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Organic Wisdom :: The Result of Your Experiences – The Organic Sister

What you pour into your own heart, mind and body, pours out. Give because of Who You Are and who you want to be. Not to manipulate, but to love better.

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  • Organic Wisdom :: What’s Pouring Out? – The Organic Sister.
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The lust to reboot and upgrade our "wetware", if you will. And not with cyborg implants or the like, but with a radical change in education--in our schools, institutions, in our workplaces--and in our daily lives?

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What if a fraction of the time, energy and investment capital flowing to silicon intelligence was put into fostering organic wisdom? Wouldn't the investment in wiser employees have a demonstrable -and huge--impact on ROI, in the form of more empathic marketing campaigns, more creative solutions, more fulfilling products?

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Embracing a Wisdom Construct So what is this one, correct path forward to handle the emergence of either a malevolent AI or, merely an uncaring and agnostic one? Indeed, it can be posited that this might be defined as the intersection of intellect, creativity and empathy: In short, between deliberate scholarship and "tinkering".

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From artisan to thinker, in other words. The fact that the term connotes an urgency makes it all the better. Instead of putting study and professional development into stale, synthetic buckets of course curricula like we have done for years, why not look to: Forget about the "rise of the machines", we should be worried about the fall of humans. Physician, polymath, innovator and provocateur-in-residence at the Evolved Generalist.

Organic Wisdom :: What Is It Worth?

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  7. Tara, I absolutely love your attitude about living, and how to take it in stride and make it thrive. So glad you are on the planet. Skip to content Every Friday I try to share some of the quotes I post on Twitter and Facebook , with some of my expanded thoughts and feelings on it here. Likewise we can give too much blame as well, insisting that they are the cause of our suffering.

    Organic Wisdom

    But we are not the result of what happened to us. We are the result of what we choose to do with it. But as painful as those events are, they did not happen to me.