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All holiday treats are harmful to animals; this includes alcohol, rich fatty foods, scraps, candy, and bones. For some animals, the treat can trigger a serious inflammation of the pancreas or intestine, which can mean a life-threatening illness. Cooked poultry bones may seem like the perfect gift for the pet who has everything, but do him a favor and save them for the soup. Should one pierce through the lining, the result can be deadly peritonitis.

Aluminum and plastic candy wrappers have great texture, bright colors, and crinkly sounds that intrigue cats and dogs. Pets often will unintentionally consume these items while playing with them. Many dogs possess a fondness for chocolate, which can be deadly. Be on the lookout for yummy-smelling packages under the tree. Your dog will surely sniff out and potentially consume these dangerous gifts. Keep all chocolate in sealed containers or cupboards and off shelves, countertops, and coffee tables.

Your beautiful Christmas tree poses many unforeseen dangers to your pet, starting with the water. The problem is that pinesap mixed with water, fertilizer, and additives make that Christmas tree water toxic to your pets. Such containers are usually available wherever trees are sold. Christmas tree needles, live or artificial, are toxic, sharp, and indigestible. They can get painfully lodged in the esophagus or intestines.

Christmas tree lights can cause electrical burns, choking, or electrocution if pets play with or chew on them. Spray the cords with bitter apple or try over the counter sprays, available from your vet or pet store, that have a bitter taste and will discourage your pets from chewing. Having cats or dogs in the household adds a whole new dimension to decorating the tree.

Shiny glass ornaments, angel hair, twinkling lights, gold tinsel, and icicles are all irresistible toys for cats and dogs. Everything on the bottom third of your tree is up for grabs. Sharp breakable ornaments, small dreidels, ribbons, bows, ornament hooks, tinsel, and icicles are all very dangerous to pets.

Every year, some poor cat or dog actually ingests a broken glass ornament, only to seriously lacerate the inside of their mouth, stomach, and intestines. Even wrapped candy canes can be ingested, causing serious problems. One solution is to decorate the bottom third of your tree with items less likely to cause trouble, such as wooden, metal, or resin-cast ornaments. Last but not least, be sure to secure the tree to a wall or ceiling, as cats and dogs are notorious for knocking that well-adorned tree right over.

Falling Christmas trees not only hurt pets, but can create a potential fire hazard as well. Never leave pets unsupervised in the kitchen. These seemingly harmless snacks can cause intestinal upset or choking if ingested by your pet. Never give pets breads or baked goods. Yeast and dough are very dangerous. When eaten, the dough will rise and expand in the stomach, causing abdominal pain, bloating, gas, vomiting, disorientation, and depression.

Holiday plants may be lovely and festive, but many can cause digestive upset, when nibbled or eaten; some are downright toxic when ingested.

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Mistletoe is toxic, especially the berries. Holly is moderate to very toxic, especially the berries and leaves. All parts of Ivy and Amaryllis are moderate to very toxic. Christmas Rose, Philodendron, and Dieffenbachia are all moderately toxic. Christmas greens such as balsam, juniper, cedar, pine, and fir have a low-level of toxicity.

The men who live as dogs: 'We're just the same as any person on the high street'

Hibiscus may cause vomiting or bloody diarrhea if ingested. Poinsettia leaves and stems are low in toxicity, but will cause stomach upset if large amounts are eaten. Additionally, pets can get accidentally stepped on or tripped over, so if you plan on having a party or lots of visitors, it is a good idea to set your pet up in a separate, quiet room. This quiet room allows your cat or dog to escape the holiday activities and guests.

Be sure to include their food, water, and favorite scratching post or bed. Remember, it only takes one unfocused moment or a turned back for a happy holiday to turn into a horrible one. Also, be on the alert when guests arrive. Be sure all visitors know not to let pets escape out the door. Be sure to caution all guests, both kids and adults, not to give your pets anything except their normal food and treats.

