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You won't be able to put this down. Called by the Bear - Book 1: Carly never thought she was meant for greatness, but when a dream calls her to Maine, she discovers the secret world of werebear and true mate love. Dragon shifters are a dying breed. They are forced to kidnap human females as a last resort. Let the hunt begin Your next book boyfriend could be one of the sexiest vampire hunters alive. This series won best paranormal romance series four years in a row. She's the perfect woman, except she thinks I'm the groom. Product details Mass Market Paperback: Martin's Paperbacks; 1st edition February 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention romance leigh werewolves damien lori werewolf handeland blue paranormal heroine jessie suspense romantic killed woods mystery killing dark hunters bartender. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I read Blue Moon in paperback by this same author and loved it. As of right now, I'm only about halfway through with Hunter's Moon. The book is good, if a bit much like the first one.

But I paid attention to the reviews on the series as a whole and figured I'd better read this one in order to know what's going on in the third. This book is entertaining, I haven't put it down since I began reading it. I like the main characters and am enjoying seeing the the characters in Blue Moon being a big part of this story. More times than I can count I have seen dialog from two or even three different people in the same small paragraph which is very jarring when you're enjoying a good read.

I find myself having to remove myself from the story to see just who said what. Honestly, this book deserves much better than the treatment it's received from whatever idiot s put it in Kindle format. Seriously, is no one editing this stuff? Did they give a dozen monkeys a paperback copy and ask them to type it out for the Kindle format?! Anyway, my recommendation to other interested readers is to pick this book up in paperback if you can.

If the Kindle version is the only thing available to you, be prepared to see some of the worst editing ever. I will definitely go on to read the other 10 books in this series. I just hope I don't have to get many of them via Kindle. One person found this helpful. I liked this book, but you may be disappointed in the fact that things are not all wrapped up at the end.

That is because there are 3 other books.

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All 4 books are written by a different author. Each author takes on one of the 4 Hunter offspring and writes a book. So the mystery about their mothers death is not cleared up at the end of this book, and Edmund is still a threat. Anyway it is a one of the sweet romances where they each know they want the other, there is no fighting between the two of them. You have someone after Crystal, and then all the other stuff going on due to the death Brent Hunter's mom and his dad just getting out of jail for killing her.

I will have to read the other books to see if I like the whole series. I have read Hunter's Moon before and maybe Renegade Moon, but I do not remember reading the other ones. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. This is a good, solid book. Fulfills my need for a bit of mystery and violence, friendship and passion. Characters from the first book, Blue Moon, return to support the story which allows you to keep in touch with old favorites. The new couple are just as complex as far as character development and their passion simmers throughout.

The four of them make an oddly charming dynamic of gritty women and gorgeous men. As far as paranormal romance series go, this one is turning out to be darker, especially considering the focus has been on the women. Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series is pretty dark, but the men are the central characters. This series isn't as sexually charged, though the passion and romance is still engaging. Not once did I figure out what was going to happen next.

That is a nice change. The Night Creature Series is worth more than one read! I have read this series in hardback and recently purchased for my Kindle! Truly loving re-reading this series. If you haven't read this series yet The characters tend to follow into the next book and you will just fall in love with them!

I read all of hers. See all 36 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 2 months ago. Published 6 months ago. Published on November 18, It is re-read, so it is enough proof that I like it very much. This is story of Leigh the Jager-Suchers agent and werewolf love interest Damien. Mar 25, Daffodil rated it it was amazing Shelves: So a long time ago years , I read the first book, Blue Moon , in this series. I vaguely remember enjoying it, but apparently never moved on to the next book.

Subsequently I started Handeland's Phoenix Chronicles, but never finished it out either. Last summer, I read In the Air Tonight for BSB, loved it and realized characters appearing toward the end of the book were tied to the Nightcreature series. Since then, this series has been on my mind and I decide I would give it another try this y So a long time ago years , I read the first book, Blue Moon , in this series.

Since then, this series has been on my mind and I decide I would give it another try this year. So far, I'm really glad I did. Leigh Tyler once made a mistake and paid for it with nightmares. Recruited by Mandenauer, she's hunted werewolves for the Jager-Suchers ever since.

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Haunted by her losses, she resists getting close to anyone and fights her attraction to Damien when she meets him. They moved from Insta-Lust to Love rather abruptly, but I still enjoyed seeing their relationship grow. I hope I get to see more of them in future books. The couple from the first book were present and I loved the snarky interchanges between Leigh and Jessie. Overall a fun paranormal romance and I'll definitely continue with this series. I've already requested book 3 from the library. Jun 08, Witchmetal rated it really liked it. Sep 02, Julie Rice rated it really liked it.

