Her Mediterranean Makeover (Mills & Boon Romance) (Escape Around the World, Book 8)

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It was stilted and there was something missing in their love, too much of nightmares. It shows all the shades of love that can be there between a man and a woman. Their instant attraction for each other could be love at first sight or lust! Excellent, genius of a writer is displayed in the, swift elegant lithe movements of Rocco, his deep voiced growl or whispers!

Curled his sensual mouth with derision, lift of his eyebrows have a strong impact on her even after two years! Go for it readers! What is mine belongs only to me. So are you going to say something or is this a staring contest? She too, could give back as good as she got from Alexandros! His mouth seemed even harsher and more brutal. Then I will take one more thing.

Angel was the first Valtino in two generations to make more money than he spent. He had noticed Merry immediately when he had first set eyes on her. She was a comfortable five feet eight inches tall and he stood the tallest in most gatherings.

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The verbal sparring ,fencing arguments that take place soon after a week between Angel and Merry is mind boggling because of the phrases and linguistic skills used by the writer! One also has to make note of the economy of smart physical movements, such as the lift of his sardonic eyebrows, nonchalant lounging back fluidly against the wall of the lift all supple ,graceful movements!

The barriers, the issues or problems make it Unmissable as it whets the curiosity of the reader to find a solution for them! The story-line is focused on the main couple and though there are few other characters the attention of the readers rarely deviates to others in the plot. The ending of the story is like a fairy tale with plenty of happy events to visualise smiles and chuckles for everyone. Look out for the banter that takes place between Khalid and Millie who is a laundress, possessing cornflower-blue eyes glaring at him within minutes of meeting each other!

She was completely unaware of status or rank and was a novelty to the Sheikh. She had become a very beautiful woman. Her vibrant spirit was intact too and the bond between them remained as strong as ever. Please call the laundry if you need anything more. By the end of the story the characters mature through the various events and adventures they undergo. There will be plenty of anecdotes that will make the readers chuckle or smile as they fence with words to get the upper hand in their relationship!

Words, phrases, short commands, economy of physical movements and facial expressions add to the charm of the story! As always the Epilogue is the wonderful ending that all readers would want for the Sheikh and Millie. Go for this romance it is worth it! That is how the story begins!

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There is plenty of verbal sparring which will keep the readers amused and entertained! Beyond that we can remain exactly as we are. How they resolve their barriers, issues is described in the art of cleverly using linguistic skills with short phrases, economy of movements used by the sheikh to the maximum effect on a winsome heroine! A story worth reading repeatedly so keep it in any format! This story spans over three intense days and altogether about five days which makes it so enticing and gripping for the readers! The linguistic skills are very cleverly used by the writer that entices one into the engaging story-line till the last page!

The verbal fencing continues between them whenever they meet and that makes the punch —lines so effective! There is sheer brilliance in this story and the last pages clinch the story to a happy- ever —after fairy tale.

Unmissable must buy Romance to possess in any format! The first meeting of Harper and Vieri using repartee and sparring starts off the story-line with aplomb! It was the wrong damned woman. Maybe they were in it together, this pair of Celtic beauties. Their sparkling dialogue and sparring continues to entertain us till the very end of the story. The economy of movements such as a glaring lift of dark brows, a wry laugh, murmured whisper to make Harper blush are all writing strategies used to grip the attention of the readers.

Not only that, she was warm, clever and kind. This story is to be read in one go and find out how their love culminates in the brilliant Epilogue which is the icing of their love affair.

Sensational, wonderful, passionate Modern genre, a masterpiece from the writer! The hero ,Torre, thirty -four, unmarried,'had no intention of being led by his heart or hormones.

Eight years ago he had met a red-haired witch in the guise of an angel and his arrogant playboy style of a multi billionaire tycoon, hoped that he, 'was a better man than his father', had come crashing down 'when he met Orla eight years ago! Dio, his voice thickenedyou are astonishingly beautiful. Read on to find what attracted Orla to Torre! Their personal issues had to be resolved to mutual satisfaction before they could indulge in their explosive physical attraction for each other.

