Playing the Past: History and Nostalgia in Video Games

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Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. Currently shared across 0 libraries and 0 members of University of Missouri Libraries. In both the cases of Frontline and, Vict l,olh constrained and liberated by their own memories Cify, existing cultural artifacts intercede with and influence the memory. The reinvention ol rrostalgic-play" in the video game can offer something new to the analy- existing cultural artifacts is perhaps most obvious in the repackaging ol ,rs of games in that it usefully cuts across conventional conceptualizations classics such as Pac-Man , Donkey Kong , and PONG , tlrirt separate text from player.

To Baudrillard, culture in the 1,, ,'. Implicated in Fredric Jame- Before we can further develop nostalgic-play as a concept and apply it t" ,'rrs coucept ofperiodization is also a concern with nostalgia. This con- the video game Battlestar Galsctica, we need to unpack what is rrrcrrrrt , r r hirs been further explored by Bryan S. Turner who argues that a pre- rnore broadly by n ostalgia and its origins within cultural theory. Etymologically, the word originates from nosos mcittrttrll Nostalgia has since been used as a point of focus within and across "return to one's ancient land" and algosos meaning "sufering or gr rr'l.

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Film theorists use the concept as a way of from the desire to return. For example, in Monochtome Memories: Nostalgia and But it is also significant that nostalgia, having been identified by a Swir"' ',tvla in Retro America, Paul Grainge discusses the concepts of retro and , rrltural nostalgia in Holly,vood films of the s.

He addresses the ways doctor in , became pathologized ir. It lllcr came to be seen as a debilitating disease ofboth mind and body that u',r" rrr rvhich nostalgia has been developed and has become part of the cul- easily provoked by exposure to familiar sights and sottnds ofhomc ltr rrrrirl economy of branding. Pam Coo s Screening the Past: Memory and the American Civil War, for example, nostalgia was viewed as an irrli' Nostslgia in Cinena addresses film culture's obsession with the past and tious terminal illness affectir.

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Nostalgia has also become important within the field of sociology as the North. So prevalent was it that songs and stories that might provoll. Contemporary renderings ofthe term pret'erinstead t" ,. In earlier literary studies, nostalgia was viewed as "a topic of em- identify nostalgia as an anodyne, personal longing for the past.

Diatribe upon diatribe denounces it As an academic lerm, nostalgia is somewhat diffuse: Yet, more recently, the con- theory it is used in a variety ofways, with slippage making it a problerrr l,. Instead, it is used to describe a recent papers have tried to clarify what is meant by it Jennifer Delisle, li'r rnore complex, contradictory, and provocative process in relation to ele- example, argues that we need to make a distinction belween experienlitl r rrcnts ofthe past Ladino. However, we would contend thirl Spitzer discuss how nostalgia as a form of remembrance for second gen- the complex body of relations that constitute gameplay may involve bollr , rrtion Holocaust survivors operates differently from their Parents' gen- , rrrtion They describe a return journey with their parents, survivors cultural and experiential nostalgia: I'r,',rches Frasca 35; Newman 18, 9l.

The narratological approach Nostalgia has also been used to understand the complex proccss I rl I'r r rlrrses that video games are best studied as interactive stories by using t lrc same analytic strategies established in the fields of literary and film identification and rejection of the past that is a constituent part i11 llrr 'trrtlics.

Playing the past: history and nostalgia in video games

By contrast the ludological approach instead suggests that video construction of identity. For example, fo Moran explores the meanings rtl childhood nostalgia in contemporary culture. Childhood is reinvokcrl I'r ll,ulcs are an experiential medium and are fundamentally at variance rvit h the kinds ofsequential narrative engagement offered by other media the heritage industry in complex ways through the narrative construcli rrr ,rrr'h as film, the novel and the theatre play. Video games, ludologists ar- of fantasy childhoods, as well as through everyday objects, photos' rrrr'l textual fragments.

The result is the production of'disjointed feelings "l 1irrc, need to be analyzed according to the operation ofplay and rules.

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In this respect' this use of nostalgia points l. Certainly within the Battlestar Galactica video game, and game in video game studies.

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Nostalgia, Boym contends, which has reached epidemic propor t, lcvisual iterations of lhe Battlestar Galactica franchise, begun in In this respect' "nostalgia charts spaL'' tlre original series and the newer miniseries, and either articulates or on time and time on space and hinders the distinction between subjct I r rrrticulates many familiar elements while including n. Within this, though, she argues that that there is lrr important conceptual distinction to be made between what she terms tr' In terms ofplaying through or with the past or what we terrn nostalgic- storative no stalgia and reJlectit e no stalgia: Viewers of the original television and film ir.

Reflective nostalgia dwells on the ambivalences lllnchise know that it is this character who must, consequently, lead the r nlnants of the human race to find the mysterious lost Thirteenth Tribe of modernity. Restorative nostalgia protects the absolute truth' whilc r l Man on planet Earth. In llle Battlestar Galactica game, as the player reflective nostalgia calls it into doubt. Iollowing an explirnirtory opcning rrrorro logue that both reinforces and reinvents existing m ,thology, the firsl lcvr'l of the game sees the player having to defend various human spaccslril'r, against attack from enemy spacecraft.

The enemy craft are identified visrr ally within the game itself, in the accompanying extra-diegetic instrucliol manual, and on the gameb soundtrack as "Cylon Raidersl' In additiorr to elements ofplotting from the original versions, the video game feirtu lo, a number of familiar characters and, crucially, the same actors Richurrl Hatch and Dirk Benedict voicing some ofthose characters.

In audiovisual terms, the iconography reinvokes the original Battbslrt Galactica television and film series: In purely nirr rative terms, however, a key point of departure from the original telcvi sion and film iterations ofthe franchise occurs in the voice-over prologrrr' t igure 1 0.

The Cylons, the player is informed, are machines created l y lmage Vivendi Universal.

Playing the Past: History and Nostalgia in Video Games - USC News

This contradicts a key scene in the original iteration of tlrr. The player must then move to defend Cylon warriors. In this versionofthe mythos, these Cylons then rebellerl thc Galactica mothership. Importantly, progression in the first level of against their lizard masters. In other words, responsiye, accurate senso- make humankind's Cylon adversaries products of humankind's owrr rrrotor skills are rewarded on the basis ofadherence to the rules, or ludzs, making. In eschewing this aspect of'btherness" we can perhaps observl ,,1 the game Caill ois.

In Battlestar Galactica adherence to the rules then the post-g and War On Terror themes that inform both the digilrl r r'invokes the heroic mythos ofthe old, Battlestar Galacflca series whereby game and miniseries iterations of the Battlestar Galactica franchist lirliant warriors in fighters must defend the last vestiges of humanity frorn In the later game and minisedes versions, we humans have created our ,rlrlivion. Document, Internet resource Document Type: Zach Whalen Laurie N Taylor. Publisher Synopsis Essential --Choice. User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

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