and he is seeking revenge. Asher, an Iron Guild warrior. Asher is attractive, has no talent, and is not looking for a permeant relationship. I liked the softer side that we got to see of him. Olivia and Asher had good chemistry with each other. They played their roles well. The world building was ok! Could have been better. The interaction between the characters was enjoyable. Rickert and Neyla do make an appearance and we learn something about them. I liked Rand as a secondary character he brought us some perspective.

Their is a little action, but not as much as I would have liked. It is part of the Dark and Deadly box set. This is my first experience with Erin Quinn. The novella is not really clear on where it stands. Alex and Lilly were ok, but the thing that kept me reading was the hellhounds and dogs, they made the story interesting. We do have a little action and some love making. I did not feel the connection between Alex and Lilly and they hoped into bed way to fast for my liking. I also had trouble following the world. I eventually got it, but would have liked more development in characters and the world.

It was an ok read. It did not entice me to pick up the series. We get a taste of the world of the Werewolves of Montana, but the world is not fully developed. Both Ryder and Kara as well as the whole pack where damaged by their previous Alpha. They are friends who turn into lovers. Ryder has always know from that one kiss that he shared with Kara that she was special and no other would do.

In the story Ryder goes back and forth between wanting to take Kara and wanting to woo her. The Mating Heat is part of the Dark and Deadly box set. Probably best to read The Blood Rose Tales only if you have read the rest of the series first. You only get a taste of the world and you may have some questions otherwise. Alesia and Zephyr know each other and had a previous relationship, so the relationship did not have to be built from the begging which helped since the book was so short.

They both did some growing in their view points and found a true compromise in the end. Trapped is part of the Dark and Deadly box set. Recommend reading The Blood Rose series first. I really enjoyed this novella. While is number 2. The bear turns out to be a shifter, someone who in this world Jennifer Ashley created is a second class citizen. Shifters have to be controlled like the animals the society thinks they are, so when the police arrives, Ronan, the shifter, is send to jail for attacking a human.

They want to silence her and now Ronan has to protect her. We meet some very interesting characters living in Shiftertown who add elements to the story in little ways. I fell in love with this bear shifter who could go from caring to funny to sexy in the blink of the eye.

The only things that bother me were some issues with the time line. While this book is not heavy in the steamy, it has plenty of tender moments that will have you melting and reaching for your closest teddy bear. This little novella was a surprise of humor and loads of sexual tension. Officer Alejandro has one purpose, protect people from the evil beings of the supernatural world.

Marcia Colette

Rose is a witch who lives happily in a little town with her crazy family. Add a crazy grandmother, an overprotective and noisy mother and a sister who defends the basilisk. They way they try to remain reasonable and ignore it make it for some funny moments. Overall this is a quick, funny read with the right dose of sexual tension and steamy moments. The epilogue is really sweet, I really like it. Allow me a minute to cool off. First off, I recomend reading this series in order, so you can have a real feel for all the characters in it.

Secondly, read it alone and with no interruptions.

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Payne is such a good character. Fighting with his nature all along and at the same time wanting to give it freedoom. And Elissa is a very strong character, willing to do anything she can to get what she wants. The chemiestry between them is amazing and the steamy is off the charts. Felicity Heaton is a master at balancing super hot scenes and the story of her characters in the books. This is a MUST read. This story is a little confusing at first, I wasn't sure what's going on and to be honest I almost give up on it.

As the first in the series I was expecting a little bit more info on the world here but after a while is was easier to understand the world Erin present us. Malcom is a very misterious character while Jordan is easier to connect with. The way they meet and feel atracted to each other is fast and hard and they unknown things they face together are darker than what they look.

The whole premise of the world Erin is presenting us here is interesting and I'm really looking foward to see how this continues with Jordan's sister. But stalking them on the streets of New Seattle is a cruel and vengeful evil—one that threatens to destroy them both… The story starts off really good, it catches you from the start and the way Asher and Olivia cling to each other in order to survive makes for a great story. There were some things I wasn't so sure about I think the author should have presented it differently for my taste Regardless it makes for an interesting story and really presents a world I'd like to keep reading.

I really enjoyed this one. While it was short it presented enough of the world for me to understand what was happening and it also presented enough to make want to pick up the other full novels in this world. Lily lives alone with 5 dogs her sister left her after she died. Alex is sent to earth to kill the hellhounds that should be here. When the two meet atraccion flows, but the are many reasons Alex shouldn't give in. This is a great story about good and evil.