There are beautiful phrases of description punctuated with little quirks of mannerisms, the engaging story-line, with repartee which will always bring chuckles and smiles on the faces of the readers! The characters develop by the end of the story and into the Epilogue which to my mind is the highlight of their romance! A must read and a must buy for one's home library. Long luxuriant black hair fanned round his set bronzed features. Gorgeous was incredibly tall, well over six feet in height.

These descriptive sentences will say it all to the fans of the writer and the romantics at heart! One can pick out the riveting mannerisms of the king, the sarcasm, wit and sparring that will continue till the very end of the story. Their issues appear to be insurmountable yet it all ends so happily! Wonderful concluding duet by a genius writer of power, passion and irresistible temptation!

Her frosty look said it all! Max had lethal charm, his height, dominating the air, his hint of Spanish accent tugged at her heart and she had fallen in love with him at first sight The readers will observe the sparring that takes place between them and will be enticed into their issues immediately. The plot is enticing, the hero Max and heroine Lisa develop and grow in stature as the events unfold. It is a compulsive page turner with plenty of linguistic skills which are on display whenever they meet.

Both the brothers Raul and Max are so similar and in their personalities, that they will cause emotional tussles in the hearts of the readers! A duet of Romance worthy to buy and treasure! Matias was sinfully beautiful, with lean face wonderfully chiselled into absolute perfection. My employee was driving my Maserati. Cathy Williams, true to her form, has created a story full of stress, passion, instant chemistry within a framework of engaging plot which keeps the readers totally charmed and caught between the two of them till all is resolved at the very end!

Not for ten minutes. Not for twenty or even forty. The Royce is not for sale. He was gorgeous, tall and dark, golden —skinned and oozed confidence. It all ends happily and with such a winsome Emily and to die —for- tycoon who has everything money could buy and now he wins Emily. A true fantasy world where love wins at the end! Exhilarating, near impeccable, compelling page turner, superb Modern genre! Raul Valdez is as handsome, arresting, billionaire tycoon as one can find or get in a fantasy world! His mannerisms, economy of movements, verbal sparring, sarcasm, wit and yet moments of tenderness in his actions will entice any woman to fall under his charm, particularly when the physical chemistry is so strong!

Every sculpted angle of his face, high cheekbones, clean shaven face, Romansque nose, deep-set dark eyes, tall ,broad shoulders , olive tones of his skin, was hard to ignore! Any romantics out there will be totally trapped by the linguistic skills of Rachael Thomas. She exploits the emotional tussle of Valdez and Lydia to its hilt, by using her writing skills exhaustively! The Epilogue is the icing of the story and ends on a fantastic note! A book to buy and keep to read often in any format! Stimulating, emotional, fantastic Modern Romance!

A light greyish blue with a dark outline around the iris. His hair was a rich dark brown , his skin was olive toned and tanned, he was tall, so tall he had to stoop, as he stalked into the bakery shop and something zapped her in the chest like a Taser beam. Tillie on the other hand had chestnut hair, pale complexion with brown eyes. Pretend to be engaged to you? But another part a secret, private part wanted him. There are plenty of incidents between Blake and Tillie that calls forth retort, sarcasm, sparring, wit and ironical statements which will cause the readers to laugh outright or chuckle!

The storyline is gripping and entices one to read the story in one go! It all ends happily and it is worth it to escape from the harsh realities of the modern society! This fantasy is worth keeping in any format either in a kindle or in a paperback form! His decision was made. Heidi Rice has used her creative writing skills and imagination to spin a fairy tale where the demon monsters existing in the mind is slayed by innocence, trust and love which can be mistaken for lust on certain occasions. The sarcasm, witticism, sparring used by Dario and Megan are spellbinding and brings about plenty of chuckles for the readers!

It has an engaging plot that becomes a compulsive page turner. A brilliant Modern genre to keep in the home in any format! The title will indicate that it is a family story of circles within circles about filial love, loyalty and trust. However, the template of Modern genre is power, passion and irresistible temptation! It is more enhanced when it concentrates on the main characters, the hero and the heroine, who in this book three, is Ramon and Isidora.

The moment they are in contact with each other the story line picks up sharply and wow it becomes something combustible and a compelling page turner! Unfortunately very soon other characters intrude into the plot! The attention span then flags! And from then on the storyline goes up and down till the issues are resolved, which is not till one reaches the very end of the story!