This book series is surprisingly good. It has suspense, romance, legends, and mystery. Each character is unique in what they bring to the story. The author intertwines each characters strengths and weaknesses in a way that complement each other and bring out the best part in each of them. She builds on the story with each book. Even though the books could be read as stand-alone, The books build on each other to create a bigger story. Thumbs up, I give it four stars.

Feb 06, EsteeLTeng rated it liked it. Liked it well enough, but since this is a series, the rest of the story will continue in the following books and I'm not up for reading them at the moment. Oct 16, Archer rated it really liked it Shelves: But the worst is yet to come, because something stronger and smarter than the average beast is on Leigh Tyler was once a kindergarten teacher with starry-eyed dreams-dreams that turned into nightmares when the biggest mistake she ever made came back to tear her world apart.

Really enjoying the series so far, glad to see this series moving along.. I also enjoyed how the previous characters were carried over into this one. Leigh, went through alot in her life and to finally meet someone who was there for her in the end was really nice. I'm not gonna give anything away.. I dont do spolers.. Jul 05, Jennifer rated it liked it. After the 2nd installment of this series, I'm still feeling the same way. There's wasn't any build up and I didn't feel any emotional tie between these two. Another problem is are the sex scenes.

They're WAY too short in my opinion. I'm used After the 2nd installment of this series, I'm still feeling the same way.

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I'm used to reading sex scenes that are like 2 pages at least, lots of sensuality, details, foreplay, pillow talk etc. In these books, it's a paragraph or 2 and that's it. What I DID like was we get to see the other characters from the first book. I know we'll also see the characters from the 1st and 2nd in the 3rd installment as well.

Of course I loved my HEA I'm on to the 3rd installment, but that will be it for me. Won't be getting the rest of the series and will be returning these to the used book store Jun 20, Thomas Walls rated it liked it. Feb 06, Mikaela rated it really liked it. Leigh has been The Book: Waiting for her first wrong step.. I bought this ages ago. Read it and forgot about it. The reason that I picked it up was that I reviewed it on my blog. And improve the review. Was my memory right? It was far from meh. Lori Handeland have created a scarred heroine, but physically and mentally. Instead she hunts down her demons and kills them.

At the start of the novel, this is all that matters to her. She lives a lonely life, constantly on the move. When she is sent to Crow Valley, her life is kicked out of the rut. Suddenly, she have a trainee.

And, she cannot seem to keep her hands off the local bartender. I liked how she struggled with her past. How it kept her questioning what she saw. Questioning what she felt. This story was rollercoaster, featuring a wounded heroine on a collision course with her past. Feb 16, Theresa rated it liked it. Jessie, and Cadotte, are already there looking into the problem.

Once there, Leigh starts having flashbacks and nightmares about when her family had been slaughtered and eaten by a white wolf and his pack, leading to her becoming a hunter. She also finds herself attracted to and living in an apartment above the bar where a mysterious vagabond bartender works. For a seasoned hunter, Leigh is very immature and unsettled.

Night Creature: Hunter's Moon (Nightcreature #2) read online free by Lori Handeland

It seems like Leigh is the one who needs training not Jessie. After Jessi and Leigh get over their alpha hunter thing, though sarcastic, they work really well together. Edward knew what he was doing by putting them together. This had a medium complicated storyline. A bit confusing, but has a lot of cool moments.

The crow really messed me up. The physical stuff was okay.

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I love Cora, the medicine woman, she was exactly what Leigh needed. I hope things work out for them in the future one way or the other. Mar 15, Sana Noor rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Who doesn't like bad-ass chicks and guys that make your heart swoon? This book turned out to be nothing like i have read before. From the make-your-heart-melt scenes to the werewolf-ass-kicking. Not that i have something against werewolves but in this book they were shown under a different light - as the baddies. Leigh Tyler is a former kindergarten teacher whose world is shattered when her family, including her fiance, is murdered by a w Full review here: Leigh Tyler is a former kindergarten teacher whose world is shattered when her family, including her fiance, is murdered by a white werewolf.

Soon after, she is recruited as a member of the Jager-Suchers, a secret organization of werewolf hunters.

Her leader Edward sends her to the town of Crow Valley, Wisconsin, to investigate unusual werewolf activity, as it appears there is a werewolf killing and eating other werewolves. Since the death of her fiance, Leigh has avoided men and focused her attention on hunting down the white werewolf that murdered everyone she loved. But Damien awakens something in her that she thought had died with her former life. However, there is something about him that is not quite right. Leigh soon fears that Damien may be the thing she has devoted her life to destroy.

