Open Spaces: My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet Elder from Northwest Montana

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Leonard J. Mountain Chief Archives - Professional Writer Jay North

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There is nothing that cannot be cured…. Getting Started in Organic Gardening. I want to go back to this journey of his. I want to hear more of it, or better yet, have my own. This was absolutely amazing! Thank you Jay for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I never really stopped to realize the way these people are, or how they see things.

But this last weekend I was walking along the water front and I heard drumming. I followed the sound and what I seen, brought tears to my eyes and I know had I stumbled on this event before, it would have had very little meaning to me, simply cause I knew nothing of it. I not only felt apart of the sacred story I read because it touched apart of me inside, I never knew was there and brought it to life, I also seen this event the same way. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have discovered a huge level of admiration and respect for Natives, and because of their ways, this admiration carries over to all living things.

As a writer, and Native American enthusiast myself, I must say, what an extraordinarily well written piece on an epic lifetime journey and what a privilege it has been to read about it. This is not a journey that ends for Jay simply because his time with his mentor Leonard J. This is a lifetime journey Writer Jay North has embarked himself upon, as is it for anyone who makes the decision to follow such a path in their life.

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Jay North brings his passion for his families ways to life for anyone blessed to read Open Spaces. It is hard to imagine how this book could be any more beautiful. It brings us out of our own self centered world into life as a whole, helping us to realize that we are just a small part of this world here for a purpose, and for reasons we may not yet understand. After reading Open Spaces, I sense with such gratitude that the writer within- his journey has discovered the most important peace of all.

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A peace that comes to ones soul within him when they realize that they are such an amazing part of this universe and they find that in the middle of it is the Great Spirit, that man is also a part of. I believe this writer has also come to know that all man is a part of this center with him and the Great Spirit as well. For we are all one, upon a journey in this universe with our own stories.

This one impartiality has touched my heart deeply not simply because I read it, but because I know the writer understands his and has found what is most important. We are all one and I find peace within his. Such a beautiful and inspiring story Open Spaces is. I had taken Native American Spirituality in College many years back, and I remember the profound impact it had on my life then.

I guess I just got so caught up in the busy world to stop and appreciate this culture to the fullness it deserves along with Nature and life. This story has brought the desire back to connect with this beautiful and sacred Earth we take for granted. I am on to the next book now and I am so happy there is one.

Open Spaces; Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief

I am in tears of joy. Not only do you write so beautifully, but about something I can relate to. I smoked the sacred pipe and raised my arm to the sky in triangle pose, glancing beyond my fingertips to the heavens, and there was the bald eagle soaring in circles high above. A minute later the mergansers quacked there way upriver. Great Spirit was ever so present. I cried tears of deep emotions, and every time I had a breakthrough Spirit showed itself in Nature.

I was overwhelmed with joy. I became reawakened and in tune with God, Great Spirit, Creator. This is what my songs are about…the ones I sing and the ones that come through me. Music flows through me. It is the feeling that is the soul of the song anyway. The music is a gift.

Being guided on the path, living the prayer is the ultimate gift. I have strong faith, yet I seek clarity of the path ahead. In these times of turmoil I seek companionship, community, oneness with nature and oneness with Creator. I choose the path of healing, love and service. I have no name for the path, for there are many. I found myself falling into your stories with my whole body.

Professional Writer Jay North

I never met Leonard J. Mountain Chief, yet his spirit is closely entwined with mine and I call him brother and I call him friend. This book is more than just the story of the close friendship of two men; it carries forth the spirit of Leonard J. Mountain Chief in such a way that the reader finds themselves feeling a kinship, a brotherhood with him as our mutual God, our father binds us together. This book carries forth the spirit of the Native Americans.

Although he tells this book in the first person and it is indeed a book about the experiences that Jay had with this his foster father, Jay North has done a tremendous job in allowing us to experience for ourselves the man who was and who is, for his spirit lives on, Leonard J. I highly recommend this book, not just for those of us who are Native Americans, but for all people everywhere. Jay North captures the heart of the Native Montana, the wisdom of the people who nurture and are preserved by the land of their ancestors. Montana speaks to these people in loving instruction spoken in the words of nature.

Interpreted through the knowingness of an honored chief, father and profound friend, In Open Spaces My Life with Leonard Mountain Chief, Jay imparts his experience living on the Blackfeet reservation. Jay had the privilege of walking with the kindness of Leonard and becoming his adopted son; and as fathers do, Leonard initiated Jay into the mindfulness of these Montana Native people. With great generosity, Jay shares with his readers his private communion with his Blackfeet mentor. As with all oral tradition, the reader learns and softens to the spoken word of the natural spirit through this loving and appreciative heart of Heart Butte, the heart of the author, Jay North.

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Reading Open Spaces was a true joy. I felt as if Leonard was my father, teaching me the wisdom of the people. This is one of the best writings I have been blessed to read. Jay writes with humor, candidness and respect. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone interested in the native culture or anyone who is open enough to learn the message of this book. I had just retired, sold almost all I owned, and started my personal spiritual journey.

So I left science and engineering to pursue my search for Truth. This is the summary and concise statements that I didn't think existed. Following are some excerpts from Open Spaces: It is easy to be enthusiastic for a short period of time to achieve a goal, but the true test of commitment will be a change of the heart Our true purpose for being here We cannot simply examine this thing; we must experience it in order to fulfill our destiny.

How blessed you were to have them! Every Spiritual Seeker should read this book and become enlightened by it. I find in it