Good on the whole if one engages only with Ramon and Isidora! I hired you to protect me and not babysit for me. Dios he was tired. He stared hard at her angry face. While he on the other hand, was thinking how he would cope for a week, in her company, without either throttling her or bedding her. There can be nothing between us. Do you understand that? The linguistic styles go a long way to make the story a compelling page turner till the very end of the fairy tale!

The billionaire tycoon with his economy of gestures and movements will sweep the readers into a world of fantasy and make them chuckle and enjoy all the fun and pleasure of that exclusive life which readers can only dream of! Stupendous, brilliant start to the trilogy! Go for it now in any format! His acts of tenderness for her are admirable! There are plenty of instances where the linguistic styles of sparring, sarcasm, irony comes into effect. The peep into the life style of the super rich is one of joy and happiness for those of us who believe in the magic of love!

It is a beautiful story crafted by no less than a creative writer like Kate Hewitt! She spins a fairy tale and the charm is spread all around her fans and the romantic circles around the globe. Brilliant and a must buy in any format! The above comments and quotes will whet the appetite of romantic readers to read on as to what happens next. The conversation, dialogue, sparring, sarcasm, are all used effectively to make the plot engaging. Bastiano does reveal his attraction for Sophie quite openly but Sophie is shy and independent and does not reciprocate easily!

What does make it a bit confusing is that the storyline gets spiralled into circles within circles with relationships. That can distract the readers to concentrate on the problems and issues of Sophie and Bastiano Conti! Engrossing, emotional, fascinating love affair, must buy, must read masterpiece by a Classic writer! She tried to get her head around the idea that Matt was going to give up his position of running NovCo! Anne Mather has taken narrative writing to the nth level of greatness which is like reading a mini novel!

The emotional conflict between a husband and wife has been portrayed so beautifully and tenderly! Matt and Jo do come together as it is a fairy tale that comes true to life and one can ruminate happily after the last line has been read! Enthralling, lovely, sensual Modern genre Romance! He raked a hand through his hair, mussing it into untidy black waves.

He was tall, muscular with piercing, brilliant green eyes and was an eye-candy extraordinaire. She made his coffee and then inadvertently spilled it on him. That resulted in him changing his shirt and tie and so she offered to help him tie the knot. She felt a little drunk at the thought of all that money. Michelle Conder has an inimitable style of writing which casts a spell on those who are romantic at heart! Her billionaire tycoons are to —die-for with their life style, gestures, economy of movements, their domineering presence which often betrays love and deep seated attraction which charms the heroines and in this story it is Sebastiano and Poppy!

The verbal sparring, dialogue, conversation is scintillating and will bring about plenty of chuckles whilst reading! A brilliant story worthy to be kept in any format either as a paperback or in a kindle. He was at the same time a selfish, cynical playboy whose only loyalty was to his own vast fortune. The genius of Jennie Lucas is to be admired! Her craftsmanship as a writer using sarcasm, verbal sparring, witticism, irony, economy of gestures, hand movements, the life style of the super rich, a peep into their fantasy world provides pleasure and happiness to ordinary mortals in our society!

The Alpha hero also displays tenderness and remorse by the end of the story which has a gripping plot and the winsome Belle gets what she wants! Worthy to grace any home library! Their attraction for each other is combustible and engrossing. One would expect them to go up in flames! However, one has to comment on their physical attributes from the very beginning of the story! And I have to marry a monster! Maisey Yates has spun a fairy tale story of a monster who can be tamed by an attractive princess who has a charming personality of her own with plenty of brimstone as well!

There are various linguistic styles employed such a irony, sarcasm, wit, pun to make the story line interesting and fun! The plot thickens as each event unfolds so that by the end of the story it comes to a brilliant end! And for the record, I am not your darling! To him, Eva looked incredibly beautiful, ethereal and yet substantial.

He would kiss every part of that creamy skin beginning with her pink, sensual lips. The skill of Michelle Smart, as a writer, is her creativity of a plot that grips the attention of the reader from the word go! It captures the imagination of the reader who is compelled to read on and try to be with the Alpha handsome Neandthral billionaire and be a part of his lifestyle and enjoy the fantasy world!