About how different the realms in earth can be and how everything can evolve. To be honest, what I liked the most about this story is the great dane and her hellhound Ryder will do anything to claim her, even risk an all-out pack war that could cost them everything… I'm not too sure about this one. The story was good and Ryder ended up winning me over but I felt like the characters weren't fully developed. Ryder and Kara suffered a lot of pain at the hands of her father and former alpha.

Stories that will keep you up at night.

When Ryder kills him to save the pack he forces Kara back with the intention of convincing her to be his mate. Ryder healed more easily and he helps Kara see herself the same way the rest of them sees her: I would have liked a bit more to their stories and the way they dealed with their scars, but the love story was great anyway. I really enjoyed this story. The relationshp between the two characters was already devoleped and still it was easy to follow. The reasons they stayed apart of each other felt real and it make the novella all the more interesting.

Zephyr is a warrior who believes the evil he hunts has no salvation, so he kills them. Even when his point of view is what is keeping the woman he loves away from him. Alesia belives that eveyone can be saved and she can't accept what Zaphyr does so easily. When danger comes knocking on her door and they have to face death what they both belived was the only way isn't so easy to see anymore. I love the dinamic between the characters. The way they had valid reasons to stay away and a hundred others to be together. I'd really like to see what the other books in the series bring to this world.

Body Guard by Jennifer Ashley: This is about the Bear Shifter that has foster kids. Good mostly full length book. Just one sex scene and it was a bit detailed but there was only one so I appreciated that. Alejandro's Sorceress by Alyssa Day: Really liked the story line for this book. I need to check but I think there was just one sex scene. Bewitched by Felicity Heaton: Loved the story line not the sex so much but erotica is not my thing. Darkness Falls by Erin Kellison: Rogue's Passion by Laurie London: Full length book Loved the story line. Too much descriptive sex scenes for my taste.

Really liked the story line. I'll be looking for more of this I think. Probably not for me. New twist for me. I will be looking for more of this series hopefully won't have too much more sex scenes. Feb 08, Dawn rated it liked it Shelves: I skipped a few books in the series but the ones I did finish were good.

Apr 18, Djg rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this anthology but some of the stories are part of a series and not really stand alone. For that reason, sometimes it felt like jumping onto a moving train. Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley. In Austin, Texas humans and shapeshifters co exist though the shifters are relegated to various "shifter towns" and treated as second class citizens with extra laws restricting them. Elizabeth is on store owner who allows shifters to shop in her store. She takes care of her younger sister and is I enjoyed this anthology but some of the stories are part of a series and not really stand alone.

She takes care of her younger sister and is hiding something in her past. She is rescued during an armed robbery by Ronan, a Kodiak bear shifter. Ronan takes Elizabeth and her sister to Shifter Town to protect them when it becomes apparent there is someone out for revenge against her for testifying against the would-be robber. There are a lot of secondary characters which sometimes interfered with the flow of the story.

I liked Elizabeth and Ronan, who has taken on a role of foster parent to different your bear shifters who have no protection. He's sweet and Elizabeth is nice but scared of her secret coming to light. Alejandro's Sorceress by Alyssa Day. Alejandro is a paranormal-ops cop and Rose Cardinal the earth child of a wacky family of witches. This is cute and fluffy sort of like cotton candy.

Bewitch by Felicity Heaton. Part of a series so a bit confusing at times. He is the key to recovering something she values, he wants to use her for revenge. There is a whole lot of angst and hidden secrets. They sometimes got in the way of the story. Also, while the love scenes were sexy they were sometimes drawn out to the point of me wishing they'd get on with it already.

A lot of "I can't be with her because I'm no good" and "I can't be with him because it's forbidden and the witchy council will vaporize me". In the end though, I wound up rooting for them. Darkness Falls by Erin Kellison. Smart and sexy with good flow, would have loved a bit more. There is a bit of a cliffhanger involving the h's sister I'm intrigued by but I'm not sure I liked her much.

Jordan attends a Reve party with her sister. It's a sort of virtual reality where people interact with one another in dreams. Like I said, the main characters grabbed me and I would have liked a little more time with them but I enjoyed it. Rogue's Passion by Laurie London. Anybody with a paranormal talent has to be "registered" with the government. Olivia, a healer, trys to keep her abilities to herself. She witnessed her father's murder and brother's abduction at the hands of the army, who profess to be protecting people from the Iron Guild warriors whom they say are a threat.