Non-pet owners are often unaware of the dangers of offering food from their plate to your begging pets. Each year, in the US, animal shelters are forced to put down 2. After the holidays, shelters are flooded with unwanted pets.

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Live puppies and kittens are not toys or gifts and should not be given as presents unless agreed upon by all parties. What we may not be so aware of is that since our pets have limited capacity to understand our language, they are mostly attuned to our tone of voice.

This is easy for us to understand when we put it in context of a foreign language. If someone speaks to you in Japanese, you can generally gather, by tone of voice, whether she is asking for help, angry with you, warning you of danger or trying to sell you something. Dog and cat communication is more basic. Dogs and cats come from much simpler worlds, where their mothers communicate using very basic sounds for training. A subtle growl was a warning to behave or of pending danger. Cats find jobs in stores all over the country without ever filling out applications or sitting through job interviews.

Store owners and managers may be unaware that there are working cats out there, or that they have cat jobs available just waiting to be filled. How do cats manage to get these jobs? Some are found injured or abandoned. In an effort to keep you and your pet s on the right side of the law, here are some of the lesser-known laws that may still be on the books where you live or travel. Every city and state has their share of odd laws on their books — here are a few that relate to our pets. Most of these apply to dogs and cats, but you may have other pets and because laws governing other animals are so much funnier , so a few of those are included.

Is your cat healthy? Take a look at these symptoms to if any of them apply to your cat:. The safest thing to do is to have your vet examine your cat to ensure there are no underlying health issues that are making your cat less active. Sometimes it is difficult to notice weig ht. If your cat feels bonier, lighter, or if you can easily feel the ribs, it could be a sign that there is a problem. Seek veterinary care if you notice your cat is unexpectedly thinner. Sometimes this is the first sign of illness that cat owners notice. The hair coat is matted or just not being kept clean. Your vet can give you a better idea of what might be causing the issue.

This can be a behavioral disorder or it could be caused by a variety of urinary tract diseases. Have your cat checked by your vet to determine if there is an underlying medical problem. Cats sleep an average of 13 to 16 hours each day, depending on the age and personality of the individual cat. Make sure that is not an underlying disease or illness. It can be a sign of heart or lung disorders or anemia. If you notice that your cat is breathing more quickly, exerting more effort to breathe, or if you notice open mouth breathing or your cat holding their neck and limbs angled out, see your vet immediately.

This could be a life-threatening emergency. Watch your cat carefully for any sign of illness. The faster you can address the issue, the better chance your cat has of recovering. To get involved, visit Paws Pet Therapy. First posted November 04, More stories from New South Wales. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC.

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ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. How is Australia travelling against India in the second Test in Perth? Our up-to-the-minute scoreboard will keep you posted on the latest score from Perth Stadium. The closure of the historic flour mill at Oatlands, an hour north of Hobart, knocked the wind out of the tiny town's tourism sails.

Locals are hoping a planned whisky distillery could provide a lifeline. By arts editor Dee Jefferson. Life-sized warriors dating back more than 2, years will be the centrepiece of a major exhibition of precious works of art and design. The dogs will be part of a new program designed to help children with literacy and social skills. Paws Pet Therapy president Sharon Stewart says a dog can help someone with dementia tap into deeply held memories. Terri Begley - ABC. Top Stories Judge backs motion that effectively keeps women out of Tattersall's Club photos How you can hide from online data trackers Hugh paid hundreds of dollars per night for this view.

He got a basement. Lots of fun photo opportunities! Do you wish that YOU could trade places with this cat?? I don't think this cat can get any more relaxed. The sweetest Nativity scene. Unlike the "other guys", no question of your pet's remains getting co-mingled, etc. So many options for your budget and ways to honor your fur baby. And always, you and your pet will be treated with dignity and compassion.

Request our services through your veterinarian or call us directly. Click below for more information. Oh, we LOVE this! The love of a dog for his master Sully, former President George H.

Top dogs: our canine friends through the ages – in pictures

Bush's service dog, lies next to Bush's casket ahead of national memorial services for Bush this week. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account?

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