The dialogue, the sparring, the ironical statements and the various linguistic styles that are employed also enriches the story line with chuckles and growls! A must buy series of three books to be revisited time and time again! His eyes were black-lashed dark and flaring bright as topaz in the firelight. She brushed out her thick honey-blonde hair to let it dry loose. Her skin was flawless too.

He had one of those Renaissance faces she had seen illustrated in manuscripts. There is never a dull moment! The plot is engaging, not too many characters and both Max and Tia develop and grow into love for each other and the story line ends on a happy- ever- after fairy tale! There are plenty of sarcasm, sparring, acts of rebellion and then all is well that ends well! An unmissable Romance to be read at one go! Stupendous, truly Classical style of writing by a renowned genius like Lynne Graham! Lucas was observing her. Cathy Williams is a genius of a writer with an unusual flair for writing Modern genre romances with plenty of verbal sparring, fencing, sarcasm, innuendoes, which encapsulates the story line so engagingly!

Her stories are always streamlined with minimum of characters and so the interest of the readers never flag rather it is sustained throughout the story. The characters reveal their love for each other so openly as it were, because they reveal it using economy of actions and words! The hero is one to -die -for and the heroine is extremely endearing, winsome and yet emotionally strong! A stupendous and a brilliant story as always from Cathy Williams! Stimulating, enticing, sensual Modern romance! Cleo did not realise that she would fall victim to his charms! Miranda Lee has an inimitable style about her creative writing skill.

She uses linguistic styles to effective use whereby gripping the attention of the readers! The plot is engaging with a number of characters involved which may detract from the main plot of the story. However, it has its own charm and fans of Miranda Lee will be able to relate with Australia and enjoy it! A good story with a happy ending for all concerned. Well written duet of Romance worth having in any format!

Exhilarating, dramatic and stimulating Modern genre romance! Prince Sebastian had been attracted to her from the very first moment he had seen her. The characters mature and do resolve their issues in a very endearing manner and the romantic readers at heart would not like to see them go! The repartee, the animated dialogue and conversations between Sabrina and Sebastian is scintillating!

This is a must Romance which needs to be read time and time again! Carole Mortimer captures the attention of the reader straight away! Her nose was small and pert with the fullness of her lips that had a perfect bow above a determined chin. The scintillating conversation, verbal fencing, sarcasm, use of irony is unbelievable! It adds charm to the storyline which is straightforward enough with no extraneous detail. The life style of a self made man is admirable and takes one away from the plebeian style of our society.

Highly commendable to possess in any format for revisiting this superb love story where the macho hero is explicit in his expressions of love for Lia from the instant he saw her! His body was a masterpiece of masculine beauty which was toned to perfect hardness that fascinated Holly. He was lethally attractive and she estimated he must be two or three inches over six feet tall. The timbre of his voice with his lazy drawl, amusement, wicked grim command or even throwing back his head and laughing! The hero is to die for as he is a macho, confident and extremely suave when the occasion calls for.

She was a stunning brunette, had gorgeous curvaceous figure, attractive doe eyes in her serenely lovely face. Subsequently the dialogue, repartee, verbal duelling that ensues between Holly and Jarek is riveting. Sarcasm such as one of the many, is as follows: Fascinating and brilliant as always!

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She should be wearing scarlet. All the fans of Michelle Smart and those who dote on Modern genre template will get enticed into the passionate love that exists between Matteo and Natasha which is kept hidden only to be unravelled in the nuances of the language such as irony, wit, sarcasm, verbal sparring which are used very subtly and effectively to bring out the storyline of families with skeletons in their cupboard!

Wonderful to have this trilogy in any format, to be revisited time and time again! He was like a statue. Loukas gave a soft sound that could have passed for an amused chuckle. Her skin was peaches-and cream and silk. There was a scattering of freckles over the bridge of her retrousse nose. There was no way he was going to disown his own flesh and blood. There is a lot of sparring, witticism, verbal fencing for both Loukas and Emily to show who will give into each other first and win a point! The characters develop into maturity, by the end of the story, within an engaging plot which will grip the attention of the romantic readers at heart!

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