The relationship between Leigh and Damien was getting quite suffocating in the book but Jess and Will provided the perfect distraction from the werewolf killing and sex scenes. Damien - i knew something was up with this character. I mean the pieces were sort of fitting and hinting towards the obvious - drum roll - werewolf.

But i can't say i didn't enjoy it. Mar 20, Book of Secrets rated it it was amazing. Edward also wants Leigh to train a new Jager-Sucher recruit named Jessie Leigh Tyler is a former kindergarten teacher whose world is shattered when her family, including her fiance, is murdered by a white werewolf. Hunter's Moon is the second book in Lori Handeland's Nightcreature series. The story is suspenseful with fascinating characters. Leigh is a strong, clever, kick-butt heroine.

I enjoyed the tense relationship between Leigh and Jessie. I do feel like Damien was a bit short-changed as the "hero" in this book; the secondary characters, Jessie and Will Jessie's sexy, bookish boyfriend , get about as much attention as Damien does. The story is full of sexual tension with very hot love scenes, but I wouldn't say romance is a big focus. Though part of a series, this book could be read stand-alone, but I highly recommend reading Blue Moon first to hear Jessie and Will's story.

I really enjoyed Hunter's Moon, and I am looking forward to reading the next in the series. Aug 17, Maura rated it liked it Shelves: Leigh Tyler's family was murdered by werewolves and she has been on the path for vengeance ever since. She's asked to come to Crow Valley to train Jessie from the previous book, Blue Moon and to figure out why werewolves keep showing up dead with no evidence of having been wounded with silver. Damien, the bartender working in the bar below the apartment in which Leigh is staying, is extremely mysterious and seems to also have a traumatic past.

And of course, there's the extreme attraction they Leigh Tyler's family was murdered by werewolves and she has been on the path for vengeance ever since. And of course, there's the extreme attraction they feel for each other that Leigh refuses to succumb to, as she's sworn to protect her heart. Just like the first one, this story sucked me in and kept my attention for the duration. The mystery and suspense was also pretty great. This would have been a truly fantastic book if the heroine didn't sound and feel exactly like Jessie from Blue Moon.

The same sarcasm, lack of femininity and avoidance of intimacy. The romance seemed to progress the same way also, with an out of the blue, super hot sexual experience mired in distrust and a hero who falls in love before the heroine. Damien was at least interesting because of his particular secret. But I also felt the ending didn't entirely tie up loose ends. It felt a little ambiguous and I can accept that if it's wrapped up in the next book. But, at no point did the heroine trust her secret and experiences with the hero, and I felt like that conversation needed to happen before I could be completely satisfied with the ending.

Jul 10, Dawn rated it liked it Shelves: Leigh is one of the best Jager-Sucher were-wolf killers but inside she has lost her will to do anything but seek revenge. She is happily killing wolves in Canada when her boss sends her to a small town because something odd is happening here. The werewolves are killing each other which cannot be right. The problem is now Leigh has found how broken and cut off she is but can she warm up to new friends or Leigh is one of the best Jager-Sucher were-wolf killers but inside she has lost her will to do anything but seek revenge.

The problem is now Leigh has found how broken and cut off she is but can she warm up to new friends or will she continue to live in silence. This is a cute story and sweet little romance. Sometimes Leigh and Jessie are like testosterone filled women and that got on my nerves a little but it is a pleasant change. The mystery is rather easy to solve but you still really enjoy the ride. This story could be a stand alone because it picks up right at the end of Blue Moon but I think it is better to read the story of Jessie and Will.

I enjoyed this story of Leigh and Damien. They were both very human, flawed, yet struggling to make something of their tragedies. The passion is hot and steamy as in all the Handeland's I've read so far. The plot too is well thought out. A good offering for the genre. Coming back to this after so long made me realise why I enjoy Handeland's narrative of myth and legend turned into interesting supernatural romance.

The myth of the Power Eater is a chilling one, combining the ev I enjoyed this story of Leigh and Damien. The myth of the Power Eater is a chilling one, combining the evils of Nazi Germany and a sociopath's desperate desire for power and position. Hector is after Leigh because she is the only woman who looked like his mother to come to him. The rest he'd killed, but she came to him willingly and so he was convinced that she was his mate. For that he destroyed her fiance and her family.

The return of his soul because of sacrifice brings these two narratives together and demonstrates the power of purity and goodness. Was very much like the first book, sometimes slightly better, but a huge disappointment. After the horrible first novel, I gave this and the third novel a chance, because my main problem was the heroine, Jessie. Unfortunately the heroine in this book, Leigh, is just like Jessie. The plot was just a little better, mostly because it offered a background-story.

Now, what's wrong with the guys in Handeland's books? It seems they all say the same stuff. Awkward and very much like Jessie and Will's.