Reality is, it's the army making people disappear. When she meets Iron Guild warrior Asher, they are drawn together after an explosion. They are sweet together and there is a lot of we're just going to have a week-long affair then part ways. Very sweet and sexy, would have liked more couple time but liked them both a lot. Alex, an angel-type whose job is to stop Hell Hounds meets human Lily whose inherited dog has been knocked up by a Hell Hound.

Lily actually winds up rescuing Alex. Quick action romance in a short period of time. Sweet but super quick. The Mating Heat by Bonnie Vanak. Kara and her brother ran away from their pack and their ruthless father who was the Alpha.

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Ryder, her childhood friend and romance challenged her father and won. He knows Kara is his mate and he wants her back. But Kara is scarred and ashamed of running away and leaving the others behind and doesn't think it will work. Sexy and teasing with an HEA. Trapped by Caris Roane. H is a hot vampire.

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Sexy but super short and the h annoyed me with her insistence on "rehabilitating" the evil Wraith-pairs. He was a big bear with a soft heart. I liked the humor: There was nothing better than a cute female with the hottest ass he'd ever seen ordering him around.

Behind him he heard Olaf say, a little fearfully, 'Ronan Alejandro's Sorceress by Alyssa Day - 3 stars To be quite honest, I wasn't sure whether I liked how comedic and light the writing style was, but I found Granny to be a hoot. I wasn't too sure about the world or about Alejandro, but I ended up liking this story anyway. Not sure if I would continue with the series but it's a possibility.

Bewitch by Felicity Heaton - 3 stars The femdom scene was wholly unexpected - and hot. It perked up my interest in this story AND the author. But I found that the story lasted a bit too long, and the end was mostly the woman's thoughts and observations with limited talking during sex. I would be interested in following up with this series. Darkness Falls by Erin Kellison - 2 stars This story reminded me too much of Inception so it did not feel original to me but rather a fanfiction.

Given that the movie left me unsettled, I wasn't thrilled with the comparison. I got bored at one point but I picked it up again and pushed on. I became more involved with the story, and might actually be interested in following up with the series - at least with the original couple. Rogue's Passion by Laurie London - I wasn't a huge fan initially but I did end up liking the two main characters.

She's forced to share her mind and body with an insect spirit who thrives on death. The arachnid, her Mr. Hyde-like personality, is fueled by vengeance, and the handler who should be managing her kills sucks at his job. She learns that the handler has botched the curse and unleashed The Spider Inside Her upon wrongdoers. If she doesn't find a way to lift the curse soon, the arachnid will take complete control of her body and kill anyone who crosses her path, including her boyfriend.

Evelyss Nontage is a housekeeper at the Talbert Estate who has been hired to keep order. Her family is also relying on her to learn of the location of a mysterious portal that allows those from the Fringe Line to pass into the human world. Brahm Gushon is an occupant who has been with many of ladies in waiting. Her duty and her loyalty to the household. No one will break her concentration. Evelyss and Brahm must work through their frustrated feelings to send a deadly intruder back to hell Amazon , Mocha Memoirs Press. Some needs never die. Clarice Adair is a single mom with more than just a truckload of children to worry about.

Centuries ago, she was the vampire companion of a descendant from Elizabeth Bathory.

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  7. Sebastian Bova has seen a lot in his two-hundred years. Adair that can turn a rabid vampire into a tamed pussy cat. He wants her secret and will have it. Temptation was never a part of the plan, especially with a single mom who has a bunch of mouths to feed. An all-or-nothing battle is brewing and even the winner might not come out on top. Amazon , Smashwords Read an excerpt here. Werecheetah Coalitions, 2 Overcoming anger to find love. Root woman Donna Tucker made a mistake. A person died on her watch, no thanks to tainted roots and herbs that were meant to heal.

    Now she must trace her steps to where her stash came from and stop a modern-day plague from destroying a small town. She's not going alone.

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    Werecheetah Ronan McCleary would rather see her pay for killing his coalition's matriarch than to accompany her anywhere. He believes she's responsible and the only thing this trip is doing is delaying the inevitable. But death is hunting them both. The residents of Seclusion, North Carolina have an unseen force in their midst that has control over the town's most influential people. There are those who'll do anything--kill anyone--to keep the secret of the Davenport Foundation.

    A lowly root woman and her werecheetah companion are no match for them. And they won't be unless they can put their differences aside and work together to survive the night. Of course, that would mean having to survive each other as their hearts brave a Hazardous